ProSim Software is designed to assist cockpit building for flight simulation enthusiasts or professionals.

Refer to either the ProSim737 or ProSimA320 download page where both the software and the user manual are available to download.

For the free 30 day trial, a licence key will be provided within 24 hours following completion of the request form for either ProSim737 or ProSimA320.

All ProSim737 Suite modules are available for free trial except for the ProSim737 Flight Model. All ProSimA320 Suite modules are available for free trial including a limited ProSimA320 Flight Model.

After your free trial,  unlimited usage is available by obtaining a user licence from the ProSim-AR web shop.

After completion of your 30 day free trial, obtaining a ProSim Software user licence will not affect configurations made during the trial period.

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft® Windows™ 7, Windows™ 8 or Windows™ 10 operating system.
  • Microsoft® .Net framework 4.6. Included in Windows™ 10, downloadable free from Microsoft® for preceding OS versions.
  • Registered (paid) FSUIPC 4 by Peter Dowson.

Back-end simulator platforms supported:

  • Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ version 10 (FSX).
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® version 1.x, 2.x and 3.x.

Minimum system requirements:

  • For the primary computer please refer to Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®  system requirements.
  • ProSimA320 System diskspace requirement 500MB.
  • For secondary computers no specific hardware requirements apply.

For full usage of ProSim Software it is necessary to purchase FSUIPC version 4, which is available at simMarket.

Add-on flight models, created for desktop gaming, combine the visual model, virtual cockpit, flight dynamics and aircraft system simulation within the technical environment of the game.

A simulation suite has many advantages for cockpit builders. Computer calculations for the aircraft system simulation are performed by the ProSim737 Suite modules, outside the technical environment of the game, which leads to an enhanced performance.

Add-on flight models, containing own aircraft system simulation, are not compatible with the ProSim737 Suite, however, the ProSim737 Flight Model is unique and specifically developed for this use.

A new user licence is not required to update any platform.

A community with over 2000 members, the ProSim-AR Forum is available 24 hours a day and serves as a platform for users to interact, share knowledge, offer support and information.

Interact with other users on the ProSim-AR Forum, available 24 hours per day, or contact support@prosim-ar.com.

It is not necessary to follow the ProSim Software version updates in sequence order. Therefore, it is possible to upgrade from any version to any version.