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ProSim737 version 2.09

Post by martin.vsetecka » 13 Sep 2018, 17:18

September 13 2018 Release version 2.09
- Fixed simconnect repositioning not using magnetic heading
- ProSim SDK is now sending data much faster
- Added support for transition altitude from navdata (cycle 1809 or later)

New FSUIPC Interface:
- New custom FSUIPC client
- Improved FSUIPC client thread safety
- FSUIPC data exchange rate will now match sim frame rate (limited at about 500 FPS to avoid high CPU usage)
- Fixed 21 second long hangup of system & MCP when closing sim
- Fixed short system & MCP hangups when connecting to FSUIPC
- Significantly optimized primary data link processing with FSUIPC
- Fixed MCP hanging when not connected to simulator
- Added safeguards against double-opening FSUIPCConnection
- Fixed string handling in new FSUIPC client
- Fixed autobrake not working correctly with new FSUIPCinterface

- Fixed route arcs drawing with D2D
- Fixed/Improved several graphics issues
- Fixed speed tape fail flag position
- Fixed AFDS mode drawing on PFD
- Fixed NAV flag drawing on ND
- Fixed GS/TAS misalignment on ND
- Fixed boxed values on EICAS
- Fixed several weather radar issues
- Added option to disable ClearType with Direct2D
- High Quality Text is now always enabled with Direct2D
- Added experimental outlining option to Direct2D (supports font hinting and antialiasing)
- Fixed AFDS modes misaligned on PFD
- Fixed speed tape values misaligned with pointers
- Fixed actual altitude misaligned on altitude tape
- Fixed altitude tape values misaligned with pointers
- Fixed minimums text on PFD
- Fixed needle data text on ND
- Fixed TAT misaligned on EICAS
- Reworked digital radio altimeter
- Fixed heading text on ND
- Fixed fuel boxes text not aligned
- Fixed MAP flag on ND
- Fixed hydraulics misaligned text on SYS page
- Fixed MCP altitude misalignment on PFD
- Fixed MCP speed misalignment on PFD
- Fixed speed trend vector
- Improved display condition for speed trend vector
- Fixed meters misaligned text on altitude tape
Martin Vsetecka
ProSim Support


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