The ProSim737 CDU module simulates a Control Display Unit that comprises of a small display accompanied by a keypad used to interact with the Flight Management System (FMS). Each unit independently displays and controls data.

On startup of the ProSim737 CDU module, a fully interactive CDU is displayed and controlled by keyboard and mouse. Inclusive of the ProSim737 CDU module, a web based CDU is also offered as an alternative to CDU hardware, and runs on any handheld device connected to the network.

The ProSim737 CDU module does not include FMS logic, merely a device that communicates with the FMS contained in the ProSim737 System module. Network communication makes it possible to run the module outside of the cockpit environment at any location that can access the ProSim737 System module.

The module contains drivers to communicate directly with hardware CDU’s from most manufacturers.