Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

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Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by Hanne » 02 Jan 2013, 16:56

Dear friends,

First of all I want to all wish you all good health and the very best for 2013! Many thanks to all of you from our team for helping us by purchasing our software, contributing to the community, providing your feedback, enjoying our software and spreading the word!

2012 has been a great and exciting year for us. Something that started five years ago from a personal interest, a demand for an alternative, proved to have developed into something appreciated by a broad public. I have to admit when we first started asking money for our work we were a little insecure, something we’re a bit less nowadays but we’ll sure remain keen on not tipping the balance to the other side.

I’m extremely excited about what is going to happen in 2013. Over the past weeks, while development progressed I’ve may be been a bit quiet but definitely very busy. Some of you may have noticed emails from me are sent rather late during the day but that will change. After a year and half of having two jobs and a part time study I have resigned my previous job as of the new year and will be fully focusing on what we’re doing here. At the same time we’ve hired Sander which makes a team of three full time ProSimmers.
Marty of course will remain in charge of software coding and functional behavior, Sander as a KLM certified pilot has an overlap with Marty and myself and will act on the crossroads of product development and commerce, I will remain in charge of commerce and managing our company. As of last month we also rented a beautiful new office which we’re really proud of 

I want to share a couple of changes and thoughts for the near future with you all. Not everything is detailed yet, neither in our heads but I want to give you an idea of where we’re going.

* Forum
After some serious doubts we have decided the forum should have our full attention. We have a lot of appreciation for everybody who’s helping each other there and at the same time we ourselves should be more active. I hate the fact some posts remain unanswered and that we don’t have an accurate grip on problems / wishes reported. As of now we should have more time to work on this and develop better tracking on issues.

* Company name
Until now our company name and product name have been the same but we will detach the two and by doing so create a better structure for the future. As of now the company name is changed into ProSim Aviation Research, the ProSim737 suite will remain in place but as a product of the company ProSim Aviation Research. For the future we see many opportunities for new products to be developed however this will not reduce our attention for ProSim737. Of course we’ll share more details with you as they become available.

* Website
As you might have noticed our current website is pretty outdated by means of looks and content. We will launch a new website soon taken the new structure into account.

* Pricing of non-commercial licenses
When we decided our software had reached a certain level we switched from the beta stage to version 1.00 and we first started paid ProSim737 licensing. Now, more than a year beyond that point in which we spent a huge amount of development hours we are implementing a significant non-commercial license price increase.
As of February 1st 2013 we will double the non-commercial license pricing. I don’t doubt the fact this is an unpopular measure but it’s fair from every side I approach it. Looking at our development hours, considering prices of the alternatives, looking at the added value for your simulator and it’s definitely still cheap considering the amount of money people spend on cockpit hardware I feel that the price increase is valid. On top of that we, as everybody else, have to pay our bills.
Today is January second, new prices will be effective as of February first. By announcing the raise a month in advance we want to give everybody who knows our product already the fair chance to obtain a license under current conditions. If you own a license already, please don’t complain but consider yourself lucky while we thank you for your early support.

* ProSim paid subscription
This is very preliminary but honest to mention. We are considering a paid ProSim subscription which includes product updates and possibly navigation data updates and functional aircraft instruction information. Bottom line, we cannot keep on delivering free product updates to all users for ever after a one time purchase. Therefore we’re considering a model of paid updates but we want to add value to this in a form of a ProSim subscription. That’s all I can say about it for now since we’ve not made any decisions yet. This will not be implemented before February 1st and we will definitely be reasonable, as always, when implementing these changes.

* Commercial focus
In the future we will have a an important focus on licensing to commercial clients. This, in our perspective, is a good thing for home cockpit builders as it assures future existence of our company as well as continued product development. This nevertheless implicates we will focus on development demands of commercial clients of which functionality will be implemented for non-commercial users, but also in development of functionality which will only be available for professional licensing such as control loading, motion platform interfacing and computer based training.

* Support
Our user support will become more efficient since it currently cannibalizes product development as every hour Marty spends on discussions he’s not writing code. Sander will play an important role here since he will take care of a large part of the functional support and will create some form of a knowledge base which will hopefully reduce the amount of emails. People, including myself, don’t read manuals but still we’re working on a new version which is currently 99% finished, it will be a new masterpiece!

The above mentioned might not make all of you happy. But before replying about moving to the dark side please consider two things: you will never lose what you have paid for in the past (in most cases you have more now than at that point) and if you think we should keep on developing we should have a reasonable income to be able to do so.

I would to thank some people in particular which is dangerous as I might be forgetting others, please don’t feel offended in case you think this applies to yourself. First of all Lapi, the creator of our Jetstream model who put uncountable hours into development and support in the forum, showing patience to a level where I would have slammed my monitor with the keyboard long before. JWS, his wife and Dvincent for their voluntary great support at the FS Weekend again. Ian, for his FS Weekend help, for his product feedback and for his inexhaustible support to many of our users. Scope, for his great graphics work, Willem for the upcoming new user manual release, Jaap for taking care of our server, the Norwegian guys and many many others: thanks!

I’m looking forward to the future, I hope to keep in touch with all of you and please don’t feel objected to share your thoughts.

Best regards, Hanne

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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by belgianguy » 02 Jan 2013, 17:54

Hello Hanne and the complete ProSim team,

First of all also my best wishes for 2013 of course.

With a lot of interest, I've read about the future of ProSim and I must admit that it looks very good. Of course, the financial changes probably will not be so popular for some people, but if we're honest, then we must admit that 300 euro was of course a very good price if we look to other suites. If I see what is possible with ProSim, then I think I still would buy the suite once the price would be doubled, but as you already told, we're very lucky that we already bought it.

I was always convinced that you guys were very reasonable when it came up to buying the software. You announced it well in advance that the suite would become payware and now you are doing it again to give everyone, who is interested, the chance to buy the suite for the "old" price.

I'm looking forward to further announcements concerning the updates. Altough there was a promisse that we could get updates up to version 1.99, I can understand that development of the software is very time consuming and of course very expensive, but again I have confidense that you guys will be reasonable about it.

Good news concerning the follow-up on the forum. Indeed sometimes we had to wait a long time for an answer that sometimes never came. Also good news about the new manual that will be available soon. Can't wait to see that masterpiece. ;)

I also like to welcome Sander to the team. A real airline pilot in the team is certainly a giant step forward concerning support and in development of the software.

"ProSim Aviation Research". It sounds good. I wonder what other products will be developed then. I'm looking forward to further announcements about that.

I'm sure there also will be some less positive posts about your announcements, but I can live with it and you can still count me in as a happy customer. :D

Best Regards,
Best Regards,

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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by Wildcat02 » 02 Jan 2013, 18:56

Hello ProSim Team,

Also the best wishes for 2013.

I am fully agree with the comments of Gert. I can not explain better.

So +1

Still a happy ProSim user.

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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by NAX » 02 Jan 2013, 19:13

Hello team and happy new year.
I've been awaiting some kind of announcement regarding pricing. The low price of 330€ for a full suite + the best flight model for FS is in my opinion to low for the long perspective.
The software have come a long way since initial release and can easily be considered more valuable now then at v.1.0. I'm curious about how you decide to do the subscription since not all updates will be as important for every one, but I guess it will still be affordable for most of us however you choose to solve it.
It will also add value that you spend more time and attention to the forum. I do feel that the forum is more or less living on it's own by now with a lot of expertise among devoted members helping out each others, but getting answers from the team is needed in many cases. Maybe not so much for a specific solution, but letting us know if certain problems will have your attention etc.

Congratulation with your new company name and a brand new, as it seem, business model with probably exiting products up your sleeves.

Keep up the good work!

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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by filippoporcari » 02 Jan 2013, 19:27

i agree with NAX and Gert.
i also imagined the price of 300€ would not last forever.
curious about the upgrades even if i know from present i'll be buying them :-)
the change of the price will change the target of the customers...this can be good from one side...may look not from others.
i just imagine how many people will start writing here about prosim moving to the "dark side" :-) well i'm not one of those!
great idea having a real pilot in the staff!!!
and i really like the new company name!
cheers to all and happy 2013

" ...listen to all your pilot friends...but trust ONLY your FCOM! "

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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by JWS » 02 Jan 2013, 19:42

Dear Hanne, Marty & Sander,

So you've finally bitten the bullit. The mrs. and I would like to wish you a great 2013 especially with the new company: ProSim Aviation Research (PAR). Does any of you guys play golf by any chance? :twisted:
Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated. Rest assured we'll support you this year also where ever possible, right up to FSWeekend 2013.


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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by herculespilot » 02 Jan 2013, 20:23

Hi Hanne,

a great new year to you and your background guys.

It sounds very nice when you talk about your future plans. I quite sure it will be sucsessfull.

The increasing price for the ncl is ok.
If you cancel all other jobs and decided to make prosim the main thing, it is simply a need to double the price.

But please don't forget!! It is not only the suite which makes prosim the king in its categorie, it is also you support and the proximity to your customers.

This was one of the biggest and major disadvantages by the other suites.

It is the right way to give the forum and its content more focus in future.

Its always much appreciated by the user.

I am always happy when icould help someone in the forum.

But i also happy to read answers an posting from one of you prosim/guys.

But iam sure you will make it right:-) like ever.


Kind Regards/ Freundliche Gruesse


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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by mickc » 02 Jan 2013, 21:17

Great news guys,

Some very solid business decisions there!

Looks like i better blow the cobwebs out of my wallet in the next few weeks :)

With your commercial pricing, will the home user be able to pay for the control loading / motion interface as an add-on at a later stage?

Looking forward to what 2013 and beyond will bring to Prosim!


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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by procyon » 02 Jan 2013, 21:41

This is nothing but a very sound and logical next step.
And a good one for us too!



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Re: Happy new year / important ProSim737 changes

Post by Volante » 02 Jan 2013, 23:38

Congratulations with these major decisions which all are logical and promising for the future!



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