Rollback to FS2004!

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Rollback to FS2004!

Post by Ammarmalhas » 11 Oct 2016, 18:01

Does anyone of you have any idea whether Prosim737 and Opencockpits hardware (SIOC software) run on an FS2004 setup?
Any way of tweaking them into doing so?

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Re: Rollback to FS2004!

Post by Aussie123 » 11 Oct 2016, 23:46

Runs absolutely fine.

(Well I m happy with it)

You do need to use the older model of Jetstream 737 and that hasn't been as fine tuned as the FSX version.

Otherwise its fine. The weather displays quit nicely. Wind sheer etc. Works with wide view.
Databases import OK. Prosim weight and fuel load OK into fs9.

The doors don't sync for me. Minor.

I have my JetM ax throttle going directly into Prosim but my yoke and rudders going into FS9 via Fsuipc. All my Open cockpits kit works fine (Com, Nav, adf, audio, ATC.)

Good luck


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Re: Rollback to FS2004!

Post by saabpilot » 12 Oct 2016, 09:58

Hi Ammar,

It runs flawlessly, BUT

You will have obsolete airport and 3rd party addons so I do not really understand why you want FS9 back.

FS9 is a bit less heavy when using 3 projectors, but this can be overcome with newer processors ( i7 6700K overclocked) if that is your problem with P3D.


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Re: Rollback to FS2004!

Post by JWS » 13 Oct 2016, 16:10

Still using FS2004, so don't have to roll back. :lol: With a 9 year old machine it still runs well and if you mainly fly high altitude (which a 737 does) you do not really need fancy looking VFR scenery. No OOM problems either. 8-)
But yes, there are also cons as mentioned above.


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