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ProSim737 version 2.06

Post by martin.vsetecka » 21 Jun 2018, 18:51

June 21 2018 Release version 2.06
New embedded MCP - To use the embedded MCP, there is a new option in ProSim737 System Config to enable it. It is important that ProSimMCP is not running if using the embedded one! The new MCP is in beta stage and it is optional. If not enabled, it will not affect the normal functionality of ProSimMCP

- Fixed Autobrake OnGround signal not from PSEU
- Added CDU Call light to CDU generic driver
- [PSDB-377] fixed AP not disconnecting if IRS fails
- Fixed NAVDATA OUT OF DATE message in the last day of the cycle
- Fixed AP pitch not working correctly with Embedded MCP
- Fixed AP roll not working correctly with Embedded MCP
- Fixed TQ axis not working with Embedded MCP
- Updater now cleans DLLs files before unpacking the update file
- Fixed combined config not loading mappings
- Fixed MCP driver name on UI
- Fixed new embedded MCP not closing hardware
- Added verbose log to EHID driver
- Fixed incorrect label on ProSim Display help window
- Fixed barber pole not dashed on ProSim Display
- Added OFF indicators to window heat element
- Fixed ProSim Display window config not applied correctly
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