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The tool uses a special flight model that mimics a twin jet airliner, though does not require manual control, allowing the user complete focus on FMS interaction. To achieve this, most flight protection mechanisms have been removed and the flight model does not allow stalling. 

The navigation environment consists of a worldwide database of airports including SIDs/STARs, as well as a complete list of navigation aids, including VORs, NDBs and ILSes.

Navigation data may be updated at any time, either using standard AIRAC cycles or with company specific data to train tailored procedures.

prosim fms trainer screen

ProSim FMS Trainers for various aircraft types:


ProSimA322 FMS Trainer


ProSimB738 FMS Trainer


ProSimB38M FMS Trainer

Where is this tool used:



ATO Type Rating/Recurrent Training, optional tactile hardware units preferred

ftd briefing rooms

FTD briefing rooms

For FFS preparation, optional tactile hardware units preferred

personal device

Personal device

Anytime during an active flying career


ProSim FMS Trainers


Simulator tools include:

  • Instant positioning to anywhere in the world.
  • Fly in real-time, or, use the step feature to progress instantly to the next leg, forward or backward.
  • Snapshots feature to store and recall position and FMS contents at a given time.

Features include: 

  • Capable of all lateral and vertical modes
  • Switchable to Captain or F/O layout

FMS features include: 

  • Preflight flight planning, including time and fuel management
  • Entry of wind data
  • Alternate destinations
  • SEC FPLN / RTE 2
  • FIX INFO features (radial, radius and abeam)
  • Direct-to with radial in/radial out/abeam points
  • RTA functionality
  • Step alts
  • Holdings
  • Lateral offsets
  • Custom waypoint creation
  • Position monitor with IRS drift
  • Deselection of GPS and individual navaids