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ProSim737 version 2.19

Post by martin.vsetecka » 25 Jun 2019, 09:19

Jun 25 2019 Release Version 2.19
- Added 2 seconds transient protection to chronos
- Improved Chrono Elapsed/Chronograph
Elapsed will not automatically start anymore when starting ProSim.
RUN/RESET switches will have no effect while in CHR. It is required to reset the CHR to return to the elapsed time.
If both Chronograph and Elapsed are reset, lower display will blank.
- Added 2 numerical outputs for the chrono display mode (0:Off, 1:Normal, 2:Dashed)
- Improved chrono dislays not dashed when UTC selected and GPS not available
- Added power supply to chrono displays
- Replaced single gear lock failure with UpLock and DownLock failures
Note: We cannot independently control the gear in the simulator. So gear lock failures will be represented by cockpit indications only.
- Fixed comm radios not working with 833 spacing
- Improved 833 handling within emergency frequency ranges
- Improved AUTO SLAT indicator logic
- Fixed MACH TRIM indicator illuminated on right FCC only
- Fixed SPEED TRIM indicator illuminated on right FCC only
- Fixed RMP off side indicator logic
- Fixed chrono test pattern with D2D
- Fixed digital/non digital chrono conflicts on ProSimDisplay
- Added rudder/tiller combiner option to Cockpit Setup
- Improved tiller and rudder controls
- Fixed tiller inputs in air and with gear up
- FD smoothed
- FQIS implemented as a system
- Added cabin door lock gate
- Added power source to CAB DOOR panel indicators
- Added cabin door lock failure

- Corrected aircraft model in IDENT page
- Updated RNP page to comply with FMC 10.8A
- VERT RNP data on RNP page is now dependent on NPS option
- [CAPA738-91] Fixed VNAV Commanded speed in amber band
- [CAPA738-105] Fixed UNABLE REQD NAV PERF message with exceeded vertical RNP
- [CAPA738-112] Fixed RNP page footer not locked to APPROACH
- [CAPA738-118] Fixed PLAN STEP not starting at the first waypoint on the given page
- [CAPA738-122] Fixed transition level not accepting some values
- [CAPA738-124] Fixed CRZ page still available after descend started

- Improved weather radar test mode

- Fixed opencockpits clock displays not working correctly with Sioc Direct
- Lever range is now dynamic for FSUIPC driver

- Fixed ASN handler
- Reduced Flight Controls input delay
- Added unit column to SDK http call
- Calibrator element now saves raw inputs in the config file
- Fixed ProSimCDU returning to MENU page without reason
- SDK DataRefs "system.config.*" now include the cockpit setup group name.
- Several SDK DataRefs have been added.
- Improved simulator connectors (FSUIPC/SimConnect)
- Improved simulator connection status indicator
Martin Vsetecka
ProSim Support


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