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ProSim737 version 2.16

Post by martin.vsetecka » 29 Mar 2019, 13:10

March 29 2019 Release Version 2.16
- Fixed "sequence contains no elements" crash
- Added numerical output to IRS display modes
- [CAPA738-40] Fixed DUAL BLEED not imediatelly triggering master caution
- Improved speed trim indicator logic
- Improved Airspeed Low alert logic
- Small fixes to rudder and aileron trim
- Added CDU brightness keys
- Improved ISFD heading data handling
- Fixed ISFD altitude and speed sources not linked to aux ports
- Fixed FMC availability

- Improved LOC/GS alert signal
- Fixed small issue with GS/MACH border on the speed tape
- Improved SpeedTape lower amber band inhibit logic
- Fixed display freezes
- [CAPA738-44] Fixed lower amber band on speed tape not inhibited after take off

- [PAR-1710] Fixed RTE skipping previous DIRECT waypoint when airway/fix entered
- [CAPA738-19] Added RNP PROGRESS page
- Added further log to ProSim CDU

- [DEV-317] Reduce intercom latency for local audio
- Fixed morse code audio rate

- Added EFIS encoders acceleration to Sioc Direct driver
- Added support for Sismo MCP with ALPS encoders
- Fixed XPDR value empty on Sismo driver
- Added test mode to RMP displays
- Added numerical radio display modes
- [PAR-1842] Fixed light test not working correctly with Sismo driver
- [PAR-1870] Fixed DU brightness not working with older MIP ICS
- [PAR-1810] Fixed high CPU load with Sismo driver
- Fixed Sismo driver allowing selection of DUALADF module with single ADF at the same time
- Fixed Sismo driver allowing selection of both rudder trim modules at the same time
- [PAR-1995] Fixed AC AMPS on Sismo driver showing only 2 digits
- Improved Simworld CDU key handler

- Fixed updater trying to delete updater.exe
Martin Vsetecka
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