Greetings on the forum...

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Greetings on the forum...

Post by fpeter » 12 Feb 2019, 11:24

Hello AGRONN team and greetings on the board…
I am using Agronn yoke and a few months ago the company is a rudder pedal. (SST simulator)
After upgrading Prosim 2.14 to the pedal rudder function in lower eicas/ sys mode, the rudder "feedback" did not work.
Only the feedback, the function itself, was okay.
I got the advice from Humberto to mark Agronn Rudder in the settings.
After I have done this and calibrated the rudder function here, sys / lower eicas is now working.
Calibration of the right and left brakes of the pedal will continue to be done by FSUIC 5.14, because I use CFY TQ and the parking break only works with the brakes configured here…
Agronn yoke, FSUIPC has been configured for the first few minutes (a few years ago…)
I really like the two pieces of Agronn!
Both in quality and in operation.
Maybe only the "trip counter" is missing the yoke ... When I bought the yoke, I was asked to get the counter (?) Later.
I got the answer "how will it be…" I have not seen the "opportunities" ever since…
So, now my experience with Agronn and my simulator…
Best regards,

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Re: Greetings on the forum...

Post by cnrcnntgl » 12 Feb 2019, 13:56

Hello Peter ,

Thank you for your warm welcome to the forum and information about the the problems you faced and their solutions. The counter is our next step after our dual yoke.

Best regards,

Caner Cennetoglu

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