Due to many requests from commercial awareness of the ProSim737 Professional Simulator Suite, ProSim-AR has transited into the A320 global market and is proud to introduce the ProSimA320 Professional Simulator Suite.

With knowledge gained from the development of ProSim737 over the past 10 years, this next generation is a progressive step for the ProSim-AR team of avid professionals.

As with the launch of ProSim737 in 2011, the team set out to introduce the highest detail, designed from the ground up, to capture the essence of the aircraft; fly-by-wire and ECAM.

ProSimA320 is at a new advanced level of realism and complexity, which has been most challenging to date, for the team to master. By introducing a popular aircraft to simulate and broaden the general market outlook, this has been a logical step up in the tradition of ProSim-AR. The team is passionate to continue and develop ProSimA320 by continuously updating expansive hardware compatibility and detailed modelled systems.

The ProSimA320 Suite consists of individual modules which make up a unique package. Unlike ProSim737 with this package deal all ProSimA320 suite modules are inclusive:

* ProSimA320 System

* ProSimA320 Display

* ProSimA320 MCDU

* ProSimA320 Audio

* ProSimA320 Hardware Connector

* ProSimA320 Flight Model

* ProSimA320 IOS

Non-commercial user licences can be purchased in the ProSim-AR web shop.

ProSimA320 is Microsoft® Windows™ platform based and is fully compatible with Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 10 and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®. To activate the software an internet connection allowing access to the ProSim-AR server is required. Subsequently, connections to the ProSim-AR server are required at least once every 30 days in order for ProSimA320 to remain active.

ProSimA320 is developed by using modern technology resulting in a stable and flexible solution, allowing you to scale simulation exactly to your requirements. Click on the brochure to download the complete Introduction to ProSimA320.

Download ProSimA320 Suite.

Download ProSimA320 booklet