December 29 2017 Release version 1.56
– Fixed navaid needles not working correctly if EFIS/NAV FREQ DISAGREE message
– Fixed Generic Driver not working correctly in mixed mode

December 26 2017 Release version 1.55
– Fixed aircraft lights not working correctly with P3DV4
– Added missing SimConnect.dll dependency file

December 21 2017 Release version 1.54
– Improved GPWS mode 3A
– Improved initial fuel temperature
– Fixed some GPWS modes not being inhibited
– Improved low oil pressure trigger value
– Added MCP option to use encoders when using older EFIS models from CPFlight
– Added VHF NAV switch in VRInsight driver
– Fixed lower eicas not showing FUEL USED.
– Fixed wheel well fire indicator ON if firetest performed on BAT only
– Added NAV receivers(VOR,DME,ILS,ADF) as elements
– Fixed some switches not working with VRInsight OH
– Improved detection of tuned NAV frequency (VOR/ILS)
– Improved VOR data in VOR mode
– Improved logic for RESET MCP ALT message
– Auto update with new module executable name

November 16 2017 Release version 1.53
– Added VC++ 2010 and 2013 redist files
– Added support for Flight Illusion rudder trim gauge
– Added support for Poldraget Transponder
– Added support for CPFlight CDU
– Fix for server validation issue
– Fix for Poldragonet ethernet hardware
– Fixed hang when changing IOS server port in configuration screen
– Fixed Poldragonet CDU N1/Fix reversal
– Fixed manual update config option not working correctly

October 29 2017 Release version 1.52
Note: The package Visual Studio C++ Redistributable packages for Visual Studio 2013 must be installed
– Fixed issue with database retrieval

October 28 2017 Release version 1.51
– Fixed VRInsight Overhead not working
– added UNABLE REQD NAV PERF-RNP message
– fixed RNP/ANP values not amber when ANP greater than RNP
– fixed RNP/ANP vertical deviation band not following the pointer
– Fixed VRInsight OH not working.
– INDEX LSK (return to MAINT INDEX) added to TUNING page
– pololu power control moved to a different thread
– Buffer added to pololu driver and output processing is now done by a separate thread
– [SW-57] Fixed Radial lines visible when navaid is DME only.
– [SW-57] Fixed EFIS MODE/NAV FREQ DISAGREE showing only when the VOR/ILS signal is valid
– [SW-29] BARO and MINS switch handling more realistic in Simworld driver.
– GPWS Mode 6 – Bank Angle should also play if bank greater than 10 degrees when altitude is between 30ft and 130 ft.
– GPWS Mode 6 – Radio Altitude Callouts should not play with gear up.
– [SW-54] GPWS Mode 6 – Radio Altitude Callouts should only play during descent.
– [SW-57] Fixed VOR CDI visible if navaid is DME only
– [SW-57] Fixed EFIS MODE/NAV FREQ DISAGREE message not showing if EFIS APP mode selected and VOR tuned.
– [SW-57] Fixed VOR needles visible if navaid is DME only.
– Support added for latest FDS MCP/EFIS
– [CDU] FIX page layout corrected
– [CDU] SELECT DESIRED XXX page layout corrected
– Generic Driver is now available for Display config elements.
– Fixed wxr radar returning nothing if ASN is in use
– Fixed updater not retrying if a file is still in use.
– Runways added to XML FMS query
– Fixed some issues where not all approach fixes are shown when a transition is selected.
– Fixed Sismo driver not enabling servos when calibrating.
– improvements to ProSimDisplay to prevent a crash related to the weather radar image
– Fixed take-off config warning during repositioning.
– [SIM-2] Fixed REF NAVDATA not requiring EXEC to save temporary waypoint.
– [PSDB-286] Fixed FMS reset when slewing in air, and FMS reset on ground option is enabled
– [SW-29] Simworld EFIS BARO and MINS acceleration improved
– IOCP output buffer added
– Barometric pressure values have now upper and lower limits
– Fixed Below G/S indicators not illuminating during GPWS test
– transitionAltitudes.xml file updated
– Fixed Place/Bearing/Distance crashing ProSim if previous leg type is CI (PBD entry will validate leg type sequence)
– fixed EHID XPDR not handling leading 0 correctly
– Fixed FDS XPDR panel not handling leading 0 correctly
– MCP HDG rate increased on ND and PFD.
– Fixed ProSimCDU not working as F/O role
– Fixed ProSimAudio consuming too much CPU time
– Fixed ASP not in sync with FS radios.
– Added FMC message: GPS-L/R INVALID
– Fixed ASP not allowing reception on both COM1 and COM2 at the same time.
– TR indicator logic improved.
– Mixed mode added to Generic Com driver (This will allow manual calibration of analog elements when using generic names)
– Fixed autobrake not disarming when using a switch as brake input
Note: FS brake assignment should be deleted and brake switch must be assigned in ProSim
– Fixed along track fix name when is runway
– Hyd pressure values improved
– Fixed Update with zip
– Fixed ProSim restarting
– Fixed ProSim skipping IF legs
– Fixed ProSim Display crash when WX is selected and wx resolution is less than 20
– Fixed missing buttons on MCP Config window.
– Fixed ICS/CPflight overhead not showing negative DC AMP values
– Yoke IC/RT switches added to SimWorld driver
– improved EMDP overheat logic
– Added gate for Pass oxy deployed

June 20 2017 Release version 1.50
Release Notes:
– Due to some changes to the Sismo Native Driver, IO re-assignement may be required.

– Option to detect FS added to the database window
– Sim path is now saved in ProSim Config
– Option added to cockpit setup to slave the ISFD baro setting to the Captain EFIS if no ISFD hardware is available.
– [PSDB-112] Sound not playing when fasten Belts Sign is turned off then back on again
– Fixed VD leg types not handled correctly
– Added switches for the new weather radar panel (left side WXR, WXR+T).
– Fixed pax signs chime when the aircraft is not powered.
– Fixed the ISFD backup power working for 1 min only
– option added to cockpit config to supress the EXCESS DATA message
– Fixed AF leg types. (Star effect in DME ARC)
– CDU minimum brightness changed to barely visible
– Fixed ABEAM PTS LSK not available
– Fixed VI and CI legs transitions before IF fixes
– Fixed turn anticipation before ARC approaches
– Added option for Poldragonet Overhead panel to use automatic configuration
– [PSDB-285] Fixed STAR loaded after a missed approach when only approach is selected
– Added option to enable sound in ProSimCDU
– Fixed CPFlight/Engravity Overhead gauges not matching the software (Firmware 408 or later should be installed)
– Fixed some CPFlight/Engravity Overhead indicators ON after performing a light test (Firmware 410 or later should be installed)
– Fixed CPFlight MCP PRO2 issues when using any other daisy chained module (Firmware 202 or later should be installed)
– Fixed weather radar not showing data when CPT and FO NDs are displayed in the same ProSimDisplay instance and EFIS ranges are different
– CDU ENG OUT page implemented
– Fixed FC leg types
– [SW-24] Fixed random wind speed of 359 on ND
– [PSDB-184] Fixed waypoints order when more then one is returned
– [PSDB-328] Fixed CPFlight/ICS retractable landing lights with 3 positions

April 17 2017 Release version 1.49
– Added support for indicators on CPFlight ASP v2
– Added switches and indicators for currently unused ASP inputs/outputs
– Gates added for chrono indications
– Fixed CPFlight/ICS retractable landing lights reversed.
– Fixed slow rudder trim speed
– XPDR/TCAS moved to the navigation domain
– XPDR selector and ALT source switches added
– 1 and 2 indicators added to transponder
– ADF/ANT indicators added to ADF
– Tone switch added to ADF
– Auto restart option added to ProSim config (to avoid prosim from restarting if a crash occurs)
– ATC 1 and 2 indicators and ATC selector switch added to EHID driver
– XPDR FAIL indicator added
– Fixed WHEEL WELL fire indicator not working during fire test
– ADF/ANT switch added to EHID driver
– [PSDB-235] AP disconnect sound should play continuously until cancelled by the pilot.
– New AP disconnect sound
– APU should provide less electrical power ( 66KVA ) above 32000 ft
– Reversed CPFlight ASP mic 1 and 2 indicators
– [PSDB-277] fixed TOO LOW GEAR GPWS during go-around.
– [PSDB-271] APU start cycle timings corrected
– Stand By rudder indicator moved to Hydraulic domain.
– Fixed ASP filter selector not working
– Better implementation of the auxiliary battery
– Fixed TRs providing only 24V
– Fixed thrust reduction to CLB not occuring in raw data
– [SW-39] ISFD should continue to work for 150 min even if there is a failure with the battery power.
– Yokes PTT IC/RT switches added
– [PSDB-174] PROGRESS page now shows destination at LSK4 even if no arrival is selected
– [PSDB-327] Changing destination should not clear the route
– [PSDB-327] Changing destination should clear any arrival data if entered
– [PSDB-327] Changing origin should clear the route
– [PSDB-357] fixed EFIS mode radio altimeter showing barometric altitude
– [PSDB-354] When in plan mode, the Capt’s MCDU should only move the Capt’s ND and the F/O’s should only move the F/O’s ND
– [SIM-23] fixed POS REF showing radio position on ground
– [PSDB-351] Fixed CPFlight DU Dimmers not working
– [PSDB-248] When ‘OFF SCHED DES’ light is on, if Pressurisation mode selector is moved to MAN, the light should extinguish.
– Fixed Take Off warning horn active without battery bus powered.
– CPFlight MCP data is now compacted
– Added option to ProSimMCP to log IO for CPFlight devices
– Fixed mode selection and added XPDR left/right switch to FDS ethernet XPDR
– Better handling of the IAS/MACH conversion when using MCP’s Change Over (C/O) button.
– Fixed wrapping of active waypoint in ND if name is too long.
– [SW-35] Added support for Simworld fire panel
– Pressing GND CALL with GND PWR connected will request a disconnection within the next 30 seconds.
– V-Speeds should be deleted if runway wind changed in TAKE OFF page 2
– Failures ordered by name and group name
– Fixed STEP when pushing the PREV PAG in plan mode.
– Command line parameter added to start ProSim without the splash screen.
– [DEV-130] SYS Brake temperature indication now correct for overheat condition.
– [DEV-129] Dual Bleed indicator should not illuminate if APU not running.
– [DEV-128] AUTO-FAIL indicator logic corrected.
– [PSDB-297] RNAV/RNP approaches sometimes not showing GP on LEGS

February 2 2017 Release version 1.48
– Generic Com/TCP driver values rounded to the 3rd decimal place
– Dome light switch support added to ICS overhead
– ProSimDisplay: new option to add the folder name to the title bar
– fix to prevent brake pressure to be negative
– Fixed RED indicators handled as YELLOW
– [SW-33] added Simworld Flight Controls module support
– [SW-34] ILS-DME(Navigraph navaid type 8) navaids now correctly handled if entered in CDU FIX page
– Sismo: Fixed servo daughter board not working
– Sismo: Fixed displays outputs(Display daughter board 2)
– new cockpit option to select alignment time (normal – quick)
– Master Dim gate added
– IOS Failures now organized by ATA chapter
– Fixed FDS JetMax radio assignments
– added cache control meta tags to IOS page
– added option to cockpit setup to remove the fading from weather radar sweep
– added option to cockpit setup to remove the interpolation(antialias) from the weather image
– [PSDB-310] Engine trend vector disapearing when target N1 value reached.
– [PSDB-326] Speedbrake stow not working below 10kts.
– [PSDB-328] Retractable landing lights switch not working correctly with CPFlight overhead.
– [SW-30] Simworld ATC panel delay fixed
– Added advanced option to CPFlight driver to disable the gauge data
– [PSDB-323] Fixed fuel filter failure to trigger an oil filter warning on EICAS
– Scavenge oil filter failure added
– [PSDB-335] Wiper switches and gates added.
– Wiper switch support added to CPFlight(ICS) and Simworld overhead and ProSim panel.
– Fixed Side-by-side EICAS showing FF as KG even when unit is LBS
– Fixed Brake accumulator pressure to lock if pressure reaches 0
– Hydraulic system B should be the only pressure supplier to the brake accumulator.
– Fixed Pokeys Ethernet not working with poller disabled
– CPFlight advanced option added to reverse the rudder trim gauge
– Added support for FDS CDU v2 alternate layout
– [PSDB-182] EFIS POS now shows ADIRS and GPS positions on ND

December 13 2016 Release version 1.47
Starting from 1.47b57, all ProSim737 modules now require dot net runtime version 4.6!

– Added fuel freeze
– Corrected ordering of approaches in DEP/ARR page
– Fixed unwanted autoconfig inputs from PoKeys cards when led matrix function enabled
– Fixed fire handle lights not working when CPFlight MIP V2 is used
– [PSDB-153] Fixed VNAV should command selected VREF speed + wind when on landing flap setting
– [PSDB-156] INIT REF Transition altitude now follows standard altitude format rules
– F/D vertical speed mode stability during turns improved
– [PSDB-98] Alt hold stability during turns improved
– [PSDB-132] Route page now shows route discontinuities and allows more editing
– [PSDB-162] Fixed CPFlight MIP v2 take config and cabin alt indicators interchanged
– [PSDB-171] Fixed CRZ CLB speed sometimes shows as MACH 0.06
– [PSDB-172] Fixed CDU CRZ TGT speed incorrect
– CPFlight MIP V2 gauge output re-enabled for firmware 1.22 testing
– Cockpit configuration from IOS now also available from SDK as system.config.xxxx
– [PSDB-113] SPD REST on CDU CLB and DES pages should require EXEC
– [PSDB-174] Route should calculate T/D even when no arrival is entered, using airport as destination
– BGL scanner should only scan under “scenery” directory of scenery.cfg directories
– Improved BGL scanning of ILS data
– [PSDB-121] Climb and Descend phase should have separate default speed restrictions
– [PSDB-113] Fixed modified speed restriction not visible until EXEC
– [PSDB-216] FMS will clear route and legs when new destination ICAO is entered
– [PSDB-135] Minimum N2 speed for generator operation increased to 50%
– Fixed approach names without suffixes
– Door logic can now be completelly disabled
– ProSimAudio and ProSim737 moved from DirectX to SlimDX
– [PSDB-177] Manually entered VNAV speeds should show only entered speed and not speed/mach combination
– [DEV-71] Incorrect text on fwd Overhead
– [DEV-83] Incorrect text on lower DU
– Improved N1 calculations
– Connected spar valves to hot battery bus instead of dc bus
– Fixed engine valve and spar valve not reponding to fire handle
– [PSDB-195] IDENT page 2 added
– [PSDB-197] IDENT page shows SUPP DATA as FS time
– Refined starter logic to check starter air pressure during start
– Fixed F/D and FMA should be on when the associated F/D switch is off and any CMD is on
– Fire test inhibited during flight
– [PSDB-221] N1 LIMIT page accepts SEL TEMP if entered with the slash at the end. ie: 55/
– [PSDB-186] TGT SPD in DES page shows mach value first if speed is commanding mach
– [PSDB-207] Title ‘ACT RTE’ should be to left hand side of screen
– [PSDB-205] FMC CRZ page, TURB N1 should show ‘%’ symbol
– [PSDB-110] ND N1 data not flushed
– N1 LIMIT page now accepts manually entered OAT.
– VNAV fixes
– [PSDB-190] TAKEOFF REF page 2 corrected
– [PSDB-194] LEGS RTE page fixed
– [PSDB-196] Once in active cruise inflight, the FMC CLB page should be flushed.
– [PSDB-199] All pages that only have one page should still have page number “1/1”.
– New cockpit setup group added: FMS/CDU
– [PSDB-200] POS REF page 2 fixed
– [PSDB-202] EFC time should show ‘Z’ symbol and BEST SPEED should show ‘KT’ symbol in HOLD page
– [PSDB-204] The next waypoint on Progress Page 1 should be coloured magenta.
– [PSDB-228] TRIP ALT added to PERF INIT page
– [PSDB-181] [LEGS] RTE DATA empty wind shows —/–
– [PSDB-180] [PROGRESS] page corrected. XTK and GPS-L added.
– [PSDB-279] Range value position now adjusts its position if range rings are not visible
– Fixed Poldragonet overhead panel configuration not saving correctly
– HTTP ACARS downlinks will trigger an ACARS COMM ERROR after a time out of 2 min.
– During raw data go-around, keep FMS phase at CLB until cruise alt
– Engine should not auto-restart when engine failure cleared on IOS while fire handle is still pulled
– fixed FMS reset if using SLEW (if FMS resets after landing option is enabled)
– Added support for Simworld pedestal modules
– TAS only available on ND if greater than 100Kts
– Dual GPS added with individual failures.
– Dual Radio Altimeters added with individual failures.
– Fixed FDS MCOM radio’s resetting when elevator trim is used
– Fixed GLOBAL weather not generating weather radar image
– Magenta color shown on WXR+T mode.
– [PSDB-317] Improved F/D behavior in manual flight when in alt hold or V/S mode
– ProSimAudio fadeOut fixed
– ProSimAudio high CPU load fixed
– Option added to set the weather radar image resolution (px/nm)
– [PSDB-231] Speed trend vector disapearing.
– Decimal data entry fixed
– VSI fixed on EFIS display mode
– Fixed ProSimDisplay crash at startup if WX enabled on EFIS
– Throttles with fixed speedbrake down detents will now still deploy speedbrakes during RTO when speedbrake is physically moved
to the armed position during takeoff
– Strobe & Steady light switch support added to Simworld P&P Overhead
– Airstair indicator support added to Simworld P&P Overhead
– RUNWAY INOP indicator and RUNWAY INHIBT swicth support added to Simworld P&P MIP
– Added support for Simworld ACP’s
– Fixed fire test not working in flight.
– PoKeys libraries updated to new beta build to prevent thread abort exceptions that crash ProSim
– Dome light switch functional for Simworld AFT overhead
– 2 new gates added for dome light (Domelight dim & Domelight bright)
– Remote shutdown fixed
– Fixed IDG Drive light going out too late.
– Fixed CDU page going to CLIMB when pressing TOGA during takeoff.
– START VALVE OPEN indication should remain ON for about 3 seconds after starter cutout
– mach speed now shows with 3 decimal places on the PFD
– dual elevator trim switches option added to the cockpit config
– 2nd elevator trim switch added to the F/O and CPT yokes
– Added support for FSC Stick Shaker
– Null exception fixed when using random failures.
– Fixed custom sound gates assignments mixed.
– Generic TCP driver now handles incoming encoder updates better by accumulating input.
– Display source label typo fixed on the overhead (ALL ON 1)
– FDS MCOM devices now use proper MCOM logic
– Fixed BRIGHT/DIM light indicator modes
– Pokeys library dll code imported into ProSim.
– Poldragonet driver now allows multiple instances
– Fixed brake accumulator will not properly pressurize on initial startup
– Weather radar image now resets when changing the range
– Fixed CPFlight rudder trim gauge value not the same as ProSim rudder trim value
– Fixed 100% WX radar return when no clouds are present and gain is max

Release Note:
– Due to the change from DirectX to SlimDX, it is required to verify all custom sound call outs if they are still assigned to the correct gate.
This verification should be done only once when moving from a DirectX release to a SlimDX one.
– Pokeys libary dll file was deleted and replaced with its code directly in ProSim.
– ProSimAudio has now all sounds ON by default(NAV audio remains disabled)

April 16 2016 Release version 1.46
– Fixed squawkbox transponder reporting incorrectly checking the XPDR operation switch
– Fixed CDU ‘+/-‘ key support for Engravity V2 CDU
– Changed range and labels of trimwheel sensitivity in ProSim MCP configuration screen
– TCAS “Traffic” callout should only active once for each conflict
– Adjusted PFD TCAS RA Trapezoid to match required pitch for RA
– Adjusted autopilot to prevent lateral oscillations in 4x speed
– PoKeys libraries updated to v3.1.17. If PoKeys ethernet cards are not detected, please make sure their firmware is up to date with the PoKeys tool.
– Added FMS SDK datarefs
– Added aircraft.fms.route dataref to SDK
– Added “Load from FMS” button in the Company Route tab of the IOS
– Improved autothrottle speed control during turns
– Changed PFD speed trend vector from inertial to IAS based
– Progress page line 3 should show distance to second waypoint from current position
– Fixed autopilot failed to enter ARINC “HM” type holdings
– Fixed EHID fire handle rotation switches
– TO/GA goaround now remains active until MCP altitude (was 1500 feet RA max)
– Fixed an issue where (VECTOR) legs mess up VNAV restriction calculations
– Fixed FMS sometimes does not load STAR legs when STAR selected before runway in arrival page
– Added support for Flight Illusion standby alt/speed combined instrument
– Fixed crash in Simworld driver
– Added new option to ProSim737 to set a required set of hardware so the IO Modules list can show a warning when hardware is missing
– EFIS TFC now defaults to on
– VOR course lines now extend to 400 NM
– LNAV drawing fixes
– Changes in VNAV pages now require EXEC and can be erased
– Added option to inhibit IP address of network PoKeys devices so they won’t be opened by ProSim737 System
– Changed Poldragonet overhead support to allow differently wired panels. This requires switches and indicators to be manually configured.
– Added Poldragonet AFT overhead support
– Added warning on startup when ProSim737 system is in debug mode
– Added suppor for Prepar3d v3 for database building

September 26 2015 Release version 1.45
– Fixed reversed elec panel and pneumatic indicators om CPFlight overhead
– Retuned cabin alt gauge in CPFlight overhead
– Added nullzone calibration to speedbrake armed position
– Fixed EHID ground power switch
– Fixed parking brake won’t engage when prake pedals held down
– Fixed improper handling of company route errors in XML gateway

September 8 2015 Release version 1.44
– Fixed PoKeys matrix led/keyboard IO causing the autoconfig to show inputs
– PoKeys matrix outputs can now be assigned to gates
– Added option to poldragonet driver to inverse gear switch
– Added option to FDS CDU driver to disable display dimming
– Fixed typo in “TERR INHIBIT” ND flag
– Added Dome light switch
– Fixed PoKeys assignments to Led matrix interfering with autoconfiguration of regular outputs
– Added “Mandatory” attribute to ACARS XML specification
– Fixed issue where altitude conditional waypoints where placed too far out causing circular paths
after takeoff
– Fixed holding coded in SID/STAR not corrrectly processed
– Fixed CDU is always on max brightness after startup
– Standby Localiser and glideslope outputs now require DC power
– Added Led current limit option to advanced configuration of Phidgets driver
– Added standby altimeter gauge
– Added ‘0’ as a calibration point to the standby speed indicator
– Added ‘resetFms’ as xml query to reset the FMS
– Fixed ACARS chime not working on messages with embedded response element
– Fixed LSK6L header text not working in ACARS pages
– LNAV drawing fixes
– Fixed power transients during relay switching causes CPFlight radios to reset frequencies
– Weather radar should clear up clouds much faster after weather has improved
– Fixed an issue where some MCP’s reverted back to V/S 0 when rotating the V/S wheel after engaging V/S mode

May 27 2015 Release version 1.43
– Fixed ProSim MCP IOCP throttle driver not to restow speedbrake when throttle is increased
– Fixed JetMax MCP Alt Hold indicator wrongly mapped
– ProSim no longer reads weather data from FS when ASN integration is active
– Fixed CDU message not clearable with CLR key on FSC CDU
– Added PoKeys Matrix leds to indicator autoconfig. This will work after one matrix led has been configured manually.
– Fixed ACARS response attibute not working
– Fixed destination land alt not showing correctly when arrival procedure was entered
– Added fuel flow numerical outputs
– Rudder trim reversed in CPFlight rudder trim panel
– Max MCP altitude in ProSim737 system MCP input handler corrected to 50000

Release notes:
Due to internal changes in the identification of simulated elements, ProSim Display may not be able to update correctly from
previous releases to this release. To update ProSim Display, please manually unzip and place the files in
all of your ProSim Display folders. This manual action is required only for this release. In future releases, the automatic
updating will be working as usual again.

March 5 2015 Release version 1.42
– Updated FSUIPC dll to newest version
– New strategy (experimental) for getting data to ProSim737 Display
– Moved reverser switches into the new reverer lever configuration
– Changed control of aircraft lighting to match ProSim737 flightmodel
– Added encoder support for SimIO boards
– Changed rudder and aileron processing for compatibility with x-plane
– Tuned aileron output deflection on lower EICAS for new ProSim737 aircraft model
– Added Above transition altitude gate
– Parsing companyroutes will now resolve waypoint ambiguities by selection closest waypoint in the route
– Added approach data to XML gateway airport query
– PFD land alt will now revert to global airport altitude when no runway data available
– Fixed LNAV never reaching DF flyover waypoints
– Added igniter power source
– APP mode localiser intercept will now use FMS database to start the intercept earlier for better capture
– Repositioning improved
– Fixed descend now mode resetting back to vnav cruise
– LNAV armed on ground now captures at 50 feet AGL
– Added accel height and eo accel height to takeoff ref 2/2 page
– Improved VNAV logic for holdings
– Improvements in LNAV
– Pitch controller for MCP_SPD pitch mode tuned
– LNAV MCP indicator on during takeoff instead of HDG SEL when LNAV armed before takeoff
– Parallel and Teardrop holding entries tuned
– Fixed holding not exiting after passing fix when exit was armed during entry in parallel and teardrop entry
– Reworked missed approach
– CockpitSonic EHID: Improved pushbutton support, make sure “BrakeEvent=yes” is set in b737_ehid.ini!

January 25 2015 Release version 1.41
– Fixed FDS CDU CLEAR key always clearing entire line
– Fixed crash on attaching FDS radio
– Added blanking of FDS radios when there is no power
– Improved ASN weather radar processing
– Added support for contacting multiple subsystems in the CDU
– Added configuration options in ProSim737 system to change print margins for the ACARS printer
– Improved IAN FAC capture reliablity
– Fixed a problem where wind direction was handled as true, while it was actually magnetic
– Added an option to choose whether or not to allow -1 as a frequency for inactive radios
– Fixed crash in Pololu JRK driver
– Added options to acars.xml for title alignment and forcing numbered pages
– Added option to reverse ICS crossfeed switch
– Improved uplink advisories and added EICAS advisories
– Fix for CPFlight BlackBox devices and added blanking of radios connected through BlackBox devices
– Fix communication erros with CPFlight overhead panels leading to indicator issues
– Improved TO/GA mode pitch commands for one engine flight
– Fixed throttle hanging above 0 when pulled closed rapidly when configured through directinput
with reverser analog input enabled

Release notes:
This is mostly a service release with a lot of fixes and improvements for issues that were reported.

December 25 2014 Release vesion 1.40
– Added option to reverse phidget DC motors
– IAN should only be enabled when the option is on in the instructor station

This is a hotfix for IAN that could not be disabled in 1.39

December 24 2014 Release version 1.39
– Added support to display indicators to ProSim737 Display
– Fixed a crash related to GoFlight GF46 radios
– Fixed APP mode in track up has incorrect display of the course
– FSUIPC mixture control is now kept synchronized with engine fuel valve control to prevent automatic engine start
– IRS display numerical outputs now include data that was entered on the keypad
– Fixed FSUIPC bit offsets triggering incorrectly
– Added support for FSUIPC to read and clear bits
– Added standby attitude mode control
– Added brightness control inputs for the CDU’s
– Added an option to ProSim CDU to inhibit movement of the application window when the border is disabled and the mouse is dragged
– Added support for encoder input to FSUIPC driver
– Fixed Matrix Orbital IRS display missing two characters left and right
– Added support for Flight Illusion RDMI gauge (130)
– Redone all holding code
– Numerical outputs for radio frequencies will now output -1 when the radio frequency display should be blank
– Added native support for FDS NAV/COM Radio, FDS transponder panel and FDS MCOM panel
– Added native support for FDS CDU, please disable FDS-CDU software
– Added native support for FDS MCP’s
– Fixed crash on IRS keypad when heading is entered without content
– Added option to show an indicator in the upper EICAS for current throttle position for non motorized throttles
– Added gauge outputs for standby Localiser and Glideslope needles
– Added option to load company route to XML gateway
– Added A/T hold solenoid gate
– Fixed bearing output in FMS XML data showing speed instead of bearing
– Fixed FMS selecting airport only when airport and navaid has same identifier
– Added weather radar gain control
– New weather radar now turned on by default
– Fixed WP Bearing/WP Bearing entry resulting in wrong intersection calculation
– Updated CPFlight overhead panel driver for performance enhacements in firmware version 400
– Improved duct air pressure calculations
– Added autoconfiguration support for analog axes
– Added Integrated Approach Navigation

Release notes:
FDS hardware native support: We are adding more native support for FDS hardware. In this release, FDS CDU’s will no longer require FDS-CDU software.
ProSim CDU will no longer accept input from the FDS-CDU software and will instead communicate directly with the CDU.
FDS MCP’s are also supported natively. To enable FDS native support for MCP’s, go to the “Drivers” tab of the ProSim737 system configuration screen, click
“Advanced” next to “FDS Hardware support” and enable support for FDS G3 MCP/EFIS. Do not forget to display the FDS-Glare software.
Other natively supported FDS hardware in this release: Multi COM panel, Generic radio and XPDR

For non motorized throttles, we’ve added an option to show the current physical position of the throttles on the upper EICAS. This will aid in
positioning the physical throttles correctly prior to disengaging the autothrottle. The option can be enabled in the instructor station, on the
Cockpit Setup menu and you can find it under the Display tab as “Show manual throttle position in EICAS”.

We’ve added support for Active Sky Next. To enable Active Sky Next integration, you will need to make sure that FSUIPC writes its radar data in
a file called ‘radar.bin’ in the ProSim737.exe folder. This is done by adding the following parameter to the [General] section of fsuipc4.ini:
ASNwxRadarPath=<path of prosim737.exe>\radar.bin

We have added the Integrated Approach Navigation option (IAN), which allows you fly any precision or non precision approach using the same methodology.
The option also enables the Navigation Performance Scales in the PFD, which show you lateral and vertical deviation from the path as well as
RNP and ANP values (Required and Actual Navigation Performance). The option is not enabled by default and can be found in the
instructor station in the Cockpit Setup menu.

October 6 2014 Release version 1.38
– Added reverse trim wheel option for FSC throttles
– Reworked ISIS and added switch inputs. New instrument is now called ISFD. Renaming is automatic.
– Added TO T/D to VNAV cruise page
– Added support for GoFlight GF-LGT2, GF-166 and GF-46
– Fixed reverser switches no longer working after first use
– Fixed Fuel Used not showing on upper EICAS when Fuel Flow data not available
– Changed MCP Numerical outputs to show “-1” when MCP power is off
– Level change thrust mode reverses when MCP alt moves past aircraft alt
– Fixed ISFD re-initializing on power supply change
– Fixed packs indicating on when too little airflow available
– Speedbrake armed indicator should stay lit when speedbrakes deploy
– Speedbrake autorestow disabled while aircraft is in the air
– Deployment of speedbrake from the “Down” position is now supported (RTO & on reverser application when speedbrake was not armed)
This deployment must be manually enabled in the speedbrake calibration screen. It is available for CockpitSonic and FSC throttles in
ProSim737 MCP and for the speedbrake level output in ProSim737 System.
– FSC throttle speedbrake calibration now allows reverse calibration
– Added Speedbrake do not arm logic
– Fixed an issue where not more than 10 clients could connect to ProSim737 system
– Fixed FDS G3 MCP/EFIS having incorrect backlight control in EFIS
– New weather radar is available as an option in ProSim737 Display configuration screen
– Database building in ProSim737 System will now use the scenery.cfg file from FSX/Prepar3d to read scenery
files from any location that was configured in the scenery library

Release notes:
ProSim737 Display:
We have implemented a major change in ProSim737 Display. We are migrating ProSim737 Display to allow user interaction with onscreen
instruments and for this to work, we need mouse interaction. In previous releases, all mouse interaction was used to move
screens around in ProSim737 Display. Since 1.38, ProSim737 Display will have two operation modes that differ in the way the mouse is handled:
– Normal operation mode
This mode is the default operation mode. All mouse interaction controls the onscreen instruments. No resizing or moving of screens is
– Setup mode
This mode uses the mouse for manipulating the screen positions. This is how ProSim737 Display used to work by default. The whole background
of ProSim737 Display will now be blue when you ae in Setup mode. This allows you to better view the workarea of the ProSim737 Display
instance in case you have it span multiple area behind your MIP.
Saving of the display configuration is no longer done when exiting ProSim737 Display. Instead, ProSim737 Display will save its configuration
when you move it from setup mode to normal operation mode. When you stay in setup mode, ProSim737 Display will also save the configuration
when exiting the application.

ProSim737 System:
Scenery extraction now uses the scenery.cfg file. In previous releases, all *.bgl files where scanned that where in any subfolders
of path that was specified in the database dialog window. In this release, ProSim737 will try to locate the scenery.cfg file and it will
use this file to find any path configured there. This will allow ProSim737 to find files on multiple disks.

August 5 2014 Release version 1.37
– Fixed VNAV climb speed restriction altitude did not process flight levels correctly
– Fixed reverser input without configured throttle input not working
– Added encoder acceleration for FDS G3 MCP
– Added Sixpack displays to ProSim Display
– Improved fuel flow on ground
– Fixed high PoKeys Matrix input ports crashing ProSim
– Added support for PoKeys fast interface
– [DEV-176] Bank angle callout restored
– [DEV-175] Stabilization period for IDG power availibility reduced from 5 to 2 seconds
– [DEV-174] IDG requires power for disconnect to work
– Fixed Altimeter in EFIS layout captain side not working
– Fixed entering V/B calculator entries not working
– Added missing MCP_SPD pitch mode gate
– FLARE mode removed when A/P disconnects during dual channel approach
– V/S armed should only appear during ALT_HOLD when MCP ALT changes
– Fixed CDU Page FIX 6/6 could not be entered
– Fixed SIMIO 32/32 board providing incorrect results when autoconfigure indicator finder is used
– Audio selector panel now only uses the BOTH audio mode (bit 5) in FSX when both VHF receivers are switched on
– Added “Close display” to context menu of ProSim Display to close the currently selected display
! For FDS G3 users: Please enable “Switch acceleration” in the FDS-Glare software. ProSim now has full support for accelerated
rotary encoders in both the MCP and EFIS modules.
– Added Standby altimeter QNH encoder
– Added TERR INHIBIT ND message
– Fixed ProSim737 configuration screen missing “F” find buttons on additional outputs for indicators
– Added observer ASP panel switches/volume controls to ProSim737 System and audio processing to ProSim Audio
– ProSim MCP now waits 3 seconds to switch autothrottle mode from RETARD to ARM to allow hardware throttles to keep up
– N1 light on MCP should also illuminate during VNAV
– Added <flightplan> element to FMS XML query, containing the entire flightplan
– Added pressure low high/pressure loss low gates
– Fixed a problem in IOS when bottom activation bar obscures content of tab
– Added sim rate control in CDU Maint
– Fixed speedbrake being deployed to full up by FSX when it is placed in the ARM position on the ground
– Fixed MCP V/S encoder in ProSim737 System did not use a delta of 50 feet below 1000 feet
– Changed Matrix Orbital degree character to a double quote (“) character because new revisions of the display different character mapping

Changes for X-Plane:
– Added TCAS
– X-Plane plugin changed to allow repositioning, please update the plugin in X-Plane
– Added repositioning. This is still a work in progress and does not work reliably when positioning to a ground position yet.

June 5 2014 Release version 1.36
– Added XML query “acars” for uplinking ACARS messages
– Fixed input debugger
– Improvements in VNAV speed selection during takeoff and descend
– Improvements in VNAV path calculation
– SPD INTV during VNAV descend on idle descent leg now causes transition from VNAV_PTH to VNAV_SPD
– Fuel “config” warning should only appear when engines are running
– MIP LE Flap Ext light should only be lit when not in transit
– Improved internal webserver error reporting
– Fixed control of indicator intensity for CockpitSonic hardware and added configuration option for
indicator intensity
– Fixed standby RMI getting heading information from IRS
– Added gates for IRS state
– Autopilot roll control has been reduced to be smoother
– Pitch/Roll FMA modes blanks when F/D off
– EICAS EGT/Fuel Flow data not available when engine not running
– Starter switch should be held in GRD position even when bleed air is insufficient
– Autopilot disconnects on power interruption
– Added IRS fault for position failure and fixed PFD/ND not responding to IRS faults
– Improved calculations for cross bleed start criteria
– Fixed electric hydraulic pumps low pressure lights are not inhibited by fire handle pull
– Reselecting an active SID/STAR will now reload the SID/STAR into the FMS
– Yellow band for maximum speed in speedtape should not be visible during takeoff
– Reconnect logic for CPFlight MCP improved. The MCP sometimes closes the port and this caused communications between ProSim MCP
and the hardware to stop. This is now fixed gracefully.
– Upgraded FMS math for great circle intercepts and distance calculations
– Improved FIX page intersect calculations
– Added “Round” chronograph type to ProSim Display
– Updated PoKeys library to latest version
– Added additional TO/GA and A/T disconnect switches for throttles with two discrete buttons
– MCP Level change should not override armed vertical mode
– Lots of improvements for holdings
– Fixed a problem in the pololu driver which caused ProSim to crash

Changes for X-Plane (using ProSim Xplane plugin)
– Xplane plugin changed to fat plugin with 32 and 64 bit support
– Flight control deflection is now read
– Thrust prediction improved
– Autopilot thrust control improved
– Fixed flap control
– Fixed track readout on ground
– Improved aileron response
– Fixed a bug in X-Plane plugin that could prevent data from being available on startup
– Fixed incorrect groundspeed readout causing autopilot turn calculations to be incorrect

Release notes:
The roll commands of the autopilot system have been improved. The autopilot will use a lower rollrate, which is much
more realistic. The mathematics of the bank calculations have been significantly improved to allow better track to track
intercepts. These changes caused lots of modifications in all areas of the autopilot like intercepts, holdings, etc. More
improvements in the spherical trigonometry math of the FMS allows more reliable LNAV and intersection calculations.

A lot of work has been done on X-Plane integration. We are currently focusing on having correct autopilot operation and
basic functionality. In the current state, regular flight with lnav/vnav/autolands should be working. There are still a lot
of subsystems (weather/repositioning/TCAS) that are not yet working with X-Plane. More focus on X-Plane is planned this year.

March 25 2014 Release version 1.35
! Please rebuild the scenery database
– Added support for Cockpit Sonic clocks
– Added support for Cockpit Sonic MCP/EFIS panels
– Added Cockpit Sonic brightness control
– Updated Cockpit Sonic initialisation
– Added System driver with “always on” and “always off” configuration items for switches
– Added flap analog input lever
– Added support for matrix keyboard and matrix leds for PoKeys cards
– Fixed incorrect time label on incoming ACARS messages
– Fixed new ACARS messages not showing LSK5R prompt
– Cruise CG can now be changed in PERF INIT page
– Improved switching ground altitude in PFD Alt tape between origin and destination airport
– VNAV Path descend now reverts to speed descend when speed hits upper or lower limit
– Added display of intercept route when LNAV is engaged while intercepting route
– Added option in ProSim MCP for non motorized throttles
– Added gate outputs for all FMS modes
– Added a workaround for a bug in Chrome causing the map to display incorrectly in the instructor station

February 11 2014 Release version 1.34
New features:
– Added MIP CLOCK switches
– Added master volume control to NAV audio in ProSimAudio
– Added Cockpit Setup option to switch the call indicator between blink and steady
– Added Cockpit Setup option to switch acquisition alert altitude between 750 and 900 feet
– Added configuration menu option in ProSim737 System to add additional sources for company routes
– Added option to switch off RW/APP CRS ERROR message in CDU
– [DEV-141] Added ground pneumatic options
– [DEV-144] Added extra elevator trim gauge

– Fuel indication in old style indicator rounded to 10s of KGs
– Fixed N1 mode in side by side EFIS layout overlapping TAT
– Added option to remove fuel flow indication from upper EICAS

Aicraft systems:
– Wing Anti Ice trips back to OFF when no battery power is off
– Added extra load on AC and DC standby system
– Elec panel now indicates battery discharge with negative amps
– Reworked pressurization controller logic
– Indicators are now connected to the proper power source
– LE Devices ext lights not on while LE devices are moving
– Fixed F/D commanding a pitch higher than stall pitch

– Added “subpages=auto” to acars to allow uplinks to span across pages
– Added defaults to acars input variables
– Added readonly acars variables to read data from FMS

– Configuration import display changed to allow more space for import items
– Altitudes in weather interface of instructor station all converted to feet and relabled to MSL
– Fixed “Delete preset” button in position page of new instructor station not working
– Memory optimisation in ProSim737 system
– New IS2 instructor station is now the default
– [DEV-143] Companyroute list in IOS is now sorted
– Added support for CockpitSonic Aft Overhead panel
– Fixed rudder trim gauge calibration to ranges between -10 and 10 degrees

December 25 2013 Release version 1.33
– Fix for ProSim737 startup crash when simconnect.dll is missing
– Added weather system in IOS2

Release notes:
In this release we are including the first version of our weather system. The weather system
is located in the new instructor station. The weather engine of FSX and Prepar3d are based
on METAR reports and since this is also a widely accepted weather format, ProSim737 will also
be based on these reports. The new ProSim737 weather system allows you to create METAR reports
for global weather or for station based weather. Identically to positions, you can store weather
presets in slots and call them up quickly.

Please note that:
– There are still various bugs in the METAR processing of FSX/prepar3d.
– Not all weather functions may work. We are investigating how to improve this.
– More weather feature will appear in other parts of the IOS.
– METAR weather processing requires simconnect, so it is only available on FSX and prepar3d at the moment.

December 13 2013 Release version 1.32
– Max MCP altitude increased to 50000
– Added brake temp indicator
– Vspeeds are now removed when takeoff derate is changed
– Added config configuration item to switch reposition mode between quick and full
– Fixed ProSim Display stay on top feature not working after startup
– Internal changes in PoKeys driver
– PoKeys ethernet devices can now be handled with UDP. This should reduce latency
– Fixed ADF tuners not updating correctly
– Yaw damper switches off when IRS mode selector changed from NAV to OFF
– LNAV drawing fixes
– Upper EICAS thrust mode now shows derate temperature
– ASP mic buttons can only have one active at a time
– Fixed incorrect input and output pin readouts in Sismo ethernet board
– Fixed ND drawing errors when tuned VOR/ADF stations share the same ID
– Added thrust reverser input switches
– Added simulator connection state to “Software” Box of the main tab of ProSim737 system
– Reworked pressurisation schedule
– Tuned VOR capture to occur closer to actual radial
– Added “Autobrake reset” gate
– Added support for Poldragonet MIP panel
– Added lever support for homebuilt throttles
– Fixed ASA AP F/O blinking light not always operating

Release notes:
This release contains the new Virtual Wave feature that calculates the reception of radio waves based on various conditions. The
Audio selector panel has been extended to include volume and filter controls and a second first offer ASP is included.

September 27 2013 Release version 1.31
– [DEV-75] T/D VNAV is now more smooth
– Fixed LNAV route display incorrectly showing a turn before a waypoint that is marked ‘fly over’
– Added aft overhead gear lights
– APP mode only selectable after NAV tuned
– Fixed back course autopilot flight
– Fix for renamed airport FAJS to FAOR
– Instructor Station v2

Release notes:
This release contains the first public version of the new Instructor Operating Station. For now, it will not replase the old
instructor station, but will be available separately at the URL http://<ProSimMachine>:8080/is2

September 13 2013 Release version 1.30
! Fixed extra incorrect runways appearing in position setup. Please rebuild the scenery database for this fix to take effect
– [DEV-110] Fixed ProSim System not exiting correctly when PoKeys devices are connected
– Restored missing CDU EXEC light
– Added CDU MSG indicator to ProSim737 System
– Added POS SHIFT page to CDU
– Positioning system is refined to allow more accurate map shift
– Fixed LNAV route showing incorrect waypoints connecting airways in the RTE page. This was also apparent in the
“load route from FMS” function of the company routes tab.
– Added “Pause” to PFD if simulator is paused and added the “Sim state in PFD” configuration item to enable/disable all
PFD simulator state flags
– Added support for SimIO boards
– Gates now have ID’s, so their output can be read by the generic driver
– Fixed GPWS warnings not checking locked state of gear
– Added the ability to filter output from the generic driver
– Fixed EICAS side by side display showing “fuel used” label when fuel selector is set to “used”. It only shows fuel flow.
– [DEV-67] Target cabin altitude rate for auto controller changed from 770 to 750
– [DEV-73] Minimums reset button can now remove minimums display when below minimums
– [DEV-98] Added “Stay on top” options to ProSim Display and ProSim Panel
– [DEV-82] Packs bleed output is now dependant on pneumatic requirements
– Added ground call sound
– Added windshear

Release notes:
The core navigation system of ProSim has been updated. The position of the aircraft as determined by the FMS is based on
many sources. Individual sources will now have more accurately modeled individual positions. The radio position for instance
is based upon the DME stations best suited for location fixing. The new POS SHIFT CDU page will show the relative position
if the various sources. From here it is also possible to bias the FMS towards a source. This can be seen by the ND’s switching
position and the autopilot flying back towards the LNAV course.

Windshears have been added. They will appear randomly based on the weather settings. In FSX/Prepar3d ProSim is able to introduce
the windshear into the flightmodel. Be sure to stay out of the windshear area.

July 25 2013 Release version 1.29
– [DEV-96] Added option to show ProSim Panel withoud border
– Fixed VNAV resets original descend angle into point after passing a waypoint, causing it to fly level
– Fixed ProSim Panel guard caps open while switch is in default position
– Fixed gear lock failures left/right interchanged
– Momentary input of encoders now have acceleration
– ND shows dashes for next waypoint zulu time and distance when no data available
– Fixed ProSim MCP FDS G3 checkbox not showing checked when driver is on
– Thrust prediction arcs are now vastly improved
– Added Failures to CDU Maint page
– Added “monitor” element to ACARS xml to monitor FSUIPC offsets
– Updated Phidgets libraries
– Updated PoKeys libraries and added stability fixes
– Fixed generic driver TCP mode should only output configured element if mode is set to “manually configure elements”
– Fixed naming error in Fuel center switches/indicators:
“Fuel Center Aft” => “Fuel Center Left”
“Fuel Center Fwd” => “Fuel Center Right”
Configuration file will be automatically updated
– Memory optimizations in ProSim737 System
– SOURCE OFF now occurs if source is engine generator and fuel cutoff is placed in CUTOFF
– Engine hydraulic pumps now procedure power as long as N2 is running
– Generic element names renamed for consistency:
– Added numeric outputs for chrono 7 segment displays

Release notes:
ProSim737 System can now parse the .AIR files that contain flight model parameters. It now uses this data to produce an
accurate mapping between throttle settings and engine N1.

June 28 2013 Release version 1.28
– [DEV-16] Added stab trim override switch
– [DEV-62] Added support for flap calibration to FDS throttle for non motorized versions
– [DEV-64] Added About dialog box with version number to each module
– [DEV-76] Added support for Pololu devices
– [DEV-78] ND image fix
– [DEV-81] Fixed ProSim Audio volume control was not at 100% volume when 100% was selected
– [DEV-86] Added 12 seconds delay to gear warning sound when gear is raised during go around
– Added parking brake release gate
– Fixed parking brake sometimes not engaging when TQ parking brake switch turned on
– Improved cabin VSI calculation
– Added lower MIP to ProSim Panel
– Added gear locking failures
– Added radial NM in text to the dashed Fix arc in ND
– CDU now autoswitches from TAKEOFF REF to CLB page after takeoff
– Added ID’s to radio frequency numerical outputs
– Changes in the PoKeys library for stability
– Fixed problem where FMC stayed in CLB mode after reaching cruise altitude because T/C was not yet passed
– Fixed ProSim system crashing upon restart after a driver change in the configuration screen
– Fixed dashed V/S line in VSD drawn outside of VSD box
– Added Flight number to FMS XML query
– LNAV route display fix to prevent strange angles in routes

May 17 2013 Release version 1.27
– Added debug window
– Improved size of VSD display in ND
– Added extra slider in Phidgets Advanced configuration to set motor speed of 2nd motor
– MCP numerical outputs will now show “-1” when MCP display is blank
– Incorporated R. v.d. Wiele’s starterreset in the engine code
– Gauge smoothing disabled for spoiler
– New ProSim Audio interface with volume control
– Fixed switch caps displayed incorrectly in ProSim Panel
– Stability improvement in PoKeys driver
– Added ProSim module list to Software box of ProSim737 main program
– Pressurisation controllers now reset when placed in AUTO mode
– Added Wing Anti Ice hold actuator gate, which is the inverse of the off actuator gate
– Added Yaw damper hold actuator gate, which is the inverse of the off actuator gate
– ND graphics update
– Spoiler “Armed” range increased 50%
– Added support for FSC throttle
– Simulation rate is now shown in PFD when higher than 1

Release notes:
In the ND, an option is now available to draw text with a black outline. This improves readability.
This option is called “High quality text” and can be found in the ProSim Display configuration screen.

April 17 2013 Release version 1.26
– Hotfix for ProSim not starting correctly with FS9
– Fixed MCP resetting to default mode when hardware connects or disconnects
– Fixed trim wheel activation when stab cutout switch is off
– Fixed fuel cutoff cuts out both engines initially

April 11 2013 Release version 1.25
– Fixed Standby RMI ADF2 needle not working
– Improved gear handling. Hydraulics A is required for extending, A or B is required for retracting
– TOGA mode changed: After takeoff, F/D commands V2 + 20, but speed bug remains at selected speed until CMD is pressed
– Fixed recirculation fans run without power
– Alt intervention can now starts an early VNAV descend even if a leg constraint was removed
– Fixed incorrect VNAV speed after modifying CDU VNAV pages
– Fixed incorrect VNAV intermediate altitudes at waypoints in some situations
– Added “Advanced” configuration for generic COM port driver to set COM parameters
– Added workaround to fix crashes with new Navigraph cycles
– N1 limit is now GA below 2000 feet during approach
– Decel leg slope tuned to 1 degree to prevent the aircraft from flying level
– Fixed LSKL2 key header in CDU Takeoff page showing incorrect eng rating when derate selected
– Updated PoKeys libraries and improved scanning of PoKeys input
– Fixed numbers not showing negative sign with PoKeys 7 segments display extention
!! – Removed old “INC” and “DEC” switches for the MCP values. These are replaced by the new “encoder pulse up/down” switches. Please reconfigure to these
– Added new mode to the generic driver to work without additional configuration of IO elements
– Arrivals in DEP/ARR page now shows full unabbreviated names
– Elevator trim switches added to ProSim737 and trim logic changed
– Reworked autopilot controllers
– Takeoff climbout speed is now configurable as v2 + 15 or v2 + 20
– Takeoff lateral mode can be changed between Blank or HSG SEL
– Gear horn now has 20 seconds delay if gear handle is down
– Alt box in altitude-tape is now bold when approaching MCP altitude
– Added up fast/down fast options for SPD REF and N1 SET switches
– Added flap load relief indicator
– Added throttle Stab trim cutout switches
– NAV1/2 and COM1/2 standby frequencies are now synced with FS

Release notes:
In release 1.25 has some improvements in the autopilot system, including retuned flight director behaviour and autopilot controllers.
The result should be smoother flight director movement and smoother autopilot response. This is important for the upcoming
controlloading systems.
All trimming is now done by ProSim and elevator trim inputs have been added in the ProSim configuration. Using these new inputs
provides variable speed trimming which is more refined that the default trimming input of FS. Additionally the elevator trim speed
can be further tuned in the ProSim MCP configuration screen.

February 15 2013 Release version 1.24
– Fixed a crash in the generic driver
– Box around “ARM” mode in PFD FMA is now green
– ASA A/T does not flash when A/T disconnects after landing
– PoKeys driver now supports using a 7segment expansion board as IRS display
– AC AMP readout on elec panel is inhibited when AC switch is in INV position
– Flight alt encoder now uses 500 feet increments
– Added Gear Wind gate for wind noise
– TFC label in ND now remains visible if TA ONLY is on
– Changes to Flight Illusion driver to prevent ProSim from hanging when the application is closed
– Added numerical outputs to generated SIOC script
– Improved update process
– Reduced CPU load of ProSim737
– “NO VSPEEDS” in PFD removed above 60 KTS groundspeed
– Fixed missing command arcs in N1 gauge of EFIS layout
– Rotary encoders now have additional pulse up and pulse down switch in
– GPWS “Don’t sink” message inhibited when gear is down
– Internal database restructured and improved. All files are now under the database/ folder
– IO Elements in the configuration page are now better organised, see release notes
– Fixed MIP “SPD REF” switch VREF position to work while aircraft is in the air
– Added standby RMI switches to control the standby RMI
– Added “Door logic” option to Cockpit Setup tab to enable/disable automatic door opening
– Improved LNAV tracking and drawing
– Updated Phidgets libraries
– Fixed Throttle and Speedbrake gauges (servo’s) not powered during calibration
– Improved fuel calculation and ETA times
– Matrix orbital display now keeps 2 columns empty on the left and the right for spacing

Release notes:
This releases focuses on restructuring data to improve the user interface and the folder structure.
First of all, all databaserelated files are now moved to the “Database” folder under the main ProSim737 folder. This is done
automatically when you start this release. The new Database folder stores everything, so you can easily copy it to a remote machine.

Also, we are restructuring the position of elements in the configuration screen.
* Old approach: The configuration screen consists of tabs. One tab for every type of element. All switches are under switches, all
indicators under indicators.
* New approach: We are still grouping items per item type, but we keep related items together. A rotary encoder may have several switch
inputs that can be used. These will now appear in the “Encoders” tab next to the encoder. Also, addon sounds have switches for controlling
the sound. These will now also appear in the Sounds tab.

We are also adding a new way to configure rotary encoders. Rotary encoders need fast hardware access and are often handled internally by IO cards.
For example, bodnar cards offer the option to handle encoders internally and convert them to pulse up/pulse down inputs. ProSim now allows you
to configure these pulse up/pulse down inputs instead of the rotary encoder itself. All additional switches for configuring the encoders are now
in the “Encoders” tab of the configuration screen. Always choose one and only one way to configure your encoder. Either choose direct encoder
support by configuring the encoder, OR use pulse up/pulse down inputs, OR use momentary up/momentary down switches (if applicable)

January 18 2013 Release version 1.23
– Fixed a crash when bleedair is off above 7000 feet
– ProSim Panel pedestal radio’s blank when no power available
– ILS data no longer shown in lower right corners of ND
– Added flap load relief
– F/D operation is now independant during takeoff and go around
– Added rotary acceleration for FDS G3 MCP
– Digital chronometer blanks when no power available
– Added option to ProSim CDU to change default font size
– Added support for Flight Illusion dual needle flap gauge

January 10 2013 Release version 1.22
– N1 command arcs not visible when engine is not running
– Using the CONTROL PANEL overhead switch will now also copy soft EFIS modes
– AC source switches won’t accept a source that has no power
– Fixed missing dashed heading line in MAP CTR mode
– No boxes drawn around PFD FMA modes that become empty
– PFD FMA text ‘FD’ only shows on the side that has the F/D turned on
– Decreased F/D roll bar movement speed
– Improved LNAV active track interception
– Refined LNAV tracking
– Autothrottle ARM mode now keeps N1’s in sync
– Added automatic download of terrain data
– Fixed ProSim Display crashing with detailed terrain
– Fixed early termination of DME arcs
– Added gear warning horn
– Added option for 24k or 26k engines in Cockpit Setup tab of instructor station
– Improved N1 takeoff and climb calculations
– Fixed ProSim CDU complaining about FDS driver not being registered
– Fixed FDS driver installer not installing CDU driver
– Fixed FDS driver only accessing a single CDU

December 20 2012 Release version 1.21
– 140 and 160 added as calibration point to standby speed and barberpole
– Allowed DELETE on ACARS page items
– SINGLE CH now takes 10 seconds to become CMD after descending below 1500 feet RA
– Fixed COM radio rotaries should move in frequency steps of 0.025 instead of 0.05
– Approach flap markers now show current flap setting + previous flap setting
– Flap markers are now shown based on the flap handle position and not the actual flap position
– EGT startup table updated
– Fixed XPDR to have 4 encoder inputs
– PoKeys 7 segment displays now show a numerical output of -1 as a blank display
– Fixed “ENTER IRS POSITION” not showing in CDU when IRS ALIGN light is flashing
– Fixed an issue where VNAV passed an MCP altitude constraint when the MCP altitude was changed during level off
– Increased throttle retard speed to make sure it is at idle at touchdown
– Improved database creation process
– Changed stick shaker test logic
– Fixed an issue with IRS alignment duration
– Added support for trim indicator in newer Cockpit Sonic throttles
– Improved Cockpit Sonic throttle behavior
– Added support for Cockpit Sonic throttle trim indicator and backlight
– Improved response time of flight alt/land alt numerical outputs
– Added gate “Pressurisation display dashed out”
– Added gate “Pressurisation display power”
– Added gate “Emergency exit lights”
– Electric panel does not show Amps for STDY PWR, BAT BUS or GRD PWR positions
– “Braking” gate is now only on when brake is active and groundspeed > 1
– Refuelling fields in CDU are now copyable
– Fixed FMS calculating wrong waypoint when using direct-to function to VOR based waypoints
– Transponder state “Alt rptg off” no longer switches transponder to active in IVAO clients
– Gear extention speed changed from 235 to 270 kts
– Manual N1 setting is now limited between 70% and 100%
– Fixed a bug that caused the ProSim Display connection to fail repeatedly
– Fixed no DME shown for localiser only stations

November 22 2012 Release version 1.20
– Added IRS keypad
– Added outputs for IRS display dots
– reworked IRS display in aft overhead in ProSim Panel
– Yaw damper unavailable when IRS switch is not in normal position and autopilot is CMD
– Added VHF NAV switch
– Fixed an issue where HSI bar was displayed even though VOR signal was not received
– Added a latch variant of the EEC alternate switch
– Added a latch variant of the cargo fire panel arm switches
– Fixed numbers not showing negative sign with PoKeys 7 segments display extention
– Flap gates now usable to control sounds
– VNAV now commands flap maneuvre speed during descend when flaps are extended
– SPEED RES in CDU DES page now shows flap limit when the flap limit VNAV speed
– QRH Vspeeds on TAKEOFF REF page are now first copied to scratchpad
– Tuned dash pattern for runway center line and inactive route
– Added support for DELETE in RTE page
– Fixed LNAV sometimes not capturing DME arc
– Renamed the flap gates (outputs) to fix a configuration conflict with the flap switch (inputs). Old name was “Flap xx”, new name is “Flap gate xx”
– Fixed hanging nose gear down light
– Added encoders for radios
– Fixed autobrake disarming due to throttle position on landing while throttles were still retarding
– Increased deceleration of autobrake
– Fixed a problem where VNAV altitudes and T/D point were incorrectly calculated after doing a LEGS page update
– Added ProSim MCP driver for FDS G3 MCP/EFIS
– Moved TekWorx CDU driver into the new generic FDS driver installer
– Added native support for SISMO ethernet boards
– Added support for GoFlight GF-MESM
– Added support for GoFlight GF-WP6
– Added generic TCP driver to ProSim CDU
– Fixed HOLD not showing fix name when fix is not a waypoint
– Fixed Fuel Used showing Fuel rate in EICAS compact mode
– CDU POS INIT page shows “SET IRS POS” only when IRS is aligning
– Added “SET IRS HDG” to CDU POS INIT page
– Reworked IRS ATT mode

October 24 2012 Release version 1.19
– Added alternate destinations pages in CDU
– Fix for phidgets analog card not enabled when in use
– Fixed IOCP output for MCP speed missing MACH/IAS mode when re-enabled through SPD INTV
– Added support for the PoKeys 7 segment expansion board
– Improved handling of PoKeys inputs
– Improved PoKeys net discovery
– Tuned AC voltage
– Direct-to in modified route will continue to calculate route from present position until EXEC is pressed
– Stallspeed is now adjusted by wingload
– Low speed maneuvering margin indicator in PFD improved
– Added gates for recirculation fan
– Added gates for hydraulics availability
– Fixed some instabilities in ProSim CDU
– Added Mach airspeed warning test switches
– Added TAT TEST switch
– Repositioning with runway translation now uses runway position data instead of start position data. This fixes incorrect positionings
in addons sceneries that have runway start positions set at the holding point instead of the runway itself.
– Fixed F/O ADF2 needle incorrect in EFIS mode
– Fixed a problem where VNAV failed to command lower airspeed for a speed restriction during descent
– MCP speed cannot exceed VMO/MMO limit
– Autothrottle will engage in MCP_SPD if armed and speed enters into meneuvre limit
– LNAV improvements for DME arcs
– Fixed a problem where ProSim CDU could hang in CRZ page
– Added missing heading arrow in EFIS RMI

September 27 2012 Release version 1.18
– Modified white dashed route now drawn on top of magenta active route
– New flap timing added. To use these, make sure your flap handle controls the new “flap” switch in the throttle/MCP tab.
– FSUIPC IO method improved to remove limits on arguments
– “Control via ProSim737 configuration” option is now always enabled in ProSim MCP
– Fixed ADF not tunable through CDU
– Fixed a problem with CPFlight MCP where the aircraft refused to turn with HDG SEL
– Autobrake now disconnects after manual brake input
– ProSim MCP now detects unregistered FSUIPC versions
– VOR/LOC mode will now allow some time between loss of signal and disconnect
– Autopilot can be engaged on the ground
– Electric loads tuned
– EICAS colors tuned
– Added option to ProSim MCP to override autopilot with yoke force
– Autopilot engagement inhibited when yoke is not in neutral position
– Window heat internal logic improved
– Fixed ILS frontcourse in CDU should show magnetic heading
– MAP and VOR/APP modes now have individual orientation configurations (heading up/track up)
– Improved EGT during start
– Fixed N2 reading increases while engine starter in ground position with no pneumatic power
– Flap and gear now depend on hydraulics
– Added more logging for switch changes
– Runway in ND is now drawn in correct length
– Some VNAV improvements
– Added support for FDS G2 based MCP’s
– Fixed Localiser and G/S failflag in EFIS mode only appearing in captain side
– Added “VERIFY POSITION” message
– Added “INSUFFICIENT FUEL” message
– Added “USING RSV FUEL” message

August 30 2012 Release version 1.17
– Fixed missing HDG and VERT flags when IRS is off
– Internal optimisations in ProSim Display
– Reshaped altitude prediction indicator
– Added single cue flight director option
– Added yaw damper gauge
– Added wet compass
– PFD pitch lines tuned to be a bit wider and close together
– Added carrier option for groundspeed display below speed tape
– N1 drawn in red only when N1 exceeds 100% and N1 limit
– Inactive route from dashed magenta to dashed white

– Added fix for CockpitSonic throttle to prevent reverser input from changing throttle when throttle > 10%
– Added “AC Power” gate
– Improvements to VNAV leg speeds
! Changed to Flight Illusion instruments:
! Yaw damper gauge is nolonger handled automatically, please configure using the “gauges” tab
! Standby airspeed gauge is nolonger handled automatically, please configure using the “gauges” tab
– Fixed a problem where along track waypoints were misplaced away from the track
– Leg course calculation now uses the leg point as calculation point instead of the origin point, resulting in better course calculation
– Fix for origin airport elevation being shown as ground alt in altitude tape after landing
– Fixed a problem with database building where empty airport information was included
– Added encoder support to generic driver
– Removed unusable “bright” gates for indicators that cannot be bright
– New engine startup model

– LEGS <wpt><rad>/<dist> format now allows <rad> with decimal point again (eg SPL130.3/10.0)
– Extended direct-to with intercept option legs to 500 NM
– Landing weight now settable in APPROACH REF page
– Runway entries in legs page renamed to RWxxx and selectable in FIX page
– Added <INDEX link on CDU MAINT NAV/COM page
– Better handling of FMC messages and CDU input during FMC messages
– Direct-to intercept course prompt on LSKR6 now stays until EXEC or ERASE
– Added refuelling option to CDU ground services
– Reformatted columns in CDU PROG page to fix overlapping text in 2nd and 3rd column
– Only first active VNAV restriction is colored in LEGS page
– Added “SELECT ACTIVE WPT/LEG” message
– Added “STEEP DES AFTER” message
– Added “THRUST REQUIRED” message
– Added “RW/APP CRS ERROR” message
– Added “UNABLE xxxKTS AT yyyy” message
– Added “CUTBACK DISARMED” message

– Better processing of mousewheel in ProSim MCP
– Autopilot now drops active modes when NAV received is retuned during VOR/LOC G/S operation

July 26 2012 Release version 1.16
– Increased width of magenta line
– Ground power available light working even if battery switch is off
– Added “speedbrake extended in air” and “speedbrake extended” gate
– Added CDU EXEC light to ProSim737
– ProSim modules handle read only config files
– Added gates for each flap position
– Fixed looping audio during test in ProSim Audio
– Fixed a problem in the autothrottle where it was unable to reach the N1 limit during FMC_SPD/MCP_SPD mode
– Added support for ICS display dimmers
– VNAV improved to prevent switching from CLB to CRZ mode before reaching cruise altitude
– Added vertical bars to ground alt indicator in PFD Alt tape
– EICAS REV indication now in amber while reversers not locked in position
– Red gear lights also turn on when below 800 feet AGL with idle thrust and gear is not locked
– APU low pressure light now always on when APU switch is not in the OFF position and APU oil pressure low
– Fuel cutoff switches are now enforced by ProSim whenever possible, to stop incorrect starting of engines

July 19 2012 Release version 1.15
– Added “ground gate” to signal ground
– Added support for phidgets motor control card
– Added trim motor value to indicate direction of trim motor
– Fixed CDU text on right side not affected by screen layout tuning
– Fixed LNAV disconnects during holding
– LNAV direct to with intercept leg extended to 100 NM
– <waypoint><bearing>/<distance> entry format changed to fixed 3 positions for bearing, making it possible to enter RW001120/10 to get a 120 bearing 10 NM point from RW001
– Improvements to ProSim audio: Audio addons can now auto fade in/out or be constructed from three individual sounds (fade in/normal audio/fade out)
– ProSim Audio now allows selection of audio card
– Added “Braking” gate to signal usage of brakes
– !! CPFlight MIP board has three switches inversed: GPWS Flap inhibit, GPWS terrain inhibit, GPWS gear inhibit
!! ProSim now inverts those switches to make them correct again
!! Users of the CPFlight MIP board must physically rotate the switches 180 degree for correct working of the switches from this release of ProSim
– VNAV is more responsive when switching from ARM to FMC_SPD
– Fixed a bug when VNAV climb took speed restrictions from the missed approach leg
– Terrain detailed doubled and new terrain graphics added as option
– DESCEND NOW> needs EXEC to activate
– CDU “INT CRS” field has higher precedence over “STEP>” field
– Changed numerical output quantities:
Cabin altitude: Was thousands of feet, now reported in feet
Pressure differential: Was in whole PSI, now in 1/100 PSI
– Added GPWS INOP light and GPWS SYS TEST support for ICS MIP hardware
– Added NAV STATUS page
– Added option to start minimized to ProSim737
– Added option to select startup condition to ProSim737
– Fixed oil pressure drawn in red while on the ground with engines shut down

July 5 2012 Release version 1.14
– Added analog clocks
– Added GoFlight driver with support for GFDIO, GFRP48, GFP8 and GFT8 boards
– Added Runway Extension option to CDU
– Added Phidgets “Advanced” configuration screen with voltage control for LED64 board
– Generic serial port driver now support writing analog elements
– Generic serial port driver extended with support for TCP communication
!! Output format of reports is now changed. Instead of <item><value>, the driver now sends <item>=<value>.
!! Make sure you parse the new ‘=’ when reading from the generic driver
– Added Flight Illusion wet compass support for ID 105
!!! In previous release, 105 was clock number 2. In this release clock number 2 should be renumbered to 204. Clock 2 may also remain its inital ID of 104.
!!! If you use multiple clocks please make sure they are using id’s 104 or 204
– Aircraft symbol in ND PLAN mode now drawn towards aircraft track instead of mag heading
– Autopilot now compensates for required acceleration during LVL CHANGE to better match target airspeed
– Fixed a bug in VNAV where VNAV PTH could depart from indicated path after making a change in the legs page
– Added support for VRInsight CDU II
– Added support for VRInsight Overhead panel
– Added new Localiser and Glideslope failures
– OpenCockpits MCP now switches off displays on loss of power
– Added support for Gradient Path display in legs page
– Added “line setup mode” option to ProSim CDU to tune individual screen layouts
– ProSim MCP software panel now reflects MCP power state
– Fixes for “UNABLE CRZ ALT” appearing incorrectly
– Fixed a bug with importing gauge data

June 14 2012 Release version 1.13
– Flight Illusion flap gauge now handled as generic gauge which can be calibrated
– Automatic update system added
– Fuel load in instructor station is now limited to capacity
– Fixed FPV on ground
– Fixed software CDU power state not being updated correctly when power changes
– Fixed trim control not working
– Emergency exit light switch now has 3 states
– Reworked Speed Trim, Mach trim and Auto slat operating conditions
– Added ability to add legs in the <Leg>/<distance> format to enter along track waypoints
– Temporary waypoints are now accessible as regular waypoints in the FMS
– REF NAV DATA page now allows creation of temporary waypoints

May 31 2012 Release version 1.12
– Added clocks to ProSim Display and ProSim737
– Added photorealistic flap gauge
– Added groundpower control in CDU
– IRS switches move to OFF for Cold & Dark quickstart
– Fuel cutoff switches move to OFF for Cold & Dark quickstart
– Better synchronisation for fuel cutoff switches
– ProSim Panel COM radio frequencies now change with .025 increments
– Added radio TFR buttons to ProSim737
– Time can now be selected from Local time/UTC/FS Time
– Added Combined Heading + Bank sel switch to Prosim737
– ND now shows recent track behind the aircraft
– LNAV/VNAV improvements
– Departure ICAO that appears in scratchpad on RTE page now comes from POS INIT page
– Added aileron and rudder trim switches and gauges
– Fixed in bug causing SIOC script generation to fail
– Fixed runway heading not taking magnetic variation into account, causing LNAV not armable on ground
– Added “Unable crz altitude” CDU message

May 17 2012 Release version 1.11
– V2 + 15 bug is now drawn solid
– Moving control panel switch transfers QNH/minimums from active to inactive EFIS
– Fixed pressurisation bringing cabin alt above 8000 ft
– ND range rings now also visible when TERR on
– Flight alt encoder now uses 100 feet increment
– Optimum alt in CDU CRZ page nog calculated based on route
– Fixed incorrect display of G/S in VSD
– Added remote computer shutdown via instructor station
– Fixed crash in Web Access menu option when webserver failed to start
– Indicator finder dialog now flashes found indicator on completion
– Fixed cockpitsonic transponder initially showing “0” instead of “0000”
– A/T RETARD mode now activated when A/T mode is in MCP_SPD and radio altitude < 37 feet
– Added Pause and Flight freeze switches and toggles
– Added inputs for radio frequencies

May 11 2012 Release version 1.10
– Rising runway only visible when localiser is received
– VREF display in PFD now in format flap/speed
– Improved configuration screen responsiveness and layout
– Autoconfiguration added for switches and indicators
– Added numerical output for standby radio frequencies
– Added support for FDS ELEC panel
– Stability improvement for CockpitSonic CDU’s

May 03 2012 Release version 1.09
– Fixed FMS transitioning to cruise mode upon flightplan change
– Fixed incorrect brake temperatures
– Increased response time of ICS overhead panel
– Extended flight illusion driver to support MIP instruments
– Added numerical outputs for radio frequencies
– Fixed right throttle occasionally hanging in idle power during N1 climb
– Improved autothrottle to prevent throttle from jumping to idle in flight
– ILS data now comes from database export whenever possible, so frontcourse data in CDU matches scenery
– Added groundservice menu to MAINT CDU page for pushback
– FPV accuracy improved
– Smoother calculation of aircraft track
– CWS roll criteria for wings-level hold updated
– Revised logic for A/T disconnect solenoid
– Added support for fractional ADF frequencies in CockpitSonic ADF radios
– Missed Approach phase added to VNAV
– Flight Illusion clocks now keep synchronised with FS time when FS time is active ProSim time
– Fixed Flight Illusion clocks showing incorrect time after 18:00

April 12 2012 Release version 1.08
– LNAV drawing improvement
– ANP/RNP display removed from ND when VSD is on
– Added support for encoders to drive EFIS Range and Mode selectors
– Added support for encoders for EFIS Baro and Minimums
– Updated Phidgets libraries
– Added brake pressure gauge to ProSim737
– Brake temperature modeled
– Added brake temperature monitor
– Autobrake now holds fixed deceleration

March 29 2012 Release version 1.07
– Fixed double handling of rotary input
– ND Display system changed from mercator to stereographic projection
– PoKeys ethernet driver network detection improved and no longer drops devices
– Fixed Dim/Bright switch positions reversed in ProSim Panel
– Added “Bright” gates for indicators that can be in “bright” mode
– CDU LEGS STEP> prompt synchronises with active LEGS page
– Autopilot stabalized for up to 4x simulation rate
– Fixed ND crash occasionally occuring en PLAN mode
– Master Caution/Sixpack should light during light test
– Fixed APP with G/S armed drops G/S when alt hold is pressed
– When ALT hold is pressed within 100 feet of MCP selected altitude, MCP will now do an MCP alt hold instead of a baro alt hold
– Added support for Simworld overhead panel

March 13 2012 Release version 1.06
Warning: As of 1.06, the FLT option of the starter switch is added. The GRD options, will therfore
nolonger be called “GRD/FLT”, but “GRD”. This will remove any configuration you have from the switch
position. Please reconfigure the engine starter switches. EHID and ICS hardware need no configuration

– Upper EICAS compact mode only when lower DU unavailable
– Speedbug is now allowed to be placed in yellow and red zones again, but autoflight
system will not enter this speed region
– Fixed IE8 incompatiblities in IE8
– Added better logging to ProSim Panel
– Fixed VSD missing one zero in altitude labels above 10000 feet
– Fixed font changing buttons not clickable in ProSim CDU configuration screen
– Added Reverser light logic
– Tuned cabin altitude target altitudes
– Revised logic for switching between takeoff flap markers/landing flap markers in speed tape
– Added engine start FLT option
– Added cross bleed indication
– Fixed origin ICAO not showing up correctly in scratchpad in some hardware CDU’s

February 27 2012 Release version 1.05
– Added ENG FAIL display in EICAS
– Fixed missing SIOC variables in configuration screen
– Fixed IRS not booting correctly when IRS switched is moved to ALIGN from OFF
– Analog inputs now convert to correct range when nessecary
– Added pedestal to ProSim Panel

February 16 2012 Release version 1.04
– Added standby attitude indicator
– Added new photorealistic standby RMI and standby Alt/speed indicators
– Added SIOC variable for MCP backlight to ProSim MCP
– Added overspeed warning
– Tuned IRS booting time
– Upper EICAS now in compact mode when lower eicas is not showing engine info
– Fixed a crash when saving audio addon information
– Origin ICAO is automatically filled in on scratchpad when RTE origin is empty in RTE page
– ProSim MCP will force CPFlight MCP back to IAS 340 when a higher speed is selected
– Added driver for FDS cards

February 2 2012 Release version 1.03
– MCP speed window warnings disabled below 26 ft RA
– Added EFIS Weather button variables for SIOC
– Set default autopilot tuning to 70% on heading stability for jetstream flight model.
If you use the jetstream flight model, use heading stability = 70 for optimal performance.
– Added TCAS range rings option to ND
– Range rings now enabled when weather EFIS option is enabled
– Added encoder support for Phidget Interface kit
– EICAS N1 Limit now reads “MAN” when override is active
– Fixed Vertical Deviation Scale on ND appearing under weather radar
– Added numerical outputs of IRS display
– Added switches for N1 SET and SPD REF rotary encoders
– Updated all web based jscript libraries
– Redesign of vertical speed indicator in the PFD
– Terrain not displayed when IRS is not aligned
– Centermode of ND should not draw compass when IRS is not aligned
– Autofailure option moved to Cockpit Setup
– VHF1 and VHF2 vol can now be controlled separately

January 19 2012 Release version 1.02
– Added MIP SPD REF and N1 SET buttons
– Added VSpeeds to FMS XML feed
– Fixed continuous audio stopping after 10 minutes in ProSim Audio
– Fixed “ERASE” no longer showing in LEGS CDU page when a mod is pending
– Fixed “INTC CRS” header not appearing on LSK 6R in CDU
– Added Flashing A and B as a SIOC variable to MCP SIOC script
– Added ProSim737 encoder support to SIOC driver
– Fixed an issue in the CDU EHID driver and web CDU causing the CDU’s to become unresponsive
– Fixed an issue where ProSim737 disconnected from FSUIPC repeatedly
– Weather radar beta release enabled

January 12 2012 Release version 1.01
– Fixed rudder display in lower EICAS
– Reworked N1 prediction
– Fixed reversal of cooling tanks for hydraulics
– Fixed incorrect display of DME larger than 100NM in ND
– Bus transfer to the side of an active autopilot now caused the autopilot to drop off
– Speebrake Extended indicator only lights up in flight below 800 ft AGL or flaps > 10
– Removed deprecated “Project Magenta Offsets” checkbox in configuration screen
– RNP/ANP system implemented
– MCP Speed window now shows “A” for alpha floor and “B” for overspeed
– Fixed glideslope of ND “APP” mode being drawn under terrain display
– Fixed heading in CDU LEGS page sometimes appearing below 0 degrees
– Added weather radar controls for future release of weather radar

December 30 2011 Release version 1.00
– LNAV fixes
– Added TFC and CTR buttons emulation for GoFlight EFIS
– Improved calculation of T/C and T/D
– T/C, T/D and E/D are now displayed in PROG page
– T/C is now displayed on CLB page
– Removed “port” input box from the configuration screen of all ProSim modules, because it is confusing and
currently always 8082
– Added new IOElement “Encoder”, currently only supported by PoKeys hardware
– Reworked the Intercept-course logic of the CDU Legs page
– Corrected working of LE Devices leds on aft overhead panel
– Fixed light test causing parking brake disengage
– Missed approach now shown in cyan on ND
– IRS switch must now be in “Normal” position for MCP CMD function to be available
– Tuning of ND screen
– VSD placed lower on the ND screen
– Cleanup and improvement of ProSim Audio
– Up arrow in ND Plan mode on Windows XP fixed
– Improved EngineN1 prediction arcs
– Added map source annunication in ND of ProSim Display
– Added FMC switch

December 6
– Fixed static displays

December 4
– Bank indicator in PFD turns amber when bank is over 35 degrees in efis layout
– CRZ page now puts MCP alt in scratchpad when it changes
– Added cruise descent and cruise climb
– VNAV CDU pages will now automatically change when VNAV active mode changes
– VNAV fixes
– Added native support for GoFlight MCP and EFIS in ProSim MCP
– Fixed incorrect drawing of horizontal lines in Web CDU and CockpitSonic CDU
– Audio selector panel now automatically updates when FS updates

November 24
– Added static image loading to ProSim Display
– Reformatting of CDU FIX Page
– Added display of V1 speed on the top of the speedtape when the V1 speed is out of view
– Added display of VREF speed on the bottom of the speedtabe when VREF speed is out of view
– Fixed problem with CDU POS page when the time was set to FS Time and ProSim was not linked to FS
– Bank indicator in PFD turns amber when bank is over 35 degrees
– Added IMBAL message to fuel indicators
– Fixed FMS not entering CLB mode after takeoff when N1 is pressed
– Added A/T disconnect solenoid gate
– Reworked EICAS screens
– Improved working and display of FIX page and items in ND
– Web CDU reworked by Jesper
– Fixed waypoints not appearing in VSD, even while in swath path

November 10 2011
– Corrected copy of items into scratchpad gives strange characters in ProSim CDU
– ILS idents now selectable as waypoints in CDU pages
– Fixed DATA fields in the ND blending together
– Fixed terrain drawn over vertical deviation scale in ND
– Fixed radio minimums sometimes obscured by localizer scale in PFD
– Added option to remove Windows frame from ProSim MCP

October 27 2011
– Fixed displays sometimes not updating when setting new EFIS mode
– Fixed EFIS mode RMI ADF 2 needle not working
– Reworked CDU column layout
– Added first color items in CDU
– Tuning of yaw damper timing
– Improved shutdown of Engravity CDU

October 20 2011
– Added terrain button to SIOC scripts
– Fixed VSD not enabling when saved to the default profile
– Added support for CockpitSonic CDU
– Added support for CockpitSonic radios
– Master power of the indicators now not only dependant on standby power
– Added TCAS horizontal and TCAS vertical switches
– Fixed electric hydraulic pump unavailable after fire handle pull
– Tuning of PFD/ND items

October 13 2011
– Default reduction height to 1500 feet AGL
– Fixed flight director staying in 15 degrees pitch in TO/GA mode
– Added terrain display
– Added first release of VSD (Vertical situation display)
– New fonts and colors in ProSim Display
– Added option in ProSim Display to lock screen positions.
– Fixed TRAFFIC message in ND centered mode appearing in the center, instead of to the right
– Fixed “SELECT DESIRED XXX” page in CDU using too many characters for the display

September 29 2011
– Thrust reduction after takeoff is now automatic at reduction height
– TOGA after takeoff remains until pitch mode change or CMD engagement
– Correct VSpeed calculation based on flaps and runway condition
– Added fuel pressure model for more realistic behavior of low pressure lights
– PFD center square is now black in the center
– Added QRH ON/OFF option to Takeoff Ref page 1
– Added “Servicing” tab to instructor station with refueling option and groundpower option

September 22 2011
– Show flap maneuvre speed 1 until flaps up
– Lower DU activates in SEI mode on engine problem
– Flight alt panel now has 500 feet increments instead of 50 feet
– During takeoff, TOGA pitch mode remains active longer
– Added upper MIP to ProSim Panel
– Added amber flashing of autopilot A/P status indicator
– Added support for PoKeys 56U
– ProSim CDU now has an embedded default font
– Fixed a bug where no legs appeared when SID was selected before runway

September 15 2011

Note: From this release on, ProSim CDU uses only monospaced fonts. Because the font setting is stored in the
ProSim CDU configuration, a manual action is needed to activate the new font. Please go to the configuration
screen of ProSim CDU and press the “Reset to default” option under the font selection buttons to set the new
default monospaced font.

– VNAV will no longer command speeds under the flap limit
– Pressurisation panel changes: Land alt range now -1000 to 14000 and flight alt -1000 to 42000
– Added TAKEOF REF 2 page
– Multiple minus keys in CDU should change to “+”
– Legs page now has correct layout of distance column in the center
– VREF can now also be set by double selecting an entry from the APPROACH REF page
– Changed default fonts to all monospace for ProSim CDU
– ProSim MCP SIOC script changed to inhibit the display of the mach dot in the IAS window when the window is blanked
– Added comments to startpositions.xml on extraction to indicate the source of the data
– Various fixes in VNAV where the current altitude was calculated from the real altitude instead of the QNH corrected indicated altitude
– Removed fire bell inhibit beween V1 and 400 feet RA
– Embedded the graphics of ProSim modules into the executables for easier handling

September 9 2011
– Tuned the autopilot to better intercept the next leg with less overshoot
– More LNAV corrections to prevent incorrect drawing
– LNAV now calculates own bank angle and is no longer affected by the bank angle selector
– Fixed a bug where VNAV did not engange the throttle to maintain speed
– Added Flight Freeze option and added [On] and [Off] indicators in the CDU MAINT page for Pause and Flight Freeze
– Fixed TCAS ND messages “TCAS FAIL”/”TCAS OFF” to better refer to the state of the TCAS system
– Added LNAV engagement criteria
– Direct-to LNAV track no longer calculated continously

September 1 2011
– Fixed crash in VNAV calculation
– LNAV route calculation fixes
– Added support for CockpitSonic EHID Fire panel and EHID lower MIP
– Changed color of “M” meters symbol to blue in PFD.
– Added digital readout of VNAV altitude deviation in ND vertical track indicator

August 26 2011
– Duplicate element name caused Flight Illusion driver to halt initialisation, fixed

August 25 2011
– Added failure boxes for the DEU boot process, so it can be skipped
– Added Elevator trim gauge
– LNAV drawing fixes
– Improved PoKeys data polling to reduce latency in switch detection
– VNAV improvements
– Fixed UP speed bug in PFD speed tape not visible with flaps 5
– Fixed problem in TekWorx FDS CDU driver and added installer for the driver
– Fixed missing range markers and turn prediction in ND Center mode
– Added “Cabin Altitude”, “Speed brake do not arm”, “Stab out of trim”, “Anti skid inop”, “Takeoff config” indicator
– Suction feed for the APU is now available from the center tank

August 17 2011
– Fixed reversed right fuel pump aft/fwd lights in ProSim Panel
– Fixed a driver issue with the PoKeys driver that could cause the initialisation to freeze
– LNAV fixes
– Revised values for the trim indicator
– Reworked pressurisation controllers logic
– Fixed efis “POS” key in software MCP working as the DATA key
– Fixed issues with ProSim737 hanging/crashing on updating MCP

August 14 2011
– Fixed VOR/ADF color reveral of EFIS RMI instrument
– Added APU fuel usage
– Added autoreset of window overheat situation
– Speedup of ProSim737 configuration screen
– Added overhead IRS switch and logic
– ELEC panel items will now be experted as “-1” to signal that the field should be blank
– Added OpenCockpits overhead panel SIOC script and ProSim737 configuration import script
– Added minimums and radio alt readout in EFIS layout
– Added support for CockpitSonic EHID Sixpacks and ASA panels
– Added DEU modeling and DEU Source selector switch
– CPFlight Radios now keep synchronized with FS frequencies
– Fixed Phidgets Analog inputs not providing full output range
– Added extra numerical output elements for MCP values
– QNH amber indication on PFD now uses transition altitude or level depending on flight phase
– MCP should not add 20 kts to IAS after takeoff when one engine is inop
– Added support for PoKeys hardware
– Fixed groundpower remaining on even while other source is selected
– LNAV fixes
– Fixed CRZ CDU page showing ACT CRZ during descent
– Added option in ProSim CDU to hide mouse
– Controlling ground power through the XML interface will now disregard the state of the anti collision light
– Added option for verbose logging of hardware IO
– More realistic behavior of starter logic and start switch solenoids
– Improved realism of power requirements for pressurisation controllers
– TR3 transfer relay is now inhibited when bus transfer switch is set to off, allowing DC bus 2 to be manually depowered
– Added option for Side by Side EICAS display

July 14 2011
– LNAV drawing and calculating fixes
– Added spoiler gauge for setting the spoiler with a servo
– Connected ISIS instrument to battery bus
– ProsimDisplay now draws route over trackline
– LNAV mode now reverts to CWS R instead of HDG SEL at end of route
– Pressurisation system will now use indicated altitude instead of real altitude for off scheduled descent checks
– Added airline code to XML aircraft export
– Revised hydraulic cooling model that calculates cooling based on fuel amount and temperature
– Added a frameless RMI standby instrument
– Added 80kts gate

June 29 2011
– Fixed an issue preventing correct localiser capture
– Optimized transition to G/S mode
– Fixed a problem with repeating audio sounds with [internal audio] mode of Prosim737
– Improved ProsimMCP user interface and added new graphics
– Improved low level RS232 drivers for better stability
– Added static upper EICAS normal and EFIS screens to ProsimDisplay
– Added ISIS standby instrument
– Added database status labels in “Software” box of the main Prosim737 window
– ASA lights not on during light test
– Fixed problem in autopilot aileron control

June 16 2011
– Added forward/aft overhead combination to ProsimPanel
– Added support for engravity ICS starter switches
– Added option to reset FMS after landing
– Added gates for V1, VR and V2
– Better filtering in DEP/ARR pages based on selected runway
– Fixed a problem with entering frequencies in the CDU when more than 2 digits are present after the decimal
– Fixed a problem where not all waypoints could be used in the FIX page
– Fixed ProminPanel LCD displays not updating
– Added EFIS style EICAS to EFIS layout
– EFIS layout: DME is now shown in VOR/APP mode and missing glideslope display is back in APP mode
– Fixed various layout items in EICAS display
– Engravity ICS fixes

June 9 2011
– Added option to ProsimCDU to use keyboard lights
– Speed improvement in ProsimPanel
– Added clickspot cursor changes to ProsimPanel
– CDU messages will clear on all CDUs after the first delete
– VNAV now uses VREF + CDU wind correction field to calculate landing speed
– Added pitch limit indicator to PFD
– Added aft overhead panel to ProsimPanel

June 2 2011
– Made indicators on ProsimPanel clickable to test light
– Fixed cabin alt gauge in ProsimPanel
– EICAS predicted N1 arcs only when EEC is active
– MCP speed may not go below 100KTS
– Added = key to use as – on ProsimCDU, remapped FIX page to ‘;’ instead of ‘=’
– Fixed missing VNAV labels
– Fixed DECEL label not appearing
– Fixed direct-to entry in RTE page failing when airway entry exists on the previous line
– Corrected position of OVERHEAT and ON light in ProsimPanel

May 26 2011
– Added No Smoking sign gate
– Added Seatbelt sign gate
– Fixed several wrong switches in the ICS panel driver
– Introducing ProsimPanel module
– Added EFIS layout option
– Fixed Prosim not accepting negative values from SIOC

May 13 2011
– N1 button only allowed if pitch mode is FMC_SPD
– Improved hydraulics temperature modeling
– Standby yaw damper implemented
– New logging system for all Prosim programs keeps the last 5 log files with a maximum size of 1MB each
– New virtualisation system in ProsimDisplay for future new panel options
– DU selector for display switching added
– Added various gates for panel lighting
– Added CDU page to tune NAV, COM and ADF frequencies
– Fixed issue in ProsimAudio causing weird DirectX memory protection errors
– New artwork by Jesper Giørtz-Behrens

May 5 2011
– Autopilot no longer disconnects below 350 feet RA
– Changed leading edge slats to extend up to flap position 5
– Added option for ProsimCDU to stay op top
– Default ASP audio options of FS enabled on startup
– Fixed ADF 2 needle not appearing if ADF 1 not active
– Added precalculated Vspeed in front of input field on TAKEOFF REF page when available
– Fixed scroll bar missing in ProsimAudio
– Added option for ProsimDisplay to disable the title bar
– Added gates for autopilot pitch cmd/cws and roll cmd/cws
– Added option to ProsimCDU for switching off the CDU when no power is available
– Revised yaw damper logic
– Revised hydraulics logic
– Removed duplicate “Filter bypass” indicators

April 21 2011
– Fixed incorrect display of T/C and T/D data for direct-to entries
– Added support for CPFlight rudder trim panel (needs further tuning)
– Added Audio Selector panel (ASP)
– Added filter to the list of airports displayed in the ND. Please rebuild the scenery database to use this feature
– Added support for Phidgets Analog card
– Added “groundPower” XML query for accessing the ground power state
– Fixed backlighting of Flight Illusion gauges only activating when gauges moves
– ProsimCDU now checks correct registering of Tekworx.dll file for FDS CDU’s
– Added three zone temperature selectors and the air temp selector and added temperature modeling
– Fixed Approach REF page always showing destination ICAO code even when runway was selected from departure airport
– Updated Phidgets libraries

April 7 2011
– Replaced the two switches “Window heat ovht” and “Window heat pwr” with one switch “Window heat test”
!! Please update your configuration and set the three positions of the new switch to the positions of the old switches
– LNAV fixes to prevent aircraft circling
– Gates added for automatically switching off Yaw damper and Wing Anti ice
– Drivers now communicate states more clearly to the Prosim737 main display “Software” box
– Added support for EEC buttons
– Added support for EHID (cockpitsonic) overhead panels
– Added throttle servo outputs
– Added EICAS Start valve open, Filter bypass and Low oil pressure as indicators for older style cockpits
– Corrected the display of direct-to track to a waypoint
– Reworked ProsimAudio network code for better reliability

March 24 2011
– Fixed VORLOC for ILS using wrong frontcourse
– Added XML interface for working with failures
– Check for SIOC variable range in configuration screen added
– Thrustmode of ProsimMCP exported for Revolution Simproducts throttle
– Added indicators for leading edge devices (aft overhead panel)
– Support for Engravity ICS
– Moved ProsimDisplay network connected to buffered mode instead of streaming mode, decreasing overal latency

March 18 2011
– Fixed overheat ENG2 light on CPFlight Fire panel
– No longer setting MCP speed to current speed when moving to V/S mode and an A/T speed mode is active
– Fixed a crash in the ND of ProsimDisplay while entering a DME only station in the FIX page
– Cargo fire panel test sequence improved
– Added MCP Bank limit to Prosim737 configuration
– Added MCP values with inc/dec switches to Prosim737 configuration
– Fixed threading crash in webserver
– GPWS SYS test switch handled from CPFlight MIP board will correctly initiate the GPWS test after 10 seconds
– F/O displays and lower EICAS connected to DC BUS 2
– VORLOC for ILS rewritten
– Added support for CPFlight hardware directly connected to PC instead of through MCP
– Moved ProsimAudio to DirectAudio, allowing multiple sounds to play simultaneously
– XML entries added to ProsimDisplay configuration.xml to change colors
– Fixed FCC1 master and FCC2 master lights not being sent to SIOC in ProsimMCP
– Removed “Don’t sink” message after touchdown.

February 23 2011
– ProsimCDU can now be displayed without a border
– ProsimDisplay allows dragging of windows with the mouse and resizing with the scrollwheel
– ProsimDisplay now opens captain PFD and ND by default when no configuration was found
– Fixed ProsimDisplay showing landing altitude at destination in alt tape for the departure runway instead of the landing runway
after a flaps up takeoff
– Trim indicator can now also be shown on the lower EICAS screen with the CockpitSetup tab of the instructor station
– Company routes may have an origin ICAO as the first field and/or a destination ICAO as the last field
– Speedbrake autodeploy gate added
– Added configuration item to ProsimMCP to set the communication rate with CPFlight hardware
– Added support for CPFlight fire handle unlocking
– Added MCP bank angle limit variable for SIOC scripts
– Cargo fire panel added (including support for CPFlight cargo fire panel)

February 17 2011
– Connecting ground power will disconnect previously connected source
– Fix for pressurization problem
– Architecture changes based on feedback to make displays smoother
– Added amber warnings to new layout fuel gauge
– Added analog inputs for pressurisation panel Flight Alt/Land Alt
– Added company route system
– Added heading stability tuning parameter to ProsimMCP
– Fixed a problem preventing Prosim737 from communicating correctly with 2 simultaneous IOCP connections

February 10 2011
– Fixed a problem caused by deleting VNAV data from a landing runway leg
– Added the ability to connect custom audio to internal aircraft events
– Changed the layout of ProsimAudio
– Various gates added for usage by addon audio events
– Fixed pressurisation not working without hardware support
– Fixed alt intervention button not working through SIOC
– Redesigned driver architecture and moved the driver selection to its own tab in the configuration screen
– Massive speed improvements in Prosim737
– Reduced network dependancy of ProsimDisplay to minimize latency
– Added new style fuel gauges as cockpit option
– LNAV autopilot fixes
– Added transition altitude table for automatic entry of transition altitudes

February 3 2011
– Added option to disable yoke input on autopilot CMD
– Added option to set font colors for ProsimCDU
– Added FD1 and FD2 MCP light to SIOC interface for ProsimMCP
– Fixed ADF2 data
– Cabin altitude calculations tuned and fixed
– Fixed incorrect culture setting in ProsimDisplay
– Added the ability to use one analog input to control multiple switches
– Added 8 generic linked user inputs/outputs
– Added range rings as an option to the CockpitSetup tab
– Fixed the FPV to be stationary on the ground
– Updates GPWS audio files
– Improved Prosim737 startup time
– Fixed LNAV drawing a turn towards the wrong direction in some occasions
– Added system to add custom audio files
– Added option to switch between the call “Approaching minimums” and “Plus 100”
– ProsimCDU is now compatible with Project Magenta key layout
– FMS now autosequences waypoints when LNAV is not engaged
– ProsimCDU now accepts lat/lon inputs on LEGS page
– ProsimCDU fix page now accepts simultaneous entry of radial and distance
– Fixed PhidgetLed64 not working for gate outputs
– Enroute fuel usage calculation tuned
– Added XML data export for FMS route data

January 20 2011
– Added MSG and FAIL lights to SIOC output for ProsimCDU
– Added FDS/Tekworx CDU support
– Made the multicore Prosimdisplay optimisations optional
– Data on RTE page and LEGS page are now synchronized
– Missing DECEL leg back
– Fixed VNAV data of FIX INFO points
– Fixed takeoff legs sometimes showing VNAV cruise data instead of climb data

January 13 2011
– Added starter pushback solenoid gates
– Added FIX page
– Added heading up/track up selection in Cockpit Setup
– Added default baro mode selection in Cockpit Setup
– Added option to show debugging info in ProsimDisplay title bar
– Added options for tuning performance of ProsimDisplay
– AFDS V/S mode now based on aerodynamic calculation instead of feedback loop, greatly increasing reliability and response
– AFDS G/S mode rewritten for better glideslope tracking
– Fixed INTC CRS not showing in LEGS page
– Fixed MCP alt not being captured in VNAV
– Added support for Pim van Vrijaldenhoven’s pressurisation panel
– Added Off scheduled descent indicator
– Fixed a crash in Prosim737 because of incorrect TCAS data
– Changed ProsimDisplay architecture to split drawing and calculation of data for enhanced performance
– Added an option to disable doubleclick resizing in ProsimCDU

January 6 2011
– Added PROG pages 1 and 2
– Added RTE DATA page
– Added wind model
– Fixed LNAV turning in opposite direction
– Added starter switch solenoid gates
– Fixed CPFlight A/T disconnecting on light test
– Added fuel calculations

December 29 2010
– Automatic engagement of autothrottle function after arming
– STAR speed restriction no longer affecting SID
– Fixed C/O not occuring in VNAV climb
– Autopilot can nolonger operate without hydraulic power in associated system
– Legs page can now show cruise speeds in Mach instead of IAS where applicable
– Corrected VNAV speeds in descent
– DECEL leg added in descent
– Individual parts of electric panel added as numeric outputs
– Added the ability to change the fonts of ProsimCDU
– Fixed a problem in reading FS9 BGL files causing incorrect start positions to appear

December 22 2010
– Added VNAV descent logic and page
– Added vertical track display to ND
– Added outer/middle/inner signals as gates
– Fixed abeam points option in legs page stills showing after MOD erase
– Now allowing ICAO codes as waypoints
– Fixed ProsimDisplay hanging in “not responding” mode on reposition to runway
– Added MCP alt intervention button support
– Added VNAV ground arming

December 9 2010
– A/P and A/T disengage lights on MIP now always flash on A/P and A/T disconnect
– Mach entry of speed in CRZ page fixed
– More filtering to prevent duplicate waypoints in Legs page
– Updated phidgets libraries for newest release from
– Added EFIS DATA button support
– Added Rising Runway option to PFD
– Fixed window heating power sources and overheat logic
– Fixed default states of SIOC connected switches not activating without physically moving the switch

December 3 2010
– fixed a problem with the SIOC stub script generating incorrect labels for switches
– Reduced load on FSUIPC variable IO
– Fixed a problem in the configuration screens not accepting IP addresses as input
– Added CG/TRIM fields to TAKEOFF REF CDU page
– Added VNAV Cruise logic and page
– Added support for speed intervention on MCP
– Added Flap gauge for hardware support
– Added test button to ProsimAudio

November 19 2010
– Fixed ND Display showing 360 degrees
– Fixed AP/AT disconnect lights occasionally not working
– VNAV climb logic
– better mapping between throttle position and predicted N1
– separate minimums logic for captain and F/O

November 11 2010
– Added an option to ProsimMCP to disable the power management, which causes the MCP to fail for some users
– ProsimCDU is now fully controllable by keyboard
– Direct-to entries in RTE page no longer causes route discontinuities
– QNH setting for Alt Hold is taken from either captain or F/O side, depending on which FCC is master

November 4 2010
– Added “Start minimized” option to ProsimAudio
– Fix for autopilot sometimes diving down due to excess CPU load
– Fixes for Prosim737 restarting with some SIDs/STARs
– Fixes in webserver causing a crash in Prosim737
– Added fuel rate/used/reset switch
– Support for CPFlight Fire panel
– Preliminary support for Engravity ICS (not functional yet)
– Better support for exiting a holding
– Courselines in ND are now optional via the cockpitsetup tab in the instructor station
– Altitude Acquisition/Deviation sound is now optional via the cockpitsetup tab in the instructor station
– An option to ProsimMCP has been added to allow it to relocate all SIOC variables by a fixed number
– FSUIPC input in Prosim737 now allows toggling of bits to be used as an input signal
– Option for importing partial configurations in Prosim737 with vendor supplied files

October 23 2010
– Fix for missing waypoints and other data in ND

October 21 2010
– Added flap gauge
– Added standby RMI gauge
– Added MCP switches and indicators to Prosim737 for configuration of arbitrary hardware to control MCP
– Added stall test switches
– Added ASA FMC light functionality
– Added FSBUS support for switches and indicators
– EFIS STA function now shows NDB’s too
– EFIS WPT function now shows all waypoints
– REF NAV DATA CDU page now uses “select direct wpt” logic for entry in NAVAID line
– Speed improvements in ProsimDisplay
– Added protocol checks to all Prosim modules, preventing startup of incompatible versions
– Heading bug dashed line disappears after 10 sec in LNAV or VORLOC
– Tuned down vertical speed mode to prevent oscillation.
– DELETE on a route discontinuity is now allowed to remove discontinuity
– Added backcourse localiser hold function
– Prosim MCP SIOC script handles C/O mach values in correct range
– Range Rings in ND zoomed mode only when TFC is on
– Improved timing for communicating to CPFlight BUS to correct hanging lights
– Load monitoring in ProsimDisplay will now show the “EXCESS DATA” flag when smooth operation of the displays is compromised due to
excessive load.

October 7 2010
– Connected MCP to battery bus
– Added aileron tuning to autopilot.
– Added abeam points to LEGS page.
– Added support for holdings to FMS.
– Added support for OpenCockpits throttle quadrant.
– Corrected behaviour of heading hold when turning more than 180 degrees.

September 23 2010
– Added TCAS resolution advisories in audio and PFD
– Now drawing localiser and glideslope diamonds correctly behind the scale, instead of on top of them
– Fixed Captain ND APP Display not showing glideslope
– Added “Start APU” to quickstart in instructor station
– Added parking brake indicator and switch
– Added fuel cutoff switches
– Fixed SIOC F/O EFIS TFC switch
– Placed true scrolling style wheels in the QNH windows of the standby alt/speed gauge
– Fixed draining of all tanks while one engine is out
– Added electric busses to failure page

September 18 2010
– Rewrote low level CPFlight driver to allow better timing.
– Added option to remove frame from standby instruments.

September 16 2010
– Added analog inputs to Prosim737, connected to joystick axes, FSUIPC or SIOC
– Added options to dim screens
– Added FUEL CONFIG warning in EICAS
– Now reading Speedbrakes Armed state from FS instead of only from throttle
– Fixed display of flap maneuvre speeds on takeoff
– Fixed land alt/origin alt usage
– Added Speed/Alt Standby instrument to ProsimDisplay
– Tuned down gauge respositioning speed in ProsimDisplay to allow better positioning of screens.
– Fixed continuous enumeration of directinput devices, causing overload and slowdown on CPFlight bus.
– TA Only indicator in all TCAS level 0 situations

February 26 2010
– Added FSUIPC input support and precise bit/value support for FSUIPC input and output.
– Added cruise alt/land alt numerical outputs. These still needs work for correct values.
– Rounded fuel temperature value to decrease the amount of updates.
– Added Flight Illusion Fuel temperature/Cabin temperature.
– Fixed problem in bleedair ducts not getting to 0 PSI.
– Added larger nullzone for flaps handle, which caused ram door full open to flicker.
– Added support for navigraph database.
– Added Flight Management Computers.
– Moved ProsimRemoting to WCF standards for external communications.

February 02 2010
– Fixed IOC connector message in IO Modules box to reflect state of connection.
– Fixed unhandled exception in webserver HTTP 404 handler.
– Added ProsimRemoting dll for future expansions.

January 26 2010
– Fixed correct functioning of ground switch with only one wire.

January 24 2010
– Added splash screen.
– Added Help menu with web access option to show all current web access URL’s.
– Modified Ground power switch to a three position switch with a center position.
– Added support for multiple outputs for numerical IO Elements.