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ProSim737 version 2.13

Post by martin.vsetecka » 03 Jan 2019, 13:38

January 3 2019 Release version 2.13
– Fixed FMC failure not removing altitude and turn prediction from ND
– Fixed wind entry not deleting
– Fixed VNAV not recalculating after DES FORECAST Exec
– Added winds to DES FORECAST page
– Fixed TRANS LVL not requiring EXEC
– Fixed TRANS LVL not accepting data in FLXXX format
– Fixed TRANS LVL min and max values
– Fixed VHF max frequency
– Improved G/S and LOC fail flags
– Fixed radios not detecting if frequency is ILS
– Fixed WXR test audio not playing
– Added support for P3D V3 taxipath id’s in BGL extraction
– Fixed Hardware Connector not starting minimized even if option enabled in config
– [DEV-291] Improved ProSimAudio device selection UI
– [PAR-1731] Improved BGL scanner to read new P3D runway record
– Fixed speed tape stutters
– Improved MAP flag
– Added VTK flag
– Improved VTK data handler
– Fixed wrong FLT and LAND alt max values
– Fixed background change of LAND ALT and FLT ALT values when displays are dashed
– Added cockpit setup option to control datalink chime
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