About us

ProSim-AR was formed to offer improved software as we identified a need for better solutions for entertainment flight simulation. Established in 2011, we have advanced into professional pilot training with an experienced team, technological developments, increased productivity and efficiency.

Our customer relationship is based on trust and confidence that forms brand loyalty. More features are constantly added to our software, with new quality standards and products. ProSim-AR has achieved a high growth rate and is acknowledged as a market leader within flight simulation.

Meet the team

Hanne Koole
Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Blansjaar
Chief Operating Officer

Andreas Breitschopp
Chief Technology Officer

Alex Vostres
Software Engineer

Alexander van Trijffel
Software Engineer

Alexia Mallet
Aerodynamics Engineer

Andras Kozma
Aerodynamics Engineer

Claudia Passchier

Humberto Miguel
Software Engineer

Jacqueline Neumann
Office manager

Julian Moyano
Sales support

Liam Mac an Bhaird
Aerodynamics Engineer

Martin Všetečka
Support Engineer

Marty Bochane
Software Engineer

Nick Zang
Sales Manager China

Susan Xu
Managing Director China