Behind the scenes: Martin Vesetecka

Martin is responsible for the technical support, both before and after-sale. He is dealing with users reporting issues/bugs and supporting them with initial setup, fixing licensing troubles and providing general information about ProSim software. Read more about Martin!

“I live in the beautiful city of Prague, the capital of Czech republic. I’ve traveled a lot in my life and have experienced a lot of different countries – so I am able to compare. Nothing is perfect, something I really dislike about my country, but the bottom line is I wouldn’t change. I mean, we have the best beer in the world (and also one of the cheapest) – so what else would a man like me need? 

Prague is an amazing city, very cultural, there is always something interesting going on. The amount of tourism has become an issue in recent years (as you probably know from other European capital cities), the city center has been literally taken over from locals already. Let’s see in what form the tourism will resume after Covid.”


His passion for simulation

“Working with IT my entire life, I’ve always been more fascinated about the technical background of flying/airplanes, rather than the actual flying part. So I’ve never really wished to have a pilot license. And that’s also why I prefer Airbus over Boeing (probably going to lose few friends by saying that publicly 🙂 

I’ve been working full-time in the field of flight simulation for almost 10 years now, about 7 years from that was working mostly with hardware and simulator assembly and maintenance – that experience turned out to be very useful now when dealing with the support requests from ProSim users.”


Covid 19

“As Czech Republic introduced very strict countermeasures in the early stage of the pandemic, the virus didn’t get a chance to spread and the death toll is one of the lowest in Europe. The restrictions are now almost fully released (I can finally go to my favorite bar), so things are slowly returning back to normal here.

On the positive side, I have to say it’s great to have a walk in the Prague Old Town now and see the empty streets, which are usually flooded by tourists. And also have a beer on the Old Town Square – which now costs about a third of the price compared to pre-Covid times.”


Martin and ProSim

“I’ve been working for ProSim since 2016, being full time past 2 years. I’m always happy to read positive feedback about the support from our users. I know the response time is not always the fastest, but I’m dealing with over a hundred support requests a week especially now enthusiasts spend a lot of time at home, plus other tasks on top of that. So I also understand the frustration sometimes.

I enjoy our team events very much – we are an international team, so we don’t get a chance to see each other in the office every day. So it’s great to get together at least once every couple of months and catch up and have some fun.”


Some other passions

“I have a passion for mountains – not skying as some other team members – but hiking in summer. My favorite are the Alps in Slovenia, the Dolomites in Italy and the High Tatras in Slovakia.

And when I am not working or hiking in the mountains, you’ll probably find me in my favorite pub in Prague or in a music club attending some underground punk concert or festival.”