Interview with Juan Pablo Romero of Rentsim SpA

Rentsim SpA is a simulation centre that provides quality simulators for pilots and flight schools that require training. We spoke with Juan Pablo Romero. He has been flying since 2003 and professionally since 2010 flying the 787 and A320.


What does Rentsim SpA do for their customers?

“We provide one FTD A320 Simulator for basic training for flight schools and for professional pilots that require personal training for their own needs. Also, we provide an AATD Simulator for General Aviation purposes (Initial Training, IFR, recurrent training, etc.). For Flight Schools, they provide the programs and flight instructors for their own students, we provide for them the Simulator in full operation”.


What is your approach to your customers’ problem/request?

“My direct customers are flight schools and pilots. Our approach is to identify the need for quality simulators capable of providing official log time and manoeuvres only capable in certified simulators. Usually flight schools own simulators that are old or have issues about updates and have been left alone for a long time without taking care of them.

We offer a low cost solution for our customers and we take care of all necessary aspects in order to have a functional simulator available 365 days a year”.


Why did you choose ProSim?

“By the time we selected ProSim, it was and still is the most serious, affordable and above all, the best quality software for an A320 simulator.

ProSim provides the most accurate and reliable software in the market for an FTD simulator putting in the balance the costs involved. ProSim is constantly developing and updating the software, adapting to the new changes of the aircraft, correcting issues and giving full technical support to their customers.

ProSim is without a doubt, the best A320 software in the market with a broad spectrum of customers starting from the home users up to professional simulators. The team is fully dedicated and committed to achieve perfection and reliability”.


What changes do you see in the market and how do you adapt to these changes?

“There is a huge growth in almost every continent for pilots. The need for these types of training machines is increasing every day. We provide an inexpensive but quality product that is in high demand. Most of the big simulation companies (SIMCOM, FLIGHTSAFETY, CAE, etc.) only provide tools for airlines, but there is no quality company for ‘first step’ for pilots. Our goal is to keep providing high quality simulators with reference to new technologies, developments, and future aviation breakthrough’s that will require the training process to adapt fast in order to comply for the needs of the industry”.


What do you hope to achieve with Rentsim SpA in the future?

“To position our company at the top of the training facilities in the country. To provide new South American markets with these types of machines that might require the same training services, and to explore the opportunities within new industries”.

Rentsim SpA