New game-changing training at Ansett Aviation

ProSim Training Solutions talked to David Haddow, an experienced Airbus A320 captain who hung up his pilot hat in November 2018 and is now training pilots at Ansett Aviation Training in Melbourne, Australia. David told us more about their new game-changing training and what Ansett has in store for its aviation clients.

What is Ansett Aviation Training?

Ansett Aviation Training started in 2001 following the closure of Ansett Australia Airlines and has become a world leader in pilot training and a state-of-the-art training facility. Ansett has training locations in Australia, Asia and Europe. The Melbourne facility now operates as the largest Independent Simulator Training Centre in the southern hemisphere and currently houses 12 full flight simulators providing pilot training to individual pilots, airlines and aircraft operators from within Australia and around the world. The facility also houses an A320 CEET and contains numerous classrooms, Computer Based Training rooms and multiple briefing rooms.

The core activity of Ansett Aviation Training is providing Full Flight Simulators to airlines and aircraft operators for refresher/recurrent training as ‘dry hire simulator time’. Ansett Aviation Training throughout its Global Training Centres also provides “Wet Training” (Type Ratings and associated pilot training) with its experienced instructors, examiners and approved regulatory Part 142 and ATO approvals.

Ansett Aviation Training is ahead of the game. Are you?

In David’s words: “We are currently at the frontier of the new era in aviation training with the VR technology taking off, which is why Ansett Aviation Training took a chance at moving forward and ordered radically new simulators.” The newest tactile devices that are due to arrive at their training locations shortly. These tactile devices combine state of the art hardware (supplied by Vier-im-Pott) and the newest market leading software from ProSim-TS.


Why ProSim Training Solutions?

When doing market research, Ansett knew that Vier-im-Pott tactile simulators were working flawlessly with the ProSim software and compatibility with the pod is obviously very important. However, knowing that ProSim Training Solutions is a business leader in simulator software worldwide, which means the software is used well by others, was another important guarantee. In Ansett’s experience, ProSim Training Solutions offers more ‘forward solutions’ that have a realistic feel, flexibility and a very competitive price point.

The new devices will allow Ansett to carry out complex failures (currently available only on full flight simulators), which will allow for a more focused training in the management mode. If the failures can be put in another environment, it should be possible to fix them quicker and better. Furthermore, switching between the devices (full flight and tactile pod) will tackle economical and time constraints, which makes it so attractive.


Future of simulator training

David believes that their new simulators offer many opportunities. Ansett is currently busy with redesigning their training around the new simulators. Then next stage is installing the visual system and finalising the cockpit (should be realised by September).

At the moment, the simulator is procedure-based. It doesn’t ’gain credits’ for the time it’s being used. All credits come from the full-time simulator. However, that will most likely change with the arrival of the new devices.

Ansett Aviation Training is currently looking into certifying the devices with the Australian aviation regulator (CASA). The FNPT II MCC certifications for the provided training will allow spreading the training credits over several devices, and with that also increase the capacity. ProSim Training Solutions is happy to be a part of the solution. We wish all Ansett Aviation Training clients a pleasant flight!