Teamwork pays off: Volflight received FNPT II MCC certification on their ProSim based FSTD

Volflight is there for everyone who would like to have a career in aviation. They offer courses to become a professional and competent pilot. Volflight’s aircraft fleet now includes several single engine pistons, three multi-engine aircrafts, a Pitts S-2C for aerobatics training, upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT), and, starting February 2019, a fully certified FNPT II Multi-Crew Cooperation simulator. All that with the help of ProSim!

Business partner

Volflight needed a business partner who understood the task at hand and was ready to do serious business and deliver a concrete result. A challenge ProSim was happy to accept. And rather successfully! Now Volflight owns not just a simulator that was compliant with the Certification Specifications of an FNPT II MCC simulator, but one that is also easy to use, maintain and, most important of all, has a very high “authentic feel” approval mark from all the veteran Airline Pilots.

Volflight: “One of the best things about the ProSim software is that it’s easy to configure and use. It’s a very stable software, but if a problem arises for whatever reason, it is easy to restart the system without any major downtime. All of this is critical for maintaining the quality of the training. Now our cadets can finish their entire Airline Pilot Education on site, and do not need to seek other complimenting courses to be able to start searching for a job.”

This is really huge! Yet, the major highlight must have been, without a doubt, the process surrounding certification. It was truly a nerve-racking experience because the Swedish Authorities are among the strictest in the world. But then, the simulator got approved with minimal remarks. Being able to tell our collaborators and everyone at school was joyous beyond comprehension.

Bright future

The future of Volflight looks very bright. Currently we are working on additional projects that Henrik Lindberg, Head of Training at Volflight, is not yet ready to share. But to put it in pilot terms, they have only finished the initial climb on this flight together with ProSim.