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ProSim Training Solutions solutions for airline pilot training

ProSim software for your airline or ATO:

Photo of a cockpit with "Compliance" written over it

ProSim-TS products have proven to comply with authority requirements and industry standards.

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ProSim-TS based devices offer the highest level of versatility at a low operational cost per hour.

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Contribute to flight safety by increasing simulator time without increasing cost.

Photo of a cockpit with "Uptime" written over it

Modern technology assures the highest possible availability of your training devices.

Our customers include:


Generic training software

Professional generic type resembling solutions for commercial jet training.

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Type specific training software

Professional solutions for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 type training.

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In today’s world of flight simulators, software is a key component. The best software distinguishes itself from lower level products by its realism and its details, resulting in an immersive simulation. This can only be obtained by rock-solid software architecture and optimal uptime performance. ProSim-TS offers certifiable software  to both the generic training market and the type specific markets.

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