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The ProSim FMS Trainer

The ProSim FMS Trainer is a tool that focusses primarily on the use of the Flight Management Systems in the operation of commercial jetliners. It is a standalone, Microsoft Windows based, free play tool that can be used to simulate a flight from start-up and take-off to landing.

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ProSim-AR offers the solution for a variety of sectors within flight simulation. Our customers range from airlines and flight schools to private enthusiasts. With ProSim you can benefit from our high quality purpose developed software.

Effective high-end solutions for airline pilot training.

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Deliver excellent airline ready students with ProSim software.

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Dreams come true with the most realistic flight experience.

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Enhance your simulation experience.

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Offer the best solutions based on ProSim software.

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Generic training software

Professional generic type resembling solutions for commercial jet training.

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Type specific training software

Professional solutions for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 type training.

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In today’s world of flight simulators, software is a key component. The best software distinguishes itself from lower level products by its realism and its details, resulting in an immersive simulation. This can only be obtained by rock-solid software architecture and optimal uptime performance. ProSim-AR offers certifiable software  to both the generic training market and the type specific markets.



A new advanced level of realism and complexity to capture the essence of the computer-controlled aircraft.

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Developed by using modern technology resulting in a highly realistic solution with excellent stability.


FMS Trainers

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ProSim FMS Trainers

The ProSim FMS Trainer is a tool that focusses primarily on the use of the Flight Management Systems in the operation of commercial jetliners.


Our customers include:

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About us

ProSim-AR was formed to offer improved software as the need to revise existing solutions within the flight simulation scene was identified. Established in 2011, we have advanced in the business with an experienced team, technological developments, increased productivity and efficiency. Our customer relationship is based on trust and confidence that forms brand loyalty.

More features are constantly added to our software, with new quality standards and products. ProSim-AR has achieved a high growth rate and is acknowledged as a market leader within flight simulation.

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