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ProSim737 version 2.17

Post by martin.vsetecka » 25 Apr 2019, 19:28

April 25 2019 Release Version 2.17
- Fixed freezes
- [CAPA738-26] Fixed A/T limited to max maneuver speed
- [CAPA738-26] Fixed MCP overspeed symbol when entering speed above max maneuver speed
- Fixed flight controls not working correctly when using the embedded MCP option
- Fixed potential issue with tiller/rudder controllers
- Fixed MCP CO if mach lower than 0.60
- [CAPA738-23] Fixed restart issue when using start switch in GND position and aircraft is in air
- Improved VANP calculation
- [CAPA738-64] Improved RNP APPROACH detection
- Added input limits to Thrust Reduction altitude
- Improved RNP defaults based on IAN/NPS option
- Fixed ADIRU heading NCD state
- Fixed ADIRU vertical speed NCD state
- Added delay to UNABLE NAV PERF-RNP message

- Fixed Elec and IRS displays not reading data if no other display item is present
- [CAPA738-58] Fixed ISFD not slaved to left ILS only
- Implemented ILS data as ARINC429 on ISFD
- Fixed LOC/GS NCD indications on ISFD
- Added LOC/GS fail flags to ISFD
- Improved HDG NCD indications on ND
- Fixed gauge brightness not working correctly when GDI is enabled
- Fixed datalink advisories with D2D
- Fixed EICAS overlay win D2D
- Fixed vertical speed NCD indications on PFD
- Fixed heading NCD indications on PFD
- Implemented pitch as ARINC429 on PFD
- Improved ATT flag to handle also pitch data

- Fixed pop sound with ProSimAudio
- Added new DirectSound engine to ProSimAudio

- Fixed IO panel not visible with Simnest driver enabled
- Improved Simnest CB module detection
- Fixed FSUIPC driver not refreshing inputs when connected
- Fixed encoder acceleration data with Sismo driver
- Added scroll bars to encoder acceleration window in Sismo Advanced

- Fixed Remote Hardware Connector issue
Martin Vsetecka
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