How Humberto made his hobby his dream job

This newsletter we introduce Humberto. He has been with us for three years now. A funny fact: it was an accident that Humberto started working for us. As he explains ‘I was a ProSim user before I started working here and I made an application that other ProSim users used. My app handled the aircraft communication with ground stations and other aircraft’s Acar-systems’. This triggered ProSim to offer Humberto a job.

Nowadays Humberto mostly works on certification of the 737 in Europe (EASA). ‘In every country the local authorities can have extra criteria, this has to be developed. For example extra data or in America we need to follow the FAA rules.’. He talks about his job with pride: ‘My hobby is my work now. I love aviation and everything related to it. I have flight experience as well’.

What he likes about ProSim is that each project is different. One of his most exciting projects was working for Amazon. ‘For this project we prepared communication of AI applications that could read data. We redid the same flight every time in a way we could control the human system for Artificial Intelligence with no one flying the aircraft. We build a system that can give the probability of what the chances are of a good landing. To properly analyse and predict the landing, we first needed as much data as possible. We needed to flight as many times as possible in different circumstances. I made the interface to communicate with ProSim to control the circumstances’. This was shown 1.5 years ago on the Amazon Convention in Las Vegas at the Amazon Builders fair.

‘My dream project would be to make ProSim work with real hardware and move to the next level with certifications’.