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ProSim737 version 2.08

Post by martin.vsetecka » 16 Aug 2018, 17:46

August 16 2018 Release version 2.08
– Fixed navDistance field without data in DME based ARINC legs
– Fixed VI/CI legs when preceding IF legs
– Fixed route display when VI leg has no turn direction data
– Fixed aircraft repositioning at coordinates 0,0 when prosim starts first
– Added gates to generic driver initial state
– Fixed FDS driver null exception
– Bird strike added (generic, no systems affected)
– Added support for FDS Pro-MX EFIS
– Fixed FSUIPC not connecting when some audio switches are ON
– Added FSUIPC exception log(verbose mode)
– Added power source to brake pressure gauge
– Fixed oxygen pressure gauge power source
– Fixed fuel temperature gauge power source
– Fixed cabin temperature gauge power source
– Updated FSUIPC client DLL to V3.1.5
– Reworked Call system
– Added CALL indicator
– Added external power receptacle pilot call switch
– Added flight attendant panel pilot call switch
– Added SVC and FLT call indicators to ASPs
– Added Comms->External Panels to IOS
– [SW-71] Added SVC, FLT and Mode mappings to Simworld ASP
– Added landing gear transfer valve as element
– Added Landing Gear as domain
– Reworked Landing Gear system
– [PSDB-362] Fixed pax signs playing when changing AC source
– Fixed COM test not working correctly
– Added encoder acceleration options to SIOC Direct driver
– Added encoder acceleration options to SISMO native driver
– Added battery bus gate
– Updater now uses .NET 4.5 (instead of .NET 3.5)

– Added Direct2D display rendering option
– Improved weather radar performance hit
– Added option to force usage of Direct2D software rasterizer
– Fixed Display window movement
– Display Load value now calculates total Display performance (was counting only ND previously)
– Optimized Weather Radar for Direct2D mode
– Optimized bitmap based controls for Direct2D
– Added option to render bitmaps in higher quality
– Various performance optimizations for Direct2D mode
– Fixed dial RA not working correctly with D2D
– Fixed Standby Attitude control
– Fixed Standby RMI control
– Fixed Standby RDMI
– Fixed radio altimeter flickering
– Added workaround for Win7 with Desktop Composition disabled
– Fixed crash on shutdown on Win7
– Added Win7 Platform Update check with notice in Config window
– Added current rendering mode info to titlebar load output
– Fixed terrain radar hang in “detailed terrain” mode
– Fixed terrain radar hang
– Added recovery logic that can help in case of GPU problems
– Fixed weather radar memory leak in GDI+
– Fixed artifacts in Direct2D
– Fixed memory leaks
Martin Vsetecka
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