Customer stories

Interview with Juan Pablo Romero of Rentsim SpA

Rentsim SpA is a Simulation Center that provides quality simulators for Pilots and Flight Schools that requiere training. We talked with Juan Pablo Romero. He has been flying since 2003 and professionally since 2010. Today I work for an Airline as a 787 Pilot. Flew...

Interview with Thomas Fengler of Im Cockpit. Fengler KG

Im Cockpit. Fengler KG is one of our customers in Germany and we are more than happy to have them on board. In this article the CEO of Im Cockpit. Fengler KG, Thomas Fengler, gives an insight into the business, why they use the ProSim software and how they look at the...

Center Air Pilot Academy is ready for APS training

Center Air Pilot Academy (CAPA) is a Danish based company based at Copenhagen Airport Roskilde, with almost 30 years of experience in training EASA approved professional pilots via traditional ATPL pilot training. ProSim-AR interviewed Jens Kristian Frost, who has...

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