March 29 2019 Release Version 2.16
– Fixed “sequence contains no elements” crash
– Added numerical output to IRS display modes
– [CAPA738-40] Fixed DUAL BLEED not immediately triggering master caution
– Improved speed trim indicator logic
– Improved Airspeed Low alert logic
– Small fixes to rudder and aileron trim
– Added CDU brightness keys
– Improved ISFD heading data handling
– Fixed ISFD altitude and speed sources not linked to aux ports
– Fixed FMC availability

– Improved LOC/GS alert signal
– Fixed small issue with GS/MACH border on speed tape
– Improved SpeedTape lower amber band inhibit logic
– Fixed display freezes
– [CAPA738-44] Fixed lower amber band on speed tape not inhibited after take off

– [PAR-1710] Fixed RTE skipping previous DIRECT waypoint when airway/fix entered
– [CAPA738-19] Added RNP PROGRESS page
– Added further log to ProSim CDU

– [DEV-317] Reduce intercom latency for local audio
– Fixed morse code audio rate

– Added EFIS encoders acceleration to Sioc Direct driver
– Added support for Sismo MCP with ALPS encoders
– Fixed XPDR value empty on Sismo driver
– Added test mode to RMP displays
– Added numerical radio display modes
– [PAR-1842] Fixed light test not working correctly with Sismo driver
– [PAR-1870] Fixed DU brightness not working with older MIP ICS
– [PAR-1810] Fixed high CPU load with Sismo driver
– Fixed Sismo driver allowing selection of DUALADF module with single ADF at the same time
– Fixed Sismo driver allowing selection of both rudder trim modules at the same time
– [PAR-1995] Fixed AC AMPS on Sismo driver showing only 2 digits
– Improved Simworld CDU key handler

– Fixed updater trying to delete updater.exe

February 28 2019 Release Version 2.15

NOTE: Requires .NET Version 4.7.2 or newer!

– New aileron trim
Note: Flight controls must be assigned in ProSim for the aileron trim to work correctly
– Fixed wiper gates using same mapping as wiper switches
– Fixed RMP sense showing when VHF is selected

– Added flaps gauge backlight
– Added brake pressure gauge backlight
– Added yaw damper gauge backlight
– Added combined airspeed/altitude backlight
– Added standby attitude backlight

– Added option to control custom audio fading rate.
Note: It can be a value from 1 to 10, where 1 is the old rate and 10 is 10x faster then the old one
– Added option to select new WASAPI audio mode
– Fixed custom audio not playing completely with NAudio
– Switch to NAudio

– Added popup alert to Sismo driver when selecting 2 incompatible modules.
Note: This will prevent the selection of incompatible modules at the same time, like RMP1 and COM1
– Added support for Sismo RMP radio
– Added support for Sismo rudder trim panel V4
– Added support for Sismo ASP V3
– Added support for Sismo SELCAL panel V2
– Added support for Sismo DUAL ADF panel
– Added possibility to use FSUIPC offsets as levers
– Fixed ProSim crash after pololu usb drop
– Fixed ProSim hang due to CPFlight driver

February 6 2019 Release Version 2.14

NOTE: Requires .NET Version 4.7.2 or newer!

– [SW-67] Fixed AP engaging on the ground
– Improved wiper logic when aircraft has no power
– Fixed bgl scanner extracting airports without runways
– Build configuration changes to try to fix freezes and improve performance
– New watchdog has now replaced the old one (“debug” option in config)
– Fixed thrust mode color
– Fixed SimConnect crashes
– Added option to disable the auto mute
– Fixed wrong rudder indication on FCL page
– Improved performance on recalc network
– Improved high DPI screen support
– Fixed small positioning issues on upper EICAS
– Fixed Selcal indicator not working on ProSim Panel
– Added pop warning when executable renaming is detected
– Reduce the risk of getting corrupted install
– Fixed WXR radar image visible outside sweep area
– Fixed bad Direct2D image quality when started without titlebar
– Improved WXR radar now sweeping only 120 degrees when on PWS mode
– Fixed condition where reposition will cause invalid elec hydraulic cooling temp
– Added WXR sweep smoothing option to Direct2D displays
– Fixed Lever augmentation not allowing negative values
– Improved rising runway data handling
– Improved autopilot disconnect warning logic
– Fixed RMI not responding correctly to power loss
– Added RMI backlight
– Fixed IR heading not failing when IRS has no power
– Improved RMI data handling and processing
– Added option to link RMI switches to EFIS NAV switches
Note: This was enabled by default if no hardware found for RMI switches. It is now manually enabled. Default is DISABLED.
– [PAR-1822] Fixed autopilot disconnect warning not playing at least 2 seconds before canceling
– Fixed startup crash on Win7 x64
– Fixed WXR image jumps with ASN
– Added support for secondary ASN radar location (c:\ProgramData\ProSim\radar.bin)
– Fixed Phidgets driver not detecting cards
– Fixed erroneous log entries
– Improved code to prevent occasional crashes when closing ProSim
– Added Yaw Damper logic
– Fixed EXEC when entering DEST airport
– Added option to enable an audio addon by default

January 3 2019 Release version 2.13
– Fixed FMC failure not removing altitude and turn prediction from ND
– Fixed wind entry not deleting
– Fixed VNAV not recalculating after DES FORECAST Exec
– Added winds to DES FORECAST page
– Fixed TRANS LVL not requiring EXEC
– Fixed TRANS LVL not accepting data in FLXXX format
– Fixed TRANS LVL min and max values
– Fixed VHF max frequency
– Improved G/S and LOC fail flags
– Fixed radios not detecting if frequency is ILS
– Fixed WXR test audio not playing
– Added support for P3D V3 taxipath id’s in BGL extraction
– Fixed Hardware Connector not starting minimized even if option enabled in config
– [DEV-291] Improved ProSimAudio device selection UI
– [PAR-1731] Improved BGL scanner to read new P3D runway record
– Fixed speed tape stutters
– Improved MAP flag
– Added VTK flag
– Improved VTK data handler
– Fixed wrong FLT and LAND alt max values
– Fixed background change of LAND ALT and FLT ALT values when displays are dashed
– Added cockpit setup option to control datalink chime

December 6 2018 Release version 2.12
– Fixed SIOC Direct not recognizing device IDs with more than 4 digits
– Call / Attend reworked
– Fixed reverted Intercom R/T VHF1 and VHF2
– Added R/T to ProSimAudio
— It is now possible to connect ProSimAudio to external audio sources. This will allow to stream P3D ATC or online networking audio to ProSim Audio.
— External audio source must be configured in Captain ASP instance, under VHF1 and VHF 2 options.
– Fixed CPFlight sending new VHF commands when new VHF radios are not present
– [DEV-147] Added option to revert FSC TQ backlight
– Added 833 support to CPFlight COM radios
– Added connected CPFlight modules to ProSim UI
– Fixed incorrect 833 frequency handling when decimal part is less than 100
– [PAR-1633] Added missing mappings to Simworld ASP
– [PAR-1631] Fixed SINGLE CH not annunciated when capturing the localizer only
– [PAR-1547] Fixed CDU not accepting HDG in case of IRS failure
– Fixed SIOC Direct driver not working correctly with USBRelays
– Fixed unhandled exception

November 8 2018 Release version 2.11
– [SW-71] Fixed RT/IC and ALT/NORM mappings
– [SW-32] Fixed Simworld ADF tone mappings
– Fixed VSD decision gates inverted colors
– [PROSIM737-80] Added Cockpitsonic FO Steering Tiller support
– Improved communication logging
– Fixed display dimming not working properly
– Fixed 30 min trial error
– Fixed possible crash with SimIO driver
– Added further log to live weather service
– Fixed prosim crash when using live weather service
– Fixed brake input switch disarming autobrake
– Fixed Direct2D freezing on Win7
– [PAR-1517] Fixed speed trend vector spikes
– Improved airspeed (slightly dampened to prevent sudden changes)
– Improved brake axis handling
Prosim is now disconnecting the sim brake axis from the sim brake pressure by default. This will allow ProSim to have full control of the simulator brakes.
ProSim is direclty linking Sim brake axis with ProSim brake axis if nothing is assigned in ProSim.
– Fixed issue with intercom latency increasing over time
– Added buffer to FSC TQ driver
– Fixed Autobrake RTO arming above 60kts
– Fixed Autobrake RTO disarm with pilot input brakes above 40kts
– Fixed an issue preventing the autobrake to disable the brake axis in FS
– Fixed Direct2D performance degradation after running for several hours
– Fixed APU MAINT and FAULT indicators not disarmed with APU switch in the OFF position

October 11 2018 Release version 2.10
– [SW-71] Added RT/IC mappings to Simworld CAPT and FO ASPs
– [SW-32] Fixed Simworld ADF tone switch interfering with ADF Test
– Added pressure altitude numerical output
– Added elevator trim position dataref to SDK
– Fixed TCAS test pass message when sim not connected
– Fixed OC USBServos(SIOC Direct) not working all the time
– Added support for OC Chrono to SIOC Direct
– [PROSIM737-85] Added SDK dataref to reset rudder trim
– Fixed terrain download error
– Fixed Show Folder Name option in ProSim Display
– Fixed overlapping text on SYS display
– Fixed some CF legs not drawing correctly
– Fixed some functionality not working if ProSim started before P3D

September 13 2018 Release version 2.09
– Fixed simconnect repositioning not using magnetic heading
– ProSim SDK is now sending data much faster
– Added support for transition altitude from navdata (cycle 1809 or later)
====== New FSUIPC Interface ======
– New custom FSUIPC client
– Improved FSUIPC client thread safety
– FSUIPC data exchange rate will now match sim frame rate (limited at about 500 FPS to avoid high CPU usage)
– Fixed 21-second long hangup of system & MCP when closing sim
– Fixed short system & MCP hangups when connecting to FSUIPC
– Significantly optimized primary data link processing with FSUIPC
– Fixed MCP hanging when not connected to simulator
– Added safeguards against double-opening FSUIPCConnection
– Fixed string handling in new FSUIPC client
– Fixed autobrake not working correctly with new FSUIPCinterface
====== Displays ======
– Fixed route arcs drawing with D2D
– Fixed/Improved several graphics issues
– Fixed speed tape fail flag position
– Fixed AFDS mode drawing on PFD
– Fixed NAV flag drawing on ND
– Fixed GS/TAS misalignment on ND
– Fixed boxed values on EICAS
– Fixed several weather radar issues
– Added option to disable ClearType with Direct2D
– High Quality Text is now always enabled with Direct2D
– Added experimental outlining option to Direct2D (supports font hinting and antialiasing)
– Fixed AFDS modes misaligned on PFD
– Fixed speed tape values misaligned with pointers
– Fixed actual altitude misaligned on altitude tape
– Fixed altitude tape values misaligned with pointers
– Fixed minimums text on PFD
– Fixed needle data text on ND
– Fixed TAT misaligned on EICAS
– Reworked digital radio altimeter
– Fixed heading text on ND
– Fixed fuel boxes text not aligned
– Fixed MAP flag on ND
– Fixed hydraulics misaligned text on SYS page
– Fixed MCP altitude misalignment on PFD
– Fixed MCP speed misalignment on PFD
– Fixed speed trend vector
– Improved display condition for speed trend vector
– Fixed meters misaligned text on altitude tape

August 16 2018 Release version 2.08
– Fixed navDistance field without data in DME based ARINC legs
– Fixed VI/CI legs when preceding IF legs
– Fixed route display when VI leg has no turn direction data
– Fixed aircraft repositioning at coordinates 0,0 when prosim starts first
– Added gates to generic driver initial state
– Fixed FDS driver null exception
– Bird strike added (generic, no systems affected)
– Added support for FDS Pro-MX EFIS
– Fixed FSUIPC not connecting when some audio switches are ON
– Added FSUIPC exception log(verbose mode)
– Added power source to brake pressure gauge
– Fixed oxygen pressure gauge power source
– Fixed fuel temperature gauge power source
– Fixed cabin temperature gauge power source
– Updated FSUIPC client DLL to V3.1.5
– Reworked Call system
– Added CALL indicator
– Added external power receptacle pilot call switch
– Added flight attendant panel pilot call switch
– Added SVC and FLT call indicators to ASPs
– Added Comms->External Panels to IOS
– [SW-71] Added SVC, FLT and Mode mappings to Simworld ASP
– Added landing gear transfer valve as element
– Added Landing Gear as domain
– Reworked Landing Gear system
– [PSDB-362] Fixed pax signs playing when changing AC source
– Fixed COM test not working correctly
– Added encoder acceleration options to SIOC Direct driver
– Added encoder acceleration options to SISMO native driver
– Added battery bus gate
– Updater now uses .NET 4.5 (instead of .NET 3.5)
– Added Direct2D display rendering option
– Improved weather radar performance hit
– Added option to force usage of Direct2D software rasterizer
– Fixed Display window movement
– Display Load value now calculates total Display performance (was counting only ND previously)
– Optimized Weather Radar for Direct2D mode
– Optimized bitmap based controls for Direct2D
– Added option to render bitmaps in higher quality
– Various performance optimizations for Direct2D mode
– Fixed dial RA not working correctly with D2D
– Fixed Standby Attitude control
– Fixed Standby RMI control
– Fixed Standby RDMI
– Fixed radio altimeter flickering
– Added workaround for Win7 with Desktop Composition disabled
– Fixed crash on shutdown on Win7
– Added Win7 Platform Update check with notice in Config window
– Added current rendering mode info to titlebar load output
– Fixed terrain radar hang in “detailed terrain” mode
– Fixed terrain radar hang
– Added recovery logic that can help in case of GPU problems
– Fixed weather radar memory leak in GDI+
– Fixed artifacts in Direct2D
– Fixed memory leaks

July 19 2018 Release version 2.07
– New 8.33Khz voice channel spacing
– Added voice channel spacing option
Note: Hardware handling the frequency change internally does not support 833 unless implemented internally.
The 833 option can be enabled on IOS -> Cockpit Setup -> Options
It requires FSUIPC 5.132b (P3D V4 only) if using MSFS option
– Improved A/T RETARD mode (A/T will reduce thrust at a lower rate to avoid initial steep descend)
– Improved A/T response when speed is below commanded speed
– Fixed small issue causing ProSimMCP crashing when not connected to the simulator
– Added option to revert EFIS MINS mode on Sismo driver (for older models)
– Improved ALT ACQ transition to ALT HOLD
– Fixed SPEED mode not engaging if LEVEL CHANGE is active
– Fixed A/T mode in ARM when ALT ACQ is active
– Added scavenge fuel pump
– Signs refactored
– Small fix to prevent ProSim crash when FSUIPC address is 0x0000
– Added backlight control and dim/bright control to Poldragonet overhead driver
– Fixed N1 reduced rates not resetting after landing
– Improvements to poldragonet driver
– Reworked SIOC Direct port options
– Added STANDBY POWER gate
– Added support to use USB Expansion and USB Outputs as GATES
– Added option to enable Tiller input when using CPFlight Driver

June 21 2018 Release version 2.06

New embedded MCP. To use the embedded MCP, there is a new option in ProSim Config to enable it.
It is important that ProSimMCP is not running if using the Embedded one.
The new MCP is in beta stage and it is optional. If not enabled, it will not affect the normal functionality of ProSimMCP

– Fixed Autobrake OnGround signal not from PSEU
– Added CDU Call light to CDU generic driver
– [PSDB-377] fixed AP not disconnecting if IRS fails
– Fixed NAVDATA OUT OF DATE message in the last day of the cycle
– Fixed AP pitch not working correctly with Embedded MCP
– Fixed AP roll not working correctly with Embedded MCP
– Fixed TQ axis not working with Embedded MCP
– Updater now cleans DLLs files before unpacking the update file
– Fixed combined config not loading mappings
– Fixed MCP driver name on UI
– Fixed new embedded MCP not closing hardware
– Added verbose log to EHID driver
– Fixed incorrect label on ProSim Display help window
– Fixed barber pole not dashed on ProSim Display
– Added OFF indicators to window heat element
– Fixed ProSim Display window config not applied correctly

May 24 2018 Release version 2.05
– Fixed reverted BARO/RADIO on Sismo native driver
– Fixed pressurization panel not working correctly with SIOC Direct PnP Overhead
– Fixed ADF/ANT indication flags not working with SIOC Direct PnP Pedestal+
– Fixed several reverted switches for SIOC Direct PnP Overhead
– Fixed displays not working for SIOC Direct PnP Overhead
– Fixed ATC label on SIOC Direct PnP Pedestal
– Fixed decimal point on radios for SIOC Direct PnP Pedestal
– Fixed wxr radar tilt mapping for SIOC Direct PnP Pedestal
– Fixed aileron trim mapping for SIOC Direct PnP Pedestal
– Fixed rudder trim mapping for SIOC Direct PnP Pedestal
– Improved Cargo Fire logic
– Fixed doors dataRefs missing from SDK
– [PROSIM737-49] Added EMDP failure
– Improved pax signs logic
– [PROSIM737-65] Improved CONFIG fuel message (message not latching)
– [PROSIM737-65] Improved IMBAL fuel message (message without 60 seconds delay)
– [PROSIM737-65] Improved LOW fuel message (message without 30 seconds delay)
– Added Emergency Lights gate
– Fixed licensing module not recognizing the subscription update when not connected to the internet
– Fixed: Unexpected error while loading updates: No newer version is available to be installed
– Improved Updater code
– Improved ParkingBrake detection when using FSUIPC
– Fixed potential issue causing generic driver to be slow
– Replacement of Microsoft and LM SimConnect implementations by custom SimConnect client
– Code optimization

April 26 2018 Release version 2.04
Release notes:
*Starting with this version, ProSim737 now requires .NET 4.6.2
*Intercom in beta stage

– Fixed multiple wxr radar images
– Fixed small issue with new precise timers
– Fix ProsimAudio unable to connect with certain intercom capture devices
– Fixed Fast and Slow process timers
– Fixed ProSimAudio crash due to intercom buffer full
– Improved Intercom Stability
– Improved process timers
– Improved Wxr radar image processor
– Added Intercom
– Fixed OBS ASP(OVH) mappings on CPFlight/ICS
– Fixed missing lower end marker of amber band on EGT gauge
– Fixed OIL PRESS and TEMP limits not red on SEI
– Fixed OIL QTY label on SEI
– Added GATE selection to SIOC Direct
– Improved approach names parser
– [PSDB-188] Improved FMA font size
– Fixed EEC ON light power source
– Fixed ADF test switch not working with Simworld driver
– Fixed master caution ELEC not working with SIOC Direct
– Fixed small inconsistencies with SimConnect and FSUIPC

March 26 2018 Release version 2.03
– Added support to CPFlight steering tiller
– Synchronize update subscriptions with server
– Fixed tiller not working when using MSFS mode
– Fixed elec display showing remaining 8 on AC AMPS after light test off with Sismo driver
– Fixed localization issues with remote hardware connector
– Fixed light test not working correctly with Sismo native
– Added “Use legacy radios (5 digits)” option to allow the use of the 5 digits for the numerical and analog radio elements
Note: This option is disabled by default.
– Removed the 5 digits option from IOCP driver (the legacy radio option replaces it)
– Renamed IOC_Connect to SIOC Direct on ProSim UI
– Added marker beacon receiver failure
– Added new option to ignore OC devices with SIOC Direct driver (Sioc Direct advanced window -> other -> ignore list)
All devices in the list will be ignored by ProSim. Device numbers should be entered as comma separated values.
– Fixed BARO selector not working on EFIS 2 with SIOC Direct
– Fixed SPOILERS_ARM_SET events flood in FSUIPC
– Fixed dual EFIS inputs when using SIOC Direct driver
– Added mute option to the IOS for manual mutting
– Fixed START VALVE OPEN indicators when valve does not close
– Fixed remote connector not refreshing hardware when connecting
– Added muting capability to ProSimAudio. When pausing/freezing simulator, ProSimAudio will mute
– Fixed markers not visible on PFD
– Fixed rudder not reaching full deflection when rudder trim is opposite
– Added new IRS display numerical elements to indicate the letter on the first display position(-1: none, 1: N, 2: S, 3: W, 4: E, 5: H, 99:test)
– [SW-61] Fixed WX Radar tilt knob needs rescaling on Simworld driver
– Added gauges and numerical data to initial state on generic driver
– Fixed NAV radios outer encoder handler when reaching min/max values
– Fixed typo in title bar and webserver HTML title
– Added CAB/UTIL & IFE switches to Sismo driver
– Fixed FUEL module not available for selection in Sismo Advanced window
– [SW-15] Added support for OBS ASP(AFT OVH) VHF3, HF1 and HF2 switches/indicators to Simworld Driver
– [SW-32] Added ADF tone switch support to Simworld Driver
– [SW-32] Added ADF test switch support to Simworld Driver
– Added ADF test
– Fixed reversers not working when axis are used

March 1 2018 Release version 2.02
– Fixed live weather crashing prosim due to invalid wind data (/////KT)
– Improved Pokeys driver to work with the new 6 digit frequencies
– Improved FSUIPC ready state detection
– Fixed double inputs with poldragonet CDU
– Fixed reverser not working correctly when a switch is used
– Added High Altitude Landing option
– [SW-68] Fixed ADF hundreds encoder not working correctly
– Fixed radio altimeter value not showing RA FLAG when value is invalid on EFIS mode
– Improved CPFlight rudder trim panel to work with the new rudder trim implementation
– Fixed ProSim crash when using live weather option in SimConnect mode
– Fixed flood of FUEL_SELECTOR_SET and FUEL_SELECTOR_2_SET events in FSUIPC
– Fixed FSUIPC version not showing correctly in UI
– Added support for Poldragonet OH pushback solenoids and cowl valve indicators
– Improved EHID driver to work with the new 6 digit frequencies
– Improved Poldragonet Ethernet driver to work with the new 6 digit frequencies
– Fixed translation of rudder trim value to rudder deflection
– Fixed rudder position indicator out of scale when rudder trim is used
– Improved rate of flight controls indicators
– Improved combined config search functionality
– Changed key_up timeout to 2 seconds before triggering the automatic search (Combined Config)
– Added check box to automatically open/close groups when searching
– Fixed parking brake not working correctly in SimConnect mode
– [PROSIM737-42] Added encoder as rudder trim input
– Rudder trim moved to the Flight Controls domain
– Fixed cabin altitude alert if ProSim starts before than P3D in SimConnect mode
– Fixed standby altimeter not working correctly in SimConnect mode
– Fixed IRS indication not correct with IRS displays from
– Added option to keep using 5 digits NAVCOM frequencies for IOCP driver
– Fixed incorrect mixture control through SimConnect which could cause start failure
– Fixed SimIO driver not blanking displays when not powered.
– Improved Sismo driver to work with the new 6 digit frequencies
– Improved TCAS test with a timeout
– Improved SimIO driver to work with the new 6 digit frequencies
– New reverser logic (beta)
– Improved Simworld driver to work with the new 6 digit frequencies
– [PROSIM737-44] Fixed ELEC BUS failures missing
– Improved FDS driver to work with the new 6 digit frequencies
– Moved reversers to the engine domain
– Moved EEC to the engine domain
– Fixed a typo in the config window
– [PROSIM737-38] Added CAB/UTIL and IFE switches
Note: Due to the electrical differences and to maintain backward compatibility, the galley and the cab/util switches are linked internally.
– Added IFE switch to Simworld driver
– Added 2 gates for galley busses (left & right)
– Added 2 gates for IFE busses (left & right)
– Improved radio frequencies with 6 digits (XXX.XXX)
– Fixed COM frequencies not changing correctly in SimConnect mode
– [PROSIM737-23] Improved FPV (bright/dim logic)
– Fixed backlight not working for JetMax Radio
– Fixed rudder not working properly in SimConnect mode
– Fixed tiller not working in SimConnect mode
– New rudder trim. New trim gauge calibration values from -15 to +17(off flag)
This change requires re-assignments of rudder trim gauge.
– Improved BGL scanner to allow P3D V4 addon xml descriptions to use relative paths

February 1 2018 Release version 2.01
– Fixed SIOC Direct CDU mappings not correct when an USBKeys is used
– Fixed wet compass display not working properly
– Fixed navaid no longer available, but identification still visible on ND
ProSim is now reading the navaid’s signal strength to control the data flag
– Added airway data to the FMS XML call: http://localhost:8080/xml?query=fms
– [PROSIM737-8] Fixed ground power sensing
– Improved cabin lights visibility logic
– Fixed some incorrect Sismo captain EFIS assignments
– Fixed Hardware Connector crashing when closing ProSim737
– Fixed some incorrect Sismo MIP assignments
– Fixed SIOC Direct hanging SIOC when using USBServos
– Fixed SIOC Direct automatic indicator finder not working correctly with USBExpansion
– Improved Ground Power logic
– Added further log when changing the ground power state
– Fixed anti-collision light ON if using “Start APU” as startup situation.
– Added “Default ground power at start up” option to cockpit config
– [PROSIM737-7] Added “Captain QNH controls F/O QNH” option to ProSimMCP
– Added RMP VHF test switch as IO element
– Added VHF test switch support to Simworld driver
– Added NAV test switch support to Simworld driver
– Added NAV test switch support to Sismo driver
– Fixed Sismo driver not sending data to 2nd group of servos
– Fixed Sismo Advanced window not scrolling correctly
– Fixed SIOC Direct driver not reporting all USB Expansion capabilities when more than 1 master card is connected.
– Fixed Generic driver constantly sending G_MIP_STDBY_LOCALISER data
– Fixed reversers not working correctly with SimConnect
– Added NAV and COM test switch support to CPFlight driver
– Added pause indication as an output
– Fixed NAVDATA OUT OF DATE message in the last day of the cycle
– Improved NAVDATA OUT OF DATE message now uses UTC time
– Added scanning of add-on.xml based scenery paths from prepar3d v4 to BGLScanner
– Fixed CDU identification button not working in SIOC Direct driver
– Fixed Sismo advanced window not showing all options
– Fixed overhead menu not visible in ProSimDisplay
– Fixed some new system tests not working
– Fixed SIOC Direct advanced window not showing all options
– Fixed Sismo PnP driver detecting only MB cards
– Added pololu driver to the remote hardware connector

January 01 2018 Release version 2.0
– Initial release