ProSim737 is a Professional Simulator Suite that brings accurate flight simulation into your home.

Only with ProSim737 can you enhance your simulation experience with: complete and detailed modeled aircraft systems, sophisticated and realistic flight model characteristics, images on the Main Instrument Panels Display Units, extensive Central Display Unit features and easy hardware connection.

The ProSim737 Suite consists of individual modules. The non-commercial user licence for the following four modules is free of charge:
* ProSim737 System
* ProSim737 Audio
* Prosim737 Panel
* ProSim737 IOS

The following four modules include costs for non-commercial user licensing which can be purchased in the ProSim-AR web shop:
* ProSim737 CDU
* ProSim737 MCP
* ProSim737 Display
* ProSim737 Flight Model

ProSim737 is Microsoft® Windows™ platform based and is fully compatible with Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 10 and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®.

ProSim737 is developed by using modern technology resulting in a stable and flexible solution, allowing you to scale simulation exactly to your requirements. Click on the brochure to download the complete Introduction to ProSim737.



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