Some PBR aircraft suddenly black?

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Some PBR aircraft suddenly black?

Post by LloydyG57 » 16 Nov 2019, 13:52

I have searched for this in the forum but can't find the subject ...

3 of my downloaded 2019 liveries (Jet2, Ryanair and Thomson) have started appearing in black only - but my 2019 BA livery plane is fine??

Running latest versions of P£D & ProSim - only recent upgrade was to the Navigraph data ...

Any clues please?

Thank you


Running P3D, Prosim737, on 1 PC, networked to 2nd PC which runs the avionics displays
FDS shell, MIP, MCP and twin FMC's, CFY TQ, Open Cockpits USB Yoke & Pedals, Sismo Ethernet FWD OHD & Tiller

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