ProSim737-800 2018 Pro Flight Model version 1.30

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ProSim737-800 2018 Pro Flight Model version 1.30

Post by martin.vsetecka » 16 Apr 2019, 12:28

April 14 2019 version 1.30 (visual-model) and 3.20 (flight-model)

- This separate version comes with PBR texture maps
- Several small fixes related to the visual-model.
- 52 extra liveries are available in the forum (don't mix up 2018 and 2019 textures)

Flight-model changes:
- Flap (slat) L&D values further tuned in order to achieve the required pitch & N1 values to be within 0.05%-0.08 of the required margin
- Coefficient of Lift vs. Angle of Attack curve slightly changed for very low and very high altitudes.
- Ground-effect has further changed, mainly for better auto-landings
- Variation of elevator deflection lift coefficient (CL de) due to mach is slightly higher.
- Flap values for SE landings (FLP-15) fine tuned
- Slat extraction speed further changed
- Mach coefficient of pitch due to pitch rate changed
- Roll moment coefficient (Cl) due to roll rate on mach decreased
- Corrected Thrust Factor vs CN1 changed above FL400
- Control surface effectiveness is less linear in effect with deflection up to a critical angle of approximately 11.5-12.0 degrees.
- Delta Cmih due to mach, variation of pitch moment coefficient due to horizontal tail incidence on mach is higher now.
- Scalar on roll moment coefficient (Cl) due to roll rate (p) on angle of attack is less linear now.
- Scalar on yaw moment coefficient (Cn) due to yaw rate (r) due to angle of attack is lowered.
- Variation of yaw moment coefficient (Cn) due to roll rate (p) on mach now goes from 0.0 to 3.2.
- Remaining fuel values in center-tank changed.
- Now CL_adot would add or subtract from CL(alpha) when alpha is changing relative to time. It has negligible effect though when AoA changes slowly.
- CI_beta roll moment slightly increased.
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