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ProSim737 version 2.22

Post by martin.vsetecka » 13 Sep 2019, 11:25

Sep 13 2019 Release Version 2.22
- [CAPA738-144] Added dampened AoA
- Added regular shear detection to GPWS
- [PAR-2877] Fixed throttle issue when reducing to idle
- [PAR-2884] Fixed A/T not allowing manual throttle input in ARM mode when Non-motorized TQ option is enabled
- [PAR-2884] Added 'Override ARM' option to ProSimMCP

- Improved default weather radar refresh when weather is changed externally (i.e: from FSFC)
- [SW-90] Fixed incorrect RMI needles when not using photorealistic option
- [CAPA738-133] Fixed non-reliable default wxr radar

- Improved aileron trim handler for CPFlight driver

- Added Multi ILS per runway
Note: Requires Navdata CYCLE 1910 and database rebuild
- Added possibility to read navigation database from C:\ProgramData\ProSim-AR\Navdata
Note: if navdata file is present it will be used instead of default location. Used for test scenarios
- [CAPA738-135] Reworked icing model
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