Long-term support releases

As part of our commitment to our customers, we are running an internal quality program for all our simulator suites.

Long-term support releases will be added in addition to our existent release schedule of continuous beta releases and 4-weekly releases, to facilitate the demand of our professional customers for well tested stable releases, less frequently.

These long-term support releases will be made available twice a year for each product. ProSimA320 version 1.55 has recently been released as part of this program, both ProSim737 and ProSim737 MAX the first long-term support releases are scheduled for July 2022.

Long-term support releases undergo extensive testing before release and during the six-month period thereafter, will be fully supported and receive hotfixes in case needed.

In preparation for this new program, for any of the products, some of the regular 4-weekly releases may be skipped.