PFD/ND Displays

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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by JWS » 10 Feb 2019, 11:49

Aussie1234 wrote:
10 Feb 2019, 09:46
I'm with you Jean,
I have 5 computers as well. With a system that is flexible, cost effective, and works well and suits my needs.
I don't know why people are attacking the Player and not tackling the Ball.
Skywalker has a problem, that has come up recently with later Prosim updates, and people are commenting on something that has nothing to do with solving his PFD/ND problem does not help at all.

'What! You have a severe water leak in the basement.... and brown cutains in the lounge room, ….that you have had for years, and work for you! What are you thinking! Change the curtains!'
Two types of comments on a call for help or a question that I can live without: 1. In my setup everything is working OK, never seen your problem; 2. Why are you (still) using X, Y or Z?
Well said,Aussie!


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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by uragano » 10 Feb 2019, 14:28

Happy u happy all

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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by captphil » 10 Feb 2019, 18:22

I have the same problem as described by skywalker, with the exception of running P3D instead of FSX and using the IS generated weather instead of active sky!
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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by skywalker » 11 Feb 2019, 07:41


Thank you “Aussie1234” for your comments.

One of the difficult issues I encountered for long time when searching the forum for any issue is that very often I have to go through so much crap to find an answer, help, guidance or comment to solve a problem.

Rather than focusing on providing help for a well defined issue, it appears some people enjoying adding comments just to add comments without adding any value and diverting from the real issue.

I think some people is confused and can’t distinguish between a “Technical Forum” with “Social Media” were everything goes and everyone can participate regardless.

But, I do appreciate when people help each other to make this hobby more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, there is always some “………(green)” aples.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards.

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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by vjeanmarc » 11 Feb 2019, 08:13

Hi Skywalker,
I do not know if part of this comment is for me, if it is the case I just wanted to bring a touch of humor (to the French-style) as it happens sometimes.
If I could bring a little more help, I would have done it without hesitation.
If I hurt someone, all my apologies.

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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by wpslider » 11 Feb 2019, 09:41

skywalker wrote:
09 Feb 2019, 01:55

I recently encountered an issue when flying my simulator. My simulator setup is a network of 5 PCs:
PC 1 – FSX, ProSim737 version 2.13, Active Sky, Orbx products, etc.
PC 2 – Display PFD/ND, EICAS
PC 3 – Display Low EICAS
PC 4 – Display Clock
PC 4 – Station

a couple days ago I did a short flight from Innsbruck (LOWI) to Sion (LSGS) with real weather conditions. When on decent to LSGS, suddenly the PDF/ND displays began an erratic behaviour for a couple minutes, but the aircraft still flying very stable without any turbulence (see video attached) then, without any intervention the displays back to behave normal again.

My question is:
1) Is this normal 737 display’s behaviour when encountering unstable weather condition?
2) Is it a problem with my setup?
3) Else???

Any comment (positive please) would be very much appreciate.

Best regards.

What you experienced can be caused mainly by:
- Communication issues (slow network). Please be sure your network is OK and you are not using the same network to do streaming or large file copy while flying as this may cause some delays. Better if you enable the "show load in taskbar" option and monitor those value. If happening again, you could also post those values. If this happens always when you jave the weather radar active, it may indeed mean network issues...

- Server busy with other tasks. If your windows is running some file indexing, or your antivirus is currently scanning your HD while you are flying, your processing capability is decreased, thus causing transmission delays. Make sure you have all kind of background services disabled.

Humberto Miguel

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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by dvincent » 11 Feb 2019, 12:33

Thx Humberto,
that is what I wrote too but you added some other possible causes of network obstructions.


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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by Ursli80 » 11 Feb 2019, 16:52

I have this same problem with my setup.

Best regards
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Re: PFD/ND Displays

Post by onthefence » 12 Feb 2019, 01:11

I have experienced this several times as well but put it off as my homemade controls acting up. Hmm...maybe not so. One happened climbing out after takeoff, I went into an unrecoverable spin. I recalibrated all my controls, and left it at that, but now after reading this thread I recall just the other day it happened again, but a more mild form and I managed to recover. Again I just put it off as bad pilotage on my part. Now after reading these posts, I think there is some kind of issue.
Best Regards,
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