P3D V4.4

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Re: P3D V4.4

Post by maurizio.c » 09 Dec 2018, 19:19

Midnight wrote:
08 Dec 2018, 08:53

Hi Mauizio, this is very strange as i also run a separate monitor 1920 x 1080 on my sim the splash screen showes on it then it transfers to the 3 projectors, when i got the problem all screens were on,but no P3D showing only the app in the task bar when i changed the projector resolution that's when the activation screen came on the desktop monitor, this it why it took me some time to sort this out,hopfully this is the same concern you have.
Regards Graham
you're definitely THE MAN !
I don't know how you came to this solution, but it's pure genius!
I followed your advice, changed resolution in surround screen from projectors, and P3D started regularly showing activation splash screen in the desktop ,separate display.
Then program ran smoothly as always, Then set back original 5760x1080 resolution.....
Why this happened is a mystery for my knowledge...
Thank you !

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Re: P3D V4.4

Post by Midnight » 10 Dec 2018, 19:39

Hi Maurizio, Great to here you got it sorted, not sure whats going on P3d or Windows who knows, it was a last resort was running out of ideas but was a great feeling when that activation screen came up :D :D :D

Regards Graham

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Re: P3D V4 dxgi error device hung

Post by KevinKWK » 16 Mar 2019, 00:42

Hi maurizio

I updated Windows 10 about two weeks ago and since then each time I start P3dv4 I get the error message " dxgi error device hung". Starting Prosim does not cause the message to appear, only P3D. I have tried changing the TdrLevel and TdrDelay and completed a new install of my Nvidia 1080ti graphics card drivers.
This has not solved my problem. My system has worked well since I bought it over one year ago, just stopped after Windows Update. I have set up a support ticket with Nvidia. Have you solved your problem.
Has anyone else had this issue recently?



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