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ProSim737 version 2.11

Post by martin.vsetecka » 08 Nov 2018, 15:05

November 8 2018 Release version 2.11
– [SW-71] Fixed RT/IC and ALT/NORM mappings
– [SW-32] Fixed Simworld ADF tone mappings
– Fixed VSD decision gates inverted colors
– [PROSIM737-80] Added Cockpitsonic FO Steering Tiller support
– Improved communication logging
– Fixed display dimming not working properly
– Fixed 30 min trial error
– Fixed possible crash with SimIO driver
– Added further log to live weather service
– Fixed prosim crash when using live weather service
– Fixed brake input switch disarming autobrake
– Fixed Direct2D freezing on Win7
– [PAR-1517] Fixed speed trend vector spikes
– Improved airspeed (slightly dampened to prevent sudden changes)
– Improved brake axis handling
-- Notes:
-- Prosim is now disconnecting the sim brake axis from the sim brake pressure by default. This will allow ProSim to have full control of the simulator brakes.
-- ProSim is direclty linking Sim brake axis with ProSim brake axis if nothing is assigned in ProSim.

– Fixed issue with intercom latency increasing over time
– Added buffer to FSC TQ driver
– Fixed Autobrake RTO arming above 60kts
– Fixed Autobrake RTO disarm with pilot input brakes above 40kts
– Fixed an issue preventing the autobrake to disable the brake axis in FS
– Fixed Direct2D performance degradation after running for several hours
– Fixed APU MAINT and FAULT indicators not disarmed with APU switch in the OFF position
Martin Vsetecka
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