Designed for operator use, the Instructor Operating Station (IOS) allows normal and abnormal behavioural conditions within the simulation. ProSimA320 IOS is a web based module that allows the user to create these conditions throughout the complete simulated flight.

Inclusive of these conditions, the IOS also features:

  • Aircraft repositioning, visibility settings and pushback.
  • Flight and performance parameters.
  • Live position mapping including navigational data.
  • Add and remove conditional failures.
  • Extensive weather settings including real weather import and presets.
  • Alter cargo, fuel and passenger quantities to adjust the weight and center of gravity.
  • Pre flight route planning and storing capability in the FMS.
  • Cockpit setup options and airliner specific preferences.

From a fixed position from behind the pilot’s seats, the IOS can also run on any handheld device connected to the network.