Tech update April 2023

The ProSimA322 aircraft family has been significantly extended by the neo aircraft option. This new release includes a new flight model and the LEAP engines as well as the relevant system and ECAM differences. In addition, new implementations of systems include the jet pump free flow logic for gravity feeding center to wing tank. 

For ProSimB738 and ProSimB38M advanced flight model animations are now also supported, several systems – especially flight controls, hydraulics and pneumatics – have been considerably improved.

ProSim now supports the brand new Skalarki line of 738 products, the CPFlight driver was improved while drivers for PoKeys ExtBus have also been added. 

The new ProSimAudio, which was initially released for ProSimA322, is now also available for use with ProSim738.  ProSimAudio now supports input/output groups, channel selection, an improved user interface and intercom support.

Customers with a licence for training use, Commercial Class B and up, can look forward to the implementation this quarter of Lufthansa Systems Lido Sky Data support with automatically ProSim provided 28-day AIRAC cycles as part of their support subscription. For customers with a Professional Class A and up licence, a complete new IOS is close to an initial release scheduled for this month.