The ProSim737 Suite consist of individual modules of which ProSim737 System is the central component. The ProSim737 System and ProSim737 MCP modules interact with your Simulator Platform software (Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 10, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®) therefore, run on the primary computer. Distribution of all other modules is possible across multiple computers within your simulator configuration.

To improve performance the suite architecture provides flexibility with regard to system load balancing, the number of monitor outputs, cockpit and environmental audio separation.

ProSim737 Suite architecture:


For simulators based on Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 10 and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®, the Platform Interface is a combination of SimConnect and FSUIPC by Pete Dowson.

ProSim737 Suite modules brief summary:

ProSim737 System: Manages the simulation of aircraft systems, acts as a central network hub for all ProSim737 Suite modules, interfaces with your hardware components, configured by graphical interfaces and features a webserver for the Instructor Operating Station (IOS).

ProSim737 MCP: Contains the auto flight systems and allows connection to the Mode Control Panel (MCP) in your cockpit or to display a graphical representation without hardware.

ProSim737 Display: Generates all graphical elements such as Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Navigation Display (ND) on the Main Instrument Panels (MIP) Display Units (DU).

ProSim737 CDU: The Control Display Unit (CDU) controls the Flight Management System (FMS). This module provides possible connection of the CDU in your cockpit or to display a graphical representation without hardware.

ProSim737 Panel: Creates a graphical representation of the different panels within the cockpit, can be used to check the state of switches / indicators and displays the panels also without hardware.

ProSim737 Audio: Provides genuine cockpit sounds independent from the environmental sound. Default sounds can be customised and new sound events can be added.

ProSim737 Flight Model: – Provides realistic aircraft behaviour and a visual model with customisable livery.

ProSim737 IOS: – The Instructor Operating Station gives the controllability of the simulator by use of a web interface.