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ProSim737 version 2.14

Post by martin.vsetecka » 06 Feb 2019, 18:14

ProSim 2.14 requires .NET 4.7.2.

February 6 2019 Release Version 2.14
- [SW-67] Fixed AP engaging on the ground
- Improved wiper logic when aircraft has no power
- Fixed bgl scanner extracting airports without runways
- Build configuration changes to try to fix freezes and improve performance
- New watchdog has now replaced the old one ("debug" option in config)
- Fixed thrust mode color
- Fixed SimConnect crashes
- Added option to disable the auto mute
- Fixed wrong rudder indication on FCL page
- Improved performance on recalc network
- Improved high DPI screen support
- Fixed small positioning issues on upper EICAS
- Fixed Selcal indicator not working on ProSim Panel
- Added pop warning when executable renaming is detected
- Reduce the risk of getting corrupted install
- Fixed WXR radar image visible outside sweep area
- Fixed bad Direct2D image quality when started without titlebar
- Improved WXR radar now sweeping only 120 degrees when on PWS mode
- Fixed condition where reposition will cause invalid elec hydraulic cooling temp
- Added WXR sweep smoothing option to Direct2D displays
- Fixed Lever augmentation not allowing negative values
- Improved rising runway data handling
- Improved autopilot disconnect warning logic
- Fixed RMI not responding correctly to power loss
- Added RMI backlight
- Fixed IR heading not failing when IRS has no power
- Improved RMI data handling and processing
- Added option to link RMI switches to EFIS NAV switches
Note: This was enabled by default if no hardware found for RMI switches. It is now manually enabled. Default is DISABLED.
- [PAR-1822] Fixed autopilot disconnect warning not playing at least 2 seconds before canceling
- Fixed startup crash on Win7 x64
- Fixed WXR image jumps with ASN
- Added support for secondary ASN radar location (c:\ProgramData\ProSim\radar.bin)
- Fixed Phidgets driver not detecting cards
- Fixed erroneous log entries
- Improved code to prevent occasional crashes when closing ProSim
- Added Yaw Damper logic
- Fixed EXEC when entering DEST airport
- Added option to enable an audio addon by default
Martin Vsetecka
ProSim Support


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