Long term support releases

As part of our commitment to our customers, we are running an internal quality programme for all our simulator suites.

Long term support releases will be added in addition to our existent release schedule of continuous beta releases and 4-weekly releases, to facilitate the demand of our professional customers for well tested stable releases, less frequently.

These long term support releases will be made available twice a year for each product. ProSimA320 version 1.55 has recently been released as part of this programme, both ProSim737 and ProSim737 MAX the first long term support releases are scheduled for July 2022.

Long term support releases undergo extensive testing before release and during the six-month period thereafter, will be fully supported and receive hotfixes in case needed.

In preparation for this new programme, for any of the products, some of the regular 4-weekly releases may be skipped.

One of the main objectives of the quality programme is to improve ATA34 (Navigation) to increase the overall accuracy to perform RNP-AR procedures. As we go through this programme, there will be changes in how support tickets are submitted and handled. We are switching to a more comprehensive classification based on the ATA chapters. We will be delivering a “Release Document” for each stable release to our professional customers to inform changes, known issues, and an updated development roadmap. This document will help determine the best time to upgrade when the FSTD holds a valid qualification by the CAA. As a result, we expect to increase overall product quality, realism, and stability.