Lights + wideview clients

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Re: Lights + wideview clients

Postby Andrew737 » 23 May 2015, 13:41

Hi Guys

Thank you all so much - YOU LEGENDS!!

I would really be interested to see if you have FSUIPC registered Rob - to register one has to re-install, it may be the re-insallation that did it?

Anyway, I have NO problem supporting Pete Dowson - No Problem at all

ProSim Forum Legends - Thank you Guys


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Re: Lights + wideview clients

Postby navymustang » 01 Jan 2017, 23:38

Wow - what a confusing 10 pages of responses :)

I think I read it all and still have an issue. How do you get the nose wheel to steer on the clients?

My taxi light works just fine across the sever client, and steers nicely on server. But taxi light just shines out in front of clients.
Thanks for providing guidance. I am using P3D (latest) with FSUIPC on sever and client. Synching with WideView.

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Re: Lights + wideview clients

Postby navymustang » 07 Jan 2017, 19:30

OK - got all the lights working across the master visual and 3 client visual computers using the LUA scripts. A huge thanks to all who provided information on making this happen.

However - even though the nose wheel taxi light comes on, the light does not steer with the tiller after the aircraft is in motion.
It does steer on the host (master) visual. I am watching the nose wheel offset on the client and host via FSUIPC, and they are changing.

Part of the problem could be model related. An interesting issue is that on the host or the client computers, when I open a new view and make it a spot plane view. I don't see my own aircraft. I was hoping to do that so I could see if the nose wheel was actually moving.

Also - in the real 737 NG, does the nose wheel turn when the aircraft is stationary? I noticed that P3D only turns the wheel when the aircraft is in motion.

Thanks again

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Re: Lights + wideview clients

Postby rs3tier » 09 Jan 2017, 07:38


I was never able to get my taxi light to move either when I was running FSX... I gave up after a lot of trying.
But seeing your post reminded me about it, and now I am on P3D I tried again an it worked first time. I did need to enable this line on the server LUA script though:

event.offset(0x0BBA, "UW", "OnMemoryChanged") -- Rudder


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Re: Lights + wideview clients

Postby Bernie » 09 Jan 2017, 13:05

Hi Rob,

Mine does but I don't think I did anything extra but I will look.
Kind Regards


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