Licensing Information


The use of ProSim Software is based on a software user licence and the applicable ProSim Software Terms and Conditions in effect for the licence. Evaluation of ProSim Software is recommended before purchasing a non-refundable licence.


Permitted use and restrictions

Permitted use and restrictions are determined by the ProSim Software Terms and Conditions as applicable to the software. ProSim software user licences purchased from the web shop are available for non-commercial private home use only.

For commercial licence purposes (or any non-private home use), complete the contact form.

The non-commercial user licence shall (all rights reserved to the ProSim Software Terms and Conditions non-commercial use) grant a perpetual, non-exclusive usage right to use the software on a single machine. The right to use the software shall not be pledged or sublicenced.



The user licence shall be effective until it is terminated by the user. Rights under this licence will terminate by rescission if failure to comply occurs with the terms and conditions applicable to the user licence. Upon termination, the user shall cease all use of the software and destroy any copies of the software and licence keys.



A free ProSim software user licence with a validity of 30 days shall be provided on request, at the discretion of ProSim-AR.


Licence & updates policy

Obtaining a user licence involves the right to permanently use the ProSim software and also includes new (royalty-free) versions of the software up to one year from licence purchase date. One year from licence purchase date of the software, the user shall be entitled to new versions of the software only insofar as the user subscribes to paid software updates.



An email entitled ‘Shipment’ will be sent containing the ProSim Software user licence key within 24 hours of payment. The ProSim Suites can be downloaded from the website.


Payment methods

Accepted forms of payment:

* Bank transfers.

* iDeal (Dutch customers only).

* Credit Cards (Visa / Mastercard) 3D secure only.

* Paypal, a surcharge of 5% applies, Paypal accepts non 3D secure credit cards.



ProSim Software user licence prices exclude VAT. During the order process the applicable VAT rate is applied based on the customers country of residence. EU customers eligible for VAT exemption, contact ProSim-AR before purchase of a user licence.


ProSim737 Modules

The ProSim737 Suite consists of the following individual modules:

* ProSim737 System

* ProSim737 Audio

* Prosim737 Panel

* ProSim737 IOS

* ProSim737 CDU

* ProSim737 MCP

* ProSim737 Display

* ProSim737 Flight Model

* ProSim737 Hardware Connector


 ProSimA320 Modules

The ProSimA320 Suite consists of the following individual modules:

* ProSimA320 System

* ProSimA320 Display

* ProSimA320 MCDU

* ProSimA320 Audio

* ProSimA320 Hardware Connector

* ProSimA320 Flight Model

* ProSimA320 IOS