ProSim Maintenance Trainer

ProSim is expanding into maintenance training by introducing a tool to train CDU & LRU BITE tasks with the new ProSim Maintenance Trainer.

Aviation maintenance systems have developed to a level where they are highly integrated with most aircraft systems. These embedded maintenance systems log all the malfunctions, events and provide the capability to test some components.

ProSim developed the CDU BITE functionality, which offers access to systems such as DFCS, ADIRS, ENGINE, A/T, and more. Maintenance personnel can check system status and, most importantly, run maintenance-level tests to guarantee proper functioning systems. Moreover, we now have a comprehensive array of LRUs, including their user-interface display and keys. LRUs can check faults, test systems, and switch aircraft states. For example, through the PSEU LRU, the aircraft can be set in the AIR mode to perform some maintenance tests.

All these new options are unique by themselves. Every switch and knob will trigger the appropriate effect. In some cases, it will prevent continuing some maintenance tasks if the aircraft is not correctly configured, precisely as in the real aircraft. What makes our solution different is the complete interaction with the flight deck systems.

We also developed the whole framework behind the maintenance trainer add-on to customize tasks to train failure isolation and troubleshooting procedures for maintenance engineers.

ProSim Maintenance Trainer offers cost efficiency and endless possibilities!!