General product outlook

Training IOS

As we progressed further into the pilot training segment, we assessed the need for a different IOS to serve this market. In 2020 we gathered a group of industry experts in our Delft office to share their experience, brainstorm, and design the ideal Instructor Operating Station. The result of the workshop was the Training IOS. Since 2020, we have been working on this new software that significantly improves the SFI workflow, a refreshed user interface, clean, uncluttered, and industry-standard functionality such as “Glass Mountain”. We presented the first preview of the Training IOS with great success during the European Aviation Training Symposium 2021. As development continues, we expect to release the initial version of the Training IOS during the second half of 2022 for our Professional customers.


ProSim FMS Trainer

As we previously released the ProSimA322 FMS Trainer, we are now developing the variants for the 738 and B738M. These variants will have their own custom user interface to focus on training rather than setup/configuration. As the industry recovers in a post-pandemic world, we expect that Flight Schools, ATOs, Airlines, and individual pilots will take advantage of this cost-effective tool to learn or refresh their knowledge of the navigation and automation system of their aircraft of choice. We expect to release the 738 and B38M FMS Trainers during Q3, 2022. We are also working on an online version of these products; this version will provide the flexibility to run the FMS Trainer on any device connected to the internet without requiring any local installation. The online version of the FMS Trainers will be available in the second half of 2022.


ProSim Synthetic Flight Model

We are working on a solution for FSTDs that does not require a visual system. Although it seems strange, this type of FSTDs is widely used in pilot training programmes around the globe. This solution will only need the ProSim Professional Software Suite. Our goal is to deliver a Synthetic Flight Model within the ProSim Software Suite and drop the requirement to use any other image generator. While we have a fully functional proof of concept, we are still developing the engines and fine-tuning some areas of the flight envelope to allow for qualification. As we progress through this exciting development, we will be updating you with the expected release date.


ProSim Maintenance Trainer

Recently we have delivered our first Maintenance Trainer for our ProSim738; development for the ProSimA322 will follow. For customers that already own a ProSim FSTD adding the Maintenance Training software will double the device’s potential as it will serve the demanding maintenance engineering training segment. Given the possibility of this trainer, we are working on a stand-alone version that will be delivered on a laptop computer and a hardware CDU/MCDU. The stand-alone Maintenance Trainer will allow the maintenance organisations to train on the go with a portable and highly functional system.


ProSim A320 neo Add-On

Following the great success of ProSimA320, we are making the final preparations to release the ProSim A320 neo. Initially, we will support the LEAP engine only. At this time, we are finalising the systems integration with the flight model; once done, we internally will validate the product and fix any problem, if any. The expected release date for the ProSim A320 neo is Q3, 2022.


Improved Audio and Intercom Solution

ProSim Audio is currently undergoing a major rework with the goal of considerably simplifying the way to configure audio and intercom devices within the ProSim Professional Software Suite.

There will be output groups that can be assigned to certain sounds and may contain multiple audio devices as outputs allowing the same group of devices to be used for multiple sounds within just a single ProSim Audio application instance. Furthermore, you will be able to split channels for both input and output devices. This way, for example, one stereo microphone audio input can be used for two different intercom sources. The release of the new ProSim Audio solution is expected during Q3 2022.

Support for low-latency audio hardware devices (ASIO) is planned for later this year.