ProSim737-800 2018 Pro Flight Model version 1.20

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ProSim737-800 2018 Pro Flight Model version 1.20

Post by martin.vsetecka » 27 Jun 2018, 16:54

Just released, available through the Version manager.
(P3Dv4.x only)

June 27 2018 version 1.20
- Few animations changed
- Doors changed and now can be individually opened (see below)
- Added emergency exit doors
- Placed the airstairs back from previous version (assign a key for 'folding_wings')
- Changed and refined gsx.cfg for the plane
- Added AirFrance livery
- Added internal parts for emergency exit doors
- Added ProSim-doors.lua file to operate the doors
Use: copy ProSim-doors.lua to the 'modules' folder of the sim and assign it in FSUIPC
- Keys for the doors are:
TAB+1 = FWD left
TAB+2 = AFT left
TAB+3 = FWD right
TAB+4 = AFT right
TAB+5 = FWD cargo
TAB+6 = AFT cargo
TAB+7 = Emergency exits
Martin Vsetecka
ProSim Support


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